Friday, September 23, 2016

DAYS #100: Liam's country rendezvous, Sami presents Nicole with a surprise

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nicole walks into her office, a touch frantic, as she carries the garment bag holding the dress she's set to wear to her wedding to Eric later in the day. Stressed, she yammers on to herself as she gets herself ready for the day.

NICOLE: Alright, Nicole. Let's get this meeting over with and then we can do what we've been waiting to do. Marry Eric.

Nicole hangs her garment bag up, then unzips it, looking inside to see her dress. She smiles widely, admiring the dress.

NICOLE: It's funny. You can wear a dress a million times and...suddenly it becomes so special.

Nicole hears a knock at her office door, causing her to turn around, coming back down to Earth.

NICOLE: But first, let's find out what our fairy godmother wants.

Nicole walks toward the door, still talking sarcastically to herself.

NICOLE: Knowing my luck, she'll turn me into a pumpkin.

Opening the door, Sami stands there, a broad, saucy smile on her face. She stands with Abigail.

SAMI: Nicole! Good to see you.

Sami marches straight into Nicole's office, as Abigail reluctantly follows.

NICOLE: Sami...I wish I could say the same.

Nicole nearly shuts the door behind her, before stopping herself upon seeing the garment bag on the other side of the doorway. She smiles awkwardly before stepping back toward her desk, where Sami and Abigail are waiting.

NICOLE: So!...Boss...

Nicole rolls her eyes as she says 'boss', the words parting from her mouth, dripping with sarcasm.

NICOLE: What can I do for you?

Sami looks up from her seat before Nicole's desk, smiling with a very sarcastic look in her eye.

SAMI: Well, Nicole. I have some excellent news for you.

Nicole stops before Sami, looking down from above, hands on her hips. She responds to Sami with a phony excitement.

NICOLE: Let me guess. Staff cuts! My salary’s too high so unfortunately, you’ll be terminating my contract!

Sami and Nicole fake sharing a laugh before Sami responds, still smiling smugly.

SAMI: Ohhh no, not at all. However, Nicole, since you've been known to do some....rather....controversial work as of late...I think it would be best if you had an....assistant.

Nicole looks at Sami, her face drops as she looks back behind Sami at a sheepish Abby. Her eyes immediately look back at Sami, a bit displeased by the news.

NICOLE: ...Assistant. As in...
SAMI: Yup. 

Sami looks back toward Abigail, a big smile on her face, almost laughing.

SAMI: Abigail, meet your new boss.

Sami turns back toward Nicole, who looks on, staring Sami down intently, as Sami looks back, almost laughing, knowing that she's gotten to Nicole.


Daniel gets up from his chair, and begins to pace the room as he talks with Laura.

DANIEL: Now, you're absolutely sure that Liam's working for the DiMeras.
LAURA: Daniel, unless my hearing's worn down over the years and I haven't noticed...he absolutely was speaking to EJ. There's no question.

Daniel pauses in his tracks, looking solemnly at the ground with his back to Laura. Laura looks his way, concern plain on her face as well.

DANIEL: (sigh) Okay, yeah, that settles it then...

Laura approaches Daniel, a stunned look on her face.

LAURA: What do you mean by that?

Daniel takes a second, sighing as he contemplates how much to tell Laura about what he's figured out about the situation.

DANIEL: Well...I mean, I had...sorta...pulled together some things I remembered about Liam and...yeah, I'm convinced. This guy is definitely bad news.

Daniel turns around to face Laura, the colour drained from Laura's face as she realizes Daniel is dead serious.

LAURA: You know something, don't you.
DANIEL: I...nothing I can really....confirm. But...yeah, we gotta stop this guy, before he hurts Jennifer, or JJ, or Abigail. Or you.

Laura looks on, mortified by Daniel's realization.



Nicole sighs, as she stands over a smug Sami, and an awkward Abigail.

NICOLE: I'm being given an assistant?

Sami stands up from her seat, folding her arms as she holds onto her smug smile, knowing she's irritating Nicole.

SAMI: Oh, now, don't feel like this is anything but a good thing, Nicole. This means your workload will be halved, and can take on so many new stories.
NICOLE: Okay, look, I know what you're actually doing, Sami. You've got your little...friend here to be my "assistant", when she's actually going to be your spy. Trying to see what I'm doing that you could fire me for, maybe? That seems...hmmm...kinda your M.O.

