Thursday, January 19, 2017

DAYS #107: Gabi calls Sami and Kate to a meeting

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

AbigailDeveraux_zpsf4740a23.png EJDiMera_zps2818b82d.png
Abigail stands in Nicole's office at WATB with her cameraman. She is surprised as she's just heard a voice from the doorway, and looks over, stunned by EJ's arrival.


EJ looks at Abigail, smiling warmly at her as he stands expectantly in the doorway.

He steps into the room, and motions to the cameraman.

EJ: Would you mind if I spoke with Ms. Deveraux alone?

The cameraman nods obediently, heading immediately for the door.

CAMERAMAN: Oh! Certainly, Mr. DiMera.
EJ: Cheers.

The cameraman stops just at the doorway and turns to tell Abigail something.

CAMERAMAN: I'll be in the editing suite if you need me.

Abby looks over at the cameraman and smiles.t

ABBY: Okay, sounds good. Thanks again!

As the door shuts behind him, EJ steps in closer to Abigail. His demeanour changes immediately to a serious one, which is offputting to Abigail.

ABBY: So....EJ, what did you need to talk to me about?
EJ: You and I need to have a chat about your little adventure in Italy.

Abigail looks at EJ seriously, she folds her arms in discomfort.


Gabi sits at the apartment, bottle feeding Ari, when the doorbell rings. She puts Ari in the basinette, before walking over to the door.

GABI: Just a second!

Gabi walks over and opens the door. It's Sami.

SAMI: Hey! Gabi!
GABI: Sami! Just who I wanted to see!

Sami looks on, surprised, as Gabi moves out of the way so Sami can step inside.

SAMI: Oh! Well...great! Uh...are Sonny and Will here?
GABI: No, Sonny's at the hospital checking up on Victor, and Will's just finishing up at the office. Did you want a coffee or something?

Sami closes the door and takes a seat in the easy chair, Gabi comes around and sits on the sofa, after pouring herself a cup. Sami looks over into the basinette and says hello to Ari.

SAMI: No, no thanks. Well HELLO Arianna!

After Sami finishes with the baby, Gabi sets her coffee down and looks at Sami seriously. Sami looks curiously back.

SAMI: So did you go over the papers I gave you? What did you think?
GABI: Well...I don't know if you're trying to get us all thrown in jail, or if you're just trying to throw me under the bus, but it stops right now.

Sami looks on, aghast at Gabi's accusation.

Aiden Jennings sits at his desk, reviewing a case file when he gets buzzed by his secretary outside his office. He picks up his office phone.

AIDEN: (into phone) Yes?
SECRETARY: (on phone) A Nick Fallon to see you.
AIDEN: (into phone) Send him in.

Aiden gets up from his desk, as Nick steps into the room, a mischevious smile on his face. Nick approaches Aiden's desk, hand outstretched in preparation for a handshake.

NICK: Mr. Jennings.

The two men shake hands firmly as Aiden responds.

AIDEN: Mr. Fallon. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Nick sits casually down at Aiden's desk, the smug, satisfied smile quickly becoming his trademark on his face.

NICK: I think it's time we gave our dear friend Eric Brady a nice little wedding gift.

Aiden looks confused at Nick, who stares back, smiling evilly.



Sami looks on, confused by Gabi's accusation. She takes a second before repsonding to Gabi.

SAMI: Gabi, what are you talking about?
GABI: Oh come on, Sami. First Kate makes me an offer to model for MadWorld, and now you're offering me about 50% more to go to Countess W. This reeks of the exact same kind of crap Nick was doing behind my back the last time, remember? Except now, he's starting a bidding war between you and Kate.

Gabi gets up from her seat upon hearing the doorbell ring again. She walks over to the door as Sami looks over at her, stunned.

Gabi opens the door, Kate is there.

KATE: Gabi! I got here as soon as you called.
GABI: Great! Come in!

Sami looks on, still in shock at what's just been revealed to her.

SAMI: I'm sorry, what? Kate already made an offer to you for MadWorld.
GABI: Mmmhmm! So, would either of you like to explain to me then exactly what's going on, and how Nick ties into it, because I know for a FACT it's him who's behind it.

Kate and Sami look at each other, stunned.


Aiden looks confused at Nick, who sits opposite him at his office desk.

AIDEN: Somehow, Nick, I don't see a flash drive, a small leather box, and an envelope with a single sheet of paper inside as being a particularly grand gesture.