Sami, rolling her eyes, responds glibly to Nicole's attack.

SAMI: Oh come on, Nicole, I'm hardly that transparent. Gotta keep you on your toes. No, Abigail is here because you're being given carte blanche to pursue an expansive investigation into the story I know for a fact you've already done a fantastic job covering for the station. EnerNext.

Nicole's face changes as she hears Sami's words, her face slowly shifting to a wry smile.

Noelle steps around the corner in the hallways of Titan, and finds Alex and Will shaking hands, their eyes locked onto each other. Will has an intense gaze that catches Noelle's attention. She clears her throat, and Alex and Will are jolted out of their gaze and handshake.

ALEX: Oh, Noelle! Hey, honey! I...Will and I were just...
WILL: We were just clearing the air about some...misunderstandings about our...working relationship.

Alex looks uncomfortably at Will before looking back Noelle's way.

ALEX: Yes...exactly. So! Uh, why brings you this way?
NOELLE: Oh, I just...I came to give you an update on Victor.
WILL: Oh! How's he doing? Maggie was feeling optimistic when I saw her this morning.

Noelle looks Will's way, a bit of an artifice to her smile as she answers his question.

NOELLE: Well, just that Daniel is going to keep him in the induced coma for a bit longer, but that he's progressing well after the bypass, and there's so far no complications.
WILL: That's good to hear.
ALEX: Definitely. Ah, well...look, since you're here, Noelle...did you want to...I dunno, maybe grab lunch?

Noelle turns her attention back to her husband, wrapping one arm around his back as she snuggles in close to him, her other hand stroking his tie. She looks at Will directly, sensing he's a threat.

NOELLE: Oh definitely. Any time I get to spend with my husband is time well-spent.

Will looks on, a bit of a menacing glare in his eyes, before quickly looking up at Alex again.

ALEX: Did you want to join us, Will?
WILL: Oh, no no! You two go on ahead. I have to finish up the press release for the oil sands, get those facts cross-referenced and change some words around. Deadline's looming!

Will smiles at the couple before him, as he turns to walk into his office.

WILL: You two lovebirds enjoy yourselves.

Noelle responds, almost bitingly. Alex remains oblivious to the tension between Noelle and Will.

NOELLE: Oh we will! Don't you worry.

Will shuts the door to his office, and leans against it, his face immediately dropping as he bangs the back of his head against the door in frustration. Will mutters to himself softly.

WILL: Why did he have to be Sonny's brother. Why, why, why, why? (sigh).

Laura stands facing Daniel in Daniel's office. She hesitates to ask her next question, almost afraid of the answer.

LAURA: I ummm...I hate to ask but...what did you remember about Liam?

Daniel leans back against his desk, shaking his head while holding up his hand to Laura.

DANIEL: I can't get into that right now, Laura. Just know...Liam Frasier has gotta be stopped. Sooner rather than later.
LAURA: So...what are we gonna do to stop him? I mean, Daniel, I don't wanna get JJ any more involved in this than he already is.
DANIEL: Well, Laura, he might have to get a whole lot more involved. Honestly, I want you to back off from this a bit, I'm more worried about you than him. JJ's a young guy, and he's street smart, he can definitely take care of himself.

Laura looks at Daniel, an incredulous look on her face.

LAURA: Daniel Jonas, what are you trying to say? I'm a helpless damsel in distress?
DANIEL: No! No, not at all. I'm just saying...I want you to be safe. Because if anything goes wrong, Jennifer will need her mom more than anyone else.

Laura nods, understanding what Daniel's saying. She looks at him closely.

LAURA: You still love her, don't you?

At that moment, a voice pipes up from behind the two of them.

JENNIFER: Whether he does or not, he's with Billie now, and I'm happy with Liam, so whatever Daniel feels or doesn't feel...

Laura turns quickly toward the door to see Jennifer standing inside the doorway, while Daniel looks up, jolted by her interruption.

JENNIFER: really no concern of mine. 

Daniel looks over to Jennifer, who looks back his way coldly.

Liam pulls up down the winding country lane, approaching a modern-looking log cabin home. He stops the car and steps out of the car, then looks at the house. Large windows, and another car in the driveway with out of state license plates. He studies everything carefully before parking.

The door to the house opens, catching Liam off guard. Looking at the person in the doorway, he smiles warmly.

LIAM: You finally made it. Good to see you again.


Friday, August 19, 2016

DAYS #99: EJ makes his case to Sami, Stefano gives Liam a gift

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Daniel walks into his office at University Hospital, his face heavy with the stress of having to care for an ailing Victor. Looking over his chart on his tablet, he sits down in his chair, sighing and shaking his head.

Putting the tablet down, he looks up as the door to his office opens. Laura steps in, holding a tray of coffee.

LAURA: Good morning!
DANIEL: Hey! How're you?

Laura steps in, smiling as she steps in, carefully waving the coffee cups before her as she approaches Daniel's desk.

LAURA: I'm good. I figured you might uhh...need one of these.
DANIEL: Ohhh ho ho ho, after the night I've had, you know it.
LAURA: Well then, help yourself.

Laura sets the tray of coffee cups on Daniel's desk as they both grab one. Laura sits down opposite Daniel at his desk. Their mirth quickly wears off as Laura's face drops, awkwardly contemplating how to broach the obvious subject.

LAURA: So uh...were you able to find anything out about Liam after I spoke to you yesterday?

Daniel sets his coffee cup down, barely having had a sip. A bit of frustration on his face as he sighs. Laura looks at him, guiltily.


Stefano sits alone in the DiMera living room. The lights out, the cloudy day shows the darkened room, lit only by the fire. He sits at his chess set, as he did when Nick was there.

Moments later, the door opens to the living room. Stefano looks up and sees a familiar face.

STEFANO: Ah! You're here. The time has come for the next part of our plan.

From the shadows, Liam steps slowly forward into the glow of the fireplace.

LIAM: Well, I'm listening. What do I have to do?

Sami sits down in front of EJ's desk at DiMera Enterprises. She scowls as he stands behind his desk, having just exploded after her rant.

EJ: Now, I had been concerned for awhile now that Nick Fallon was about to do something drastic. He had been sitting quiet for too long, and you know what they say when the tiger cage gets really quiet.
SAMI: Okay...
EJ: So when Gabi called me, saying that she was concerned that Nick was making moves in her direction again, she begged me to take action.
SAMI: So you decided the best thing to do would be to take a stick and poke at the tiger.
EJ: Samantha!
SAMI: EJ, have you lost your mind?!

EJ rolls his eyes, raising his voice again to stop Sami's hysterics.

EJ: No, I have not!

EJ breathes audibly for a moment, before continuing back at a normal tone. Sami looks on, exapserated.

EJ: We have a plan to make sure Nick pays for his actions. I have men watching over him as we speak to make sure he's dealt with before things go too far. My main priority is keeping you, Gabi, and the kids safe. Alright?

Sami gets up from her seat, accepting EJ's argument, but unimpressed, nonetheless. Before heading out the door, Sami stops and gives her last thoughts to EJ.

SAMI: And I wish I could trust you right now, EJ, but I don't see how this could go anywhere but downhill. And if it does. I am blaming you.

Sami opens the door, but stops and turns around for a second before heading out.

SAMI: I'll see you at home.

Sami shuts the door forcefully, causing EJ to wince momentarily. EJ looks on, frustrated by Sami's reaction, and knowing that the tension in their relationship is once again mounting.


Julie sits with Nick at Club TBD, Julie excitedly getting Nick up to date with all the family news, while Nick looks on, but appears distant. This isn't lost on Julie, but she carries on.

JULIE: ...And so David's asked Marie if they can spend Christmas here in Salem this year, and your parents are thinking of coming up as well. Oh, it's going to be fantastic. And once Maggie opens up the new Penthouse Grille, I just...I can't wait.
NICK: Yeah, that's....that's great, Julie. Uh...

Nick grits his teeth as the pain of his recurring headaches hit him once again. Julie looks on with concern.

JULIE: Nick...Nick are you okay? You look like you swallowed a fly.
NICK: Yeah! No, no, I'm doing good. I just...ugh, I got a lot on my mind.
JULIE: Well, what's been happening.
NICK: Oh stuff. Trying to sort out a new deal with Gabi.

Julie smiles slightly at the mention of Gabi.