Nick chuckles before responding, he gets up from his seat and leans on Aiden's desk, his casualness confusing Aiden even further.

NICK: Ahhh Aiden, you have absolutely no idea how grand this gesture really is.

Nick turns back around and begins to pace Aiden's office, again to Aiden's chagrin.

NICK: See, that flash drive has all kinds of information, and really valuable stuff on it that I think will be so...

Nick is hit by another headache at this moment, but he tries to hold it in as he finishes his thought.

NICK: ...pertinent.

Nick spins around, masking his increasing pain as he walks back toward Aiden.

NICK: I don't think he'll be able to resist. And also, we're clear, we're only presenting the flash drive and the envelope. The flash contains just a tiny little....smidgeon of the info that's in that box, so...I'm going to be holding onto that box for myself, you see.

Aiden nods, increasingly curious as to what Nick is alluding to.

AIDEN: I see. So would you rather I send a messenger to deliver it to Mr. Brady or...
NICK: No, no. I want you to hand deliver it to him tomorrow evening. I am almost 100% certain he will be at Nicole Walker's residence for the evening, but if I find out differently, I'll be sure to let you know.

Aiden looks at Nick, more puzzled than ever.

AIDEN: This sounds like something that's time sensitive.
NICK: It is. I can't really say more than that.

Aiden nods in understanding, before continuing his thought.

AIDEN: No, that's fine. Without getting into details about it, then...should I contact Mr. Brady myself and try to arrange a meeting point?
NICK: Absolutely not. Leave all that to me. You just deliver the goods to Eric Brady when I give the go-ahead, and where.

Aiden nods silently, as Nick looks back at him, an almost crazed level of intensity in his eyes.


Abby stands in her office with her arms folded, looking irritated and uncomfortable around EJ.

ABBY: There's nothing to talk about, EJ.
EJ: Yes, there is still. We need to be absolutely clear on this: you cannot tell anybody about your baby.
ABBY: EJ, I wasn't planning on it. I'd rather forget that I even gave birth in the first place, let alone that I gave the baby up for adoption to a couple I never got to meet.

EJ looks down as he sits down in the chair in front of Abby's desk. He leans in and speaks gently to her.

EJ: I am sorry about that. I did think it was best though that we kept the arrangements of the adoption as impersonal as possible. I felt it would be less painful for you.

Abby cuts EJ off, an embittered tone in her voice.

ABBY: Don't you think you should've let ME decide that? It was my baby too, EJ. All I know is that an American couple with a good home in the country adopted my baby, I didn't get to speak with them, I didn't get to meet them, nothing.

EJ nods sheepishly.

EJ: You're right. But I couldn't let anything happen to jeopardize our plan. Too many people would get hurt if they knew about the baby.

Abby looks off, distantly, as though she's barely listening to EJ anymore.

ABBY: I know. I remind myself of that every day.
EJ: I know it mustn't be easy for you. Believe me, it's hard enough on me.

Abby nods, trying to find something to distract herself to mask her anger and upset.

ABBY: Yeah, have your other have Sami. And I....have work, so...if you don't mind.
EJ: Abigail.

Abby sits down at her desk, before looking up at EJ.

ABBY: Yes?
EJ: I'm sorry.

Abby nods, looking away from EJ to try to keep from crying. She barely chokes out a response.

ABBY: So am I.

EJ steps out, as Abby tries to hold in her tears. Once he's out, she sits in still silence, tears forming in her eyes.


At a cabin far outside Salem, a baby lays in his crib, gurgling. A woman we can't identify plays with him, as, in the background, Liam steps toward the door.

LIAM: If there's anything you need, just call.

Liam smiles as he steps out the door, before turning back.

LIAM: I'm glad you're home.

Closing the door behind him, Liam breathes in the crisp winter air, as he texts Jennifer.

ur place 4 dinner 2nite? txt me

He smiles to himself as he walks down the front steps of the cabin towards his car and gets in.


ValerieGrant_zps9f113e79.png MarlenaEvans_zpse1672a6b.png
Valerie sits in her office at University Hospital, as Marlena pokes her head in. Valerie looks up, and smiles.

VALERIE: Marlena! Hi, darling, come on in!

Marlena smiles half-heartedly as she steps into Valerie's office, Valerie gets up and hugs Marlena.

MARLENA: Ohhh thank you for seeing me.
VALERIE: Anytime for you. I'm actually glad you stopped by.

They separate from their hug and take seats on either side of Valerie's desk. Marlena looks on surprised.