JULIE: Does that...uh...does this mean that you and Gabi are getting close again?

Nick breathes out as the pain momentarily subsides. He smiles and nods.

NICK: Yeah. I mean...slowly. But I'm working my magic, and I have a feeling that...things between us are going to work out just fine.



Julie smiles at Nick, as they sit at their table at Club TBD. She leans in, putting her hand on his.

JULIE: I'm happy to hear that. 

Julie looks at a still-distant Nick. She continues.

JULIE: You know, I was really worried about you for awhile, Nick. You seemed so....lost. So unhappy.
NICK: I have been. You know....I keep trying to do the right thing. It's like...for everyone else in this family, comes so easily. And yet, for me...heh...for me it's like an uphill battle.
JULIE: Nick. Look at me.

Nick closes his eyes a moment, stopping himself from staring out the window as he speaks to Julie. His eyes slowly travel to meet hers. Julie looks on intensely, with a smile.

JULIE: I know what that feels like better than anyone else. I was never the 'good' child. Do you know how much work it took to create the perfect angel you see before you now?

Nick smiles, giving a small laugh as Julie cracks a wide smile, still never taking her eyes from Nick's.

JULIE: But I know what's in your heart.
NICK: You know...when I came back from th...when I came back from New York...all I wanted to do was fix everything that I'd broken here in Salem. I many people doing so many....awful things. Telling all kinds of lies and...they all think the ends justify the means. They think they can get away with being cruel to each other in the name of doing what they think is right. I couldn't let that continue. I wanted to beat them at their own game.
JULIE: did that go?
NICK: know...I tried it....and the game's eating me alive.

Nick begins to tear up as he speaks to Julie, once again breaking her gaze as he looks out the window again.

NICK: And I don't know if I'll survive it. But I'm gonna try.

Julie takes Nick's hands into her own, and holds them tightly from across the table. She smiles warmly at Nick.

JULIE: You'll survive. You're a Horton. And we're tougher than steel. You're gonna be just fine, Nicholas Fallon.

Nick, trying to hold himself back emotionally, can't resist smiling through eyes starting to tear up. He and Julie share a laugh between them, hands still tightly held together.


Alex stands with a visibly annoyed Will in the hallway outside Will's office in the Titan building. Alex is surprised by Will's frustration over the surprise of finding out Alex is married, and Sonny's brother.

ALEX: I...heh...I didn't honestly put two and two together myself.
WILL: Well, that makes two of us.

Alex tries to placate Will, trying to smooth things over with a calm rationalization.

ALEX: Look, I...I know you probably feel like this is all just....Kiriakis meddling and that you weren't offered this job because of your talents, but...honestly, Tyler had no idea you were Sonny's fiance when he hired you, and I made a point of not telling you who I was because I wanted you to feel like your work was being judged only on its own merits.

Will sighs, seemingly unmoved, but still listening, as Alex puts his hand on Will's shoulder.

ALEX: Will. I've seen what you can do with the written word. You're a gifted writer, and...whatever your last name, or...whomever you marry, I'd still have pushed to have you on this team. Don't ever doubt that, okay?

Will finally relents, rolling his eyes a moment before giving Alex a smile. Alex smiles back, relieved that Will's anger's subsided.

WILL: Okay. But just promise me one thing.
ALEX: Ooo, making demands on your supervisor, tut tut.
WILL: Yeah, well, this one's important. Don't keep anything from me like that again. I think we'll work better together if we can totally trust one another. No secrets.

Will holds out his hand for Alex to shake. Alex looks down for a second, and with a suave smile, shakes Will's hand back. Will tenses himself as he looks deeply into Alex's eyes. The two can't help but smile back at each other as they share a firm handshake.

As they shake hands, Noelle walks around the corner, spotting Alex and Will's moment. She stands off to one side, observing the two of them closely.


Daniel looks up at Laura from his office desk, a worried look on his face as he asks her a question.

DANIEL: I'll be honest, Laura...I didn't get much of a chance to dig into it, but...ugh...Billie didn't come to see you last night, did she?

Laura looks confused as she answers.

LAURA: a matter of fact, she did. I mean, she wasn't there long but...

Daniel slams his hand down on his desk, frustrated.

DANIEL: Dammit!
DANIEL: She was trying to dig to find out information for us about Liam, trying to figure out what I was up to.
LAURA: Oh God. So...well...what did she find out?
DANIEL: No idea, I haven't seen her since she was in my office last night.
LAURA: Well, do you think Liam's onto her?

Daniel sighs, concern now painted on his face.

DANIEL: (sigh) I hope not.

Laura looks even more worried as she continues.

LAURA: Well...same here. Because, it turns out, Liam is probably more dangerous than either you or I thought.

Daniel looks up at Laura, curious about what she means.

LAURA: It turns out that Liam is supplying EJ DiMera with drugs. He's on the DiMera payroll. I'm certain of it now.

Daniel looks on, now deeply concerned for Billie, and the Hortons.


Stefano sits in his chair, looking up at Liam, who stands before him in the DiMera living room.

STEFANO: The time has come to give something back to me for everything that I have done for you.
LIAM: Anything you say, Stefano.
STEFANO: Good. I have something for you on the table over there.

Stefano points toward the living room table. Liam turns around to spot a small black box. Leaning down to pick it up, he looks back Stefano's way. Stefano nods, prompting Liam to slowly open the box.

Inside are a pair of keys, and a business card with only an address on it.

2547 Copenhagen Drive
Salem County

Liam pulls the keys out of the box, holding them up as Stefano looks on.

STEFANO: Everything will be waiting for you there.

Liam looks on, he puts the keys back in the box and nods.

LIAM: I'm on my way.

Liam heads for the door, as he closes it, Stefano looks on, smiling widely.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DAYS #98: Sami confronts EJ about Gabi's plan, Adrienne and Sonny make up

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sami storms into EJ's office without knocking, jolting him out of his work, as he sits at his desk.

EJ: What the...?

Sami slams the door of EJ's office behind her, then folds her arms as she glares at EJ with laser-focused eyes.

SAMI: When the Hell were you gonna tell me you were helping Gabi turn Nick Fallon back into a junkie?

EJ sighs heavily, frustrated that Sami's found out about the plan.


Stefano sits across from Nick at the chess table in the DiMera living room. Stefano looks unimpressed by Nick's display of bravado as he has just called checkmate to Stefano.

STEFANO: I hope you realize that part of our arrangement is that you bring everything you gain from Titan to me. This is not an opportunity to seize power for yourself.
NICK: Ohhh, you know me better than that. I think I know by now that you don't double-cross Stefano DiMera.
STEFANO: That's very wise of you. I just hope you don't think that you're smarter than me. Because on your best day, you'll never be half as smart as me. You understand?

Nick shakes his head, cool, calm, almost zen-like.

NICK: The thought never crossed my mind.
NICK: Just remember though, we do have a deal. And you need to live up to your end of that bargain just the same as me. 

Stefano looks at Nick, maintaining his laser-focused gaze that would shatter weaker men.

STEFANO: I have not forgotten.
NICK: Good. Because I have what you want. I know you want to take Kate and Sami down. And if I get what I'll have everything you need.

At University Hospital, Adrienne sits in the waiting area near Victor's room, fidgety. Alex approaches Adrienne and sits down next to her, putting his hand over hers.

ALEX: You okay?

Adrienne nods, almost too emphatically. Her look of worry still plain on her face.

ADRIENNE: Yeah. I'm just...just worrying about Victor.
ALEX: I get that...I think we're all a little...(sigh)...we're a bit worn down after last night.
ADRIENNE: Yeah, you could say that.
ALEX: Look...Dr. Jonas seems to think he's gonna be just fine, least the worst is over, right?

Adrienne nods slowly as Daniel walks out of Victor's room. Sonny walks over toward Adrienne, and Alex, as Daniel steps toward them.

SONNY: Daniel...any news?

Daniel looks on, a bit concerned, he speaks carefully.

DANIEL: Well...he's stable. I don't want any of you to panic but...we've elected to keep Victor in an induced coma until we can be sure his recovery is on track.
ALEX: long will that be?
DANIEL: Depends...could be a few days...could be longer. I will say it does look good so far, so...I'm cautiously optimistic he'll be ready to wake up by the end of the week.

Adrienne finally smiles, the first time anyone's seen her smile in awhile.

ADRIENNE: Well that's...that's good news, right?

Alex wraps his arm around Adrienne's shoulder. Sonny puts a hand on her shoulder as well.