MARLENA: Oh? Is it about Roman?
VALERIE: Yes. (sigh), I'm assuming that's what you wanted to talk to me about?

Marlena's face drops as she looks down, concern now plain on her face.

MARLENA: Yes...I uh...Roman was out all last night, he had a huge lapse in his memory and...he ended up spending the night in the park.

Valerie looks on, aghast at Marlena's news.

VALERIE: In this weather? Marlena, it's so cold out this time of year!
MARLENA: I know. Lucas Horton managed to find him and brought him to Club TBD to warm up, thankfully, but...Valerie, he's off again working the EnerNext protest as we speak. I'm...I'm worried he's in over his head, so I need to know if you found....anything in his medical history that would give some small clue as to what's going on.

Valerie draws herself up, visibly uncomfortable having to say what she has to say.

VALERIE: Well...I guess this leads into what I was going to tell you....I wish I could tell you anything about Roman's medical history, but I can't...because before doesn't exist.

Marlena looks at Valerie, stunned by the revelation.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

DAYS #106: Nick figures out Nicole and Eric's plans, Jordan's moment of truth

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Abigail stands in the field before Percy Ruggles' cabin outside Salem, with the televison camera on her, as she reports on the protests against Titan and EnerNext's plans to commence extracting oil out of the land near Salem. The crowd of protesters chanting behind her means Abby must speak loudly over the din into her microphone.

ABBY: ...And as the protests begin, many in Salem's west end are showing their support tonight, by using only sparse electricity throughout the evening hours in their own protest, aimed at encouraging EnerNext and Salem City Council to invest in more environmentally-friendly sources of power, such as wind and solar panels. For Salem's own WATB News, I'm Abigail Deveraux.
CAMERAMAN: Aaaand cut! Great work, Abby, especially for your first time out.

Abby smiles sheepishly as she walks toward the cameraman.

ABBY: Well, thanks! Now I just have to convince the rest of Salem of that.
CAMERAMAN: You'll be fine. Besides, it's only for today while Nicole runs her errand, and if she isn't satisfied with how you covered it, she can voice over it for the news tonight.

Abby nods in understanding as they pack up. Heading for her car, she looks back over and spots Jerome looking her way. Abby smiles back him, holding her hand up in the air to give him an "ok" gesture with her fingers before stepping into the car.

Jerome, facing the crowd of protesters he's leading, smiles back, deeply intrigued by the young woman.

HopeBrady_zps02bf2c16.png RafeHernandez_zpsjumsi5bu.png RomanBrady1_zpsd27ec5e1.png
From the edge of the crowd, Hope, Rafe, and Roman all stand together, watching their fellow officers patrol the protest, maintaining order. Hope looks as Abby and Jerome look at each other, and continues to feel discomforted by their interaction.


Jordan walks into her suite at the Salem Inn with a shopping bag in hand. Hastily slamming the door, she makes a beeline for the vanity, where she lays down her purse and pulls a pregnancy test out of the shopping bag.

She stares intesnely at the pregnancy test box, sighing heavily as she contemplates it.

JORDAN: This could be everything you've ever hoped for, Jordan. But you can't tell Rafe until you know for sure. And if you are pregnant...then you might finally get the chance to have everything you thought you'd never have in your life.

Jordan smiles at the thought of potentially having a baby and starting a life with Rafe, but is so nervous the smile fades.


BillieReed_zpscb154cd4.png LucasHorton_zpsfcd9c82d.png KateRoberts_zpsac4681d4.png
Billie puts down the phone in her office at Titan, a wide smile on her face as she looks up at Lucas and Kate, who've reassembled there.

BILLIE: It's on. Shane just gave us the go-ahead to put surveillance on Sheryl and Jordan's computers, and they'll be remotely guiding us through disabling the virus installation through live chat tonight.

Lucas and Kate beam, surprised by the good news.

LUCAS: Fantastic! So that means this nightmare's gonna finally be over.

Billie looks cautiously at Lucas, holding up a finger to remind him.

BILLIE: Might. I can't guarantee anything, but based on the evidence that one of them was responsible for hacking into the city council's server this morning and erasing the files on the expropriation of Percy Ruggles' land? We've got enough to at least make charges stick if we catch them in the act tonight.
KATE: And what about the rest of the Titan executive? Should we fill them in now on what's going on, or is it safe yet to do that?

Billie looks at Kate, a look of uncertainty remaining on her face.

BILLIE: Shane said that until we know for certain that it is Sheryl and Jordan working on this and that they aren't being helped out by anyone higher up in the company, that we should keep everything within these four walls. There are too many unknown factors at play, especially with all the rejigging and new hires they've had to do since EnerNext merged with Titan.
LUCAS: Makes sense.

Kate looks over at Lucas, then back at Billie, the whole time extremely pensive. Billie, meanwhile, begins to rummage through her bag, looking for something in particular.

KATE: Alright. what?

Billie pulls out a tiny bugging device from her bag, and holds it up for Kate and Lucas to see.

BILLIE: Lucas? Wanna go on one last little mission for me?

Lucas looks on, deeply uncomfortable with this idea, knowing interacting with Sheryl will be required.



Hope, standing with Rafe and Roman, stares off from the edge of the anti-EnerNext protest as Abby and Jerome stare at each other from a distance. Concern plain on her face, but she doesn't move toward Abigail as Abigail steps into the WATB News vehicle. Her moment of observation is interrupted by Roman.

ROMAN: Alright, so we're gonna have to just keep this contained, but I suggest we try to break this up sooner rather than later.

Rafe and Hope look at Roman, confused. Hope speaks up.

HOPE: Roman, I don't know if that's such a good idea.

Roman cuts in, curtly speaking over Hope's suggestion.

ROMAN: Hope, with all due respect, I don't feel it's right that I should have my authority overruled right now.

Rafe, stepping in to defend his partner, tries to maintain a calm demeanour as he responds to Roman.

RAFE: The protest is soon to end anyway, Roman. Besides, there's no need to escalate things. It's been a peaceful protest so far.

Roman looks at Hope, feeling cut down by Hope and Rafe. He sighs and looks down as he responds.

ROMAN: Yeah. Fine.

Roman begins to walk toward his car, while Hope quickly speaks to Rafe.

HOPE: I think we're gonna be fine if you wanna head home.

Rafe nods, also concerned about Roman, but obliges.

RAFE: Sounds good. I'll call you in a bit.
HOPE: 'Kay.

Hope and Rafe separate and Rafe heads for his car. Roman's also heading for his car when Hope pulls him aside, a great deal of concern on her face.

HOPE: Roman...I'm sorry, okay? I'm just...I'm worried about you.

Roman hisses back, agitated by Hope's concern, but trying to keep word quiet on the force about his memory lapses.

ROMAN: Don't...okay? Dammit, Hope, I don't want you treating me like I'm incompetent because of my memory lapses, okay?
HOPE: You know that's not what I'm doing. But last night was really scary, Roman. And I don't think any of us want you making any rash decisions that could cost you or one of the other officers their lives.
ROMAN: Don't you think I want to keep you all safe? Dammit, Hope, you're gonna have to trust my judgment.

Hope, thinking back to Jerome's recent false arrest, and Roman's recent memory lapse that saw him spend a frigid night in the park, looks down, a tense, pensive look on her face.

HOPE: I don't know if I can do that right now, Roman. But I'm going to try. Just know that this isn't coming from a place of disrespect or trying to...pull some kinda power play on you. I'm just concerned.

Roman looks at Hope, dejected and embarrassed.

ROMAN: Spare me your concern, Hope. I need you to trust that I know what the right thing to do is, and if my officers can't do that, then I can't do my job. And I'm not going to give up this job without a fight.

Hope looks at Roman, a look of respect and sadness in her eyes.


Abby steps back into the office at WATB with her cameraman and sets down her bag. She and he laugh as they joke about the goings on of the day.

ABBY: I can't believe it all was so easy. And I am SO not telegenic, Nicole is totally gonna scrap my on-camera bit.
CAMERAMAN: Don't be so sure, Abby. You know, you've definitely got your mom's touch in front of the camera.

A voice calls out to Abby from the doorway of the office, startling both her and the cameraman.

EJ: That she does.

Abigail looks over, stunned by EJ's arrival.


EJ looks at Abigail, smiling warmly at her as he stands expectantly in the doorway.


Inside the Titan Lab, the sound of test tubes bubbling under the heat of bunsen burners colour the otherwise silent air. Nick leans back against one of the counters in the lab, playing with the prescription pad that had been placed in his laptop bag earlier in the day. He closely analyzes the pad. The name on the pad: Dr. Marlena Evans.

NICK: Dr. Marlena Evans.

Looking over at his open laptop on the desk nearby, Nick saunters over to the desk. He places the prescription pad down next to his laptop and begins to think as he stares at his screen.

NICK: Now she wouldn't do this is connected