DANIEL: It sounds like a cliché but...I promise...I'm gonna do everything I can.

Daniel smiles at Adrienne before he steps away.

DANIEL: I gotta do my rounds, I'll be back later on.
ADRIENNE: Thanks Daniel.
ALEX: Yeah, thanks, man. Hey, look, guys. I'm gonna head off to work. I'll be back later?

Daniel and Alex give each other a quick pat on the back as they pass each other, in gratitude. Adrienne and Sonny nod, both their faces heavy with concern.

ADRIENNE: For sure.
SONNY: I'll see you later, Alex.
ALEX: Will do, Man. Bye, Adrienne.
ADRIENNE: Bye, Honey.

After Alex gives Sonny and Adrienne quick hugs and leaves, Adrienne turns away. Sonny tries to stop her before she steps away.

SONNY: Uh...Mom.

Adrienne stops, nervously anticipating what Sonny says next.

SONNY: Mom, can I....can I talk to you for a minute?

Adrienne sighs, taking a moment before turning around. 

ADRIENNE: Sure, Honey. Let's talk.



Roman sits in Hope's living room, surrounded by Hope, Lucas, and Kim, as he looks at Marlena, stunned by her suggestion to move in with her. 

ROMAN: Doc, I...I don't think that's such a good idea...
MARLENA: Now, I will not take no for an answer. Roman, you had us petrified last night. You ran off, not knowing who your sister barely recognized my face.
KIM: Marlena's right. Roman, this might be something serious. You need a familiar face to help with everything day-to-day.

Roman looks at Kim, annoyed. He finally cuts in, getting up from the sofa.

ROMAN: Look, when did I become an invalid? Since when am I incapable of making my own decisions?
HOPE: Roman, we're not. We're just concerned about you.
ROMAN: Well, Hope, I appreciate that, but, with all due respect, I think I'm more than capable of making my own decisions about where I live.

Marlena sighs, getting up from the sofa herself, putting a hand on Roman's shoulder, speaking gently to him to cool him off.

MARLENA: Roman...listen...all I want...all your sister wants...and Hope...we all want to make sure that you're safe. That you're able to be healthy, and do your job for as long as you can--
ROMAN: ...Before I lose my mind? Before my brains turn to mush? Doc, I don't want to be dependant on anyone.

Marlena stops Roman from turning away, holding him back, hand still on his shoulder.

MARLENA: You won't be. Roman...Roman, you know this is about making sure you're independent as long as possible. May...maybe you'll be able to keep hold of more of your independence for longer if you have someone around who...

Marlena stops herself before finishing her sentence. Roman looks on, curious to what Marlena's holding back.

MARLENA: Someone who loves you.

Roman looks at Marlena as though there were no one else in the room. They look at each other intensely.

Eventually Roman breaks their gaze, and solemnly nods.

ROMAN: Alright, Doc. (sigh) Yeah. Yeah, I'll do it.

Marlena, Hope, Kim, and Lucas smile, relieved to hear Roman's decision. Roman stands up, but points Marlena's way, affirming a point.

ROMAN: But this does not mean you're going to be doing everything for me. We're going to be roommates, and that's all.

Marlena nods in approval, still smiling in relief.

MARLENA: You got it.

Marlena walks over to Roman and throws her arms around him. As the two embrace, Roman looks on, a bit of worry still on his face, despite the joy of the others around him.


Nick walks through Horton Town Square, typing furiously on his phone, texting Nicole instructions.
you better be @ percy's for 1. NO EXCUSES!!!

After hitting 'send', Nick looks up, feeling the dull head pain start to come back, he holds his hand to his mouth, blinking furiously as he's startled out of his own thoughts by a voice calling out behind him.

JULIE: Nick! There you are!

Nick turns around suddenly to see Julie walk towards him, arms out expecting a hug. As she reaches over to hug him, she continues.

JULIE: I've been trying to call you for weeks. I've been worried about you. You know, you are an incredibly hard man to get ahold of. That Kate Roberts is working you too hard.
NICK: Julie, Julie, Julie, don't blame Kate. I...I've been really caught up in work, and...and it's all on me. I need to learn to say 'no'.

Julie pulls out of her hug with Nick, and playfully smacks him. An annoyed look on her face as she continues.

JULIE: I'll say! Listen. You have time for lunch? We need to catch up.

Nick looks down at his phone, seeing the time. He nods reluctantly.

NICK: I...yeah, yeah, but I got a busy day, Julie. We gotta make it a quick one, okay?
JULIE: I'll take whatever time I can get.

Julie smiles as she speaks, looking up at Nick as she guides him toward the exit to Town Square.


Stefano sits alone in the DiMera living room. The lights out, the cloudy day shows the darkened room, lit only by the fire. He sits at his chess set, as he did when Nick was there.

Moments later, the door opens to the living room. Stefano looks up and sees a familiar face.

STEFANO: Ah! You're here. The time has come for the next part of our plan.


Sonny and Adrienne step into the waiting room, and close the door. Adrienne immediately goes to talk, but Sonny holds up his hands and speaks over her.

SONNY: Mom...let me say something.
ADRIENNE: No, I need to say something to you first. Look, I'm sorry for what happened earlier--
SONNY:, Mom. I am. Look, I said some....absolutely awful things before, and I didn't mean them. You know...I know you think he's...too immature to marry me, but...Will talked to me earlier and...he helped me see that you're just trying to look for me. You're being a good mom.

Adrienne smiles, tearing up as she hears her son.

ADRIENNE: Yes...exactly. Look, I know I was out of line have to understand, I day, you'll be looking out for Arianna the exact same way, I'm sure.

Sonny looks up at Adrienne, smiling back at her.

SONNY: I intend to. I love her like she's my own. And I think I understand where that protectiveness comes from. 

Sonny leans over to Adrienne and hugs her warmly. Adrienne reciprocates, holding her son tightly. 

SONNY: You're always welcome in our home. I want you to know that. I'm sorry, Mom.
ADRIENNE: It's okay, Sweetie. It's okay.


Will walks into the hallway outside his office at Titan, yawning from exhaustion after a sleepless night at the hospital. Turning to walk down the hallway, he nearly runs into a smiling Alex.

ALEX: Wow, someone's burning the candle at both ends. You doing alright?

Will looks at Alex, a twinge of annoyance in his eyes.

WILL: Ohh, I'm fine. I mean, obviously I'm not the only one who's been busy.
ALEX: Yeah, man. That report is killing me too.
WILL: Yeah. So...hey, tell me something, why didn't you tell me about your wife? know...the fact you're my fiancé's brother?

Alex's face drops, surprised by Will's sudden interrogation.


Sami stands opposite EJ in his office, arms folded, as a seated EJ tries to explain himself from behind his desk.

EJ: Look, Samantha...
SAMI: Oh don't Samantha me. You know how serious this is, EJ! Nick is dangerous on pure air, and you're feeding him the same drugs that drove him to kill. There's no telling what he can do this time around.

EJ shouts over Sami's rant, momentarily silencing her.

EJ: He's not going to do anything, Samantha. Gabi is only keeping this going until the police are made aware of his habit, and then he's right back to jail. You KNOW how strict the drug laws are in this state.
SAMI: Yeah, too bad his cousin's on the force, and conveniently "couldn't find" the pills. Do you realize how much danger you're putting me in? Kate? or how about Gabi, Will, Sonny, and all our kids?
EJ: I am doing this to protect all of you from that loose cannon before he goes spilling all our secrets out to everyone. And I'd think you'd be grateful.

Sami looks at EJ with a fiery intensity as she leans over his desk, almost spitting her response to him.

SAMI: I would be a whole lot more grateful if you weren't keeping it all a great big secret from me. Why did I have to hear about this from Kate Roberts, EJ? I thought that this whole....counselling thing? I thought it was supposed to help us with our trust issues, not make them worse.

EJ sighs, not sure how to respond to Sami.

EJ: Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about this before, but...
SAMI: But nothing. Suddenly I'm really glad I sent the kids off to Colorado, because I swear to God, EJ, if anything happened to them, and if anything does happen to ANY of us...this is all on you--

EJ explodes, standing up from his seat and slamming his hands down on his desk as he shouts at Sami.

EJ: ENOUGH! Now you are going to sit down and listen right now, or I can guarantee you your little escapade by the river WILL get you all thrown in jail. Do you understand?

Sami shakes her head slowly, enraged by EJ's brute reaction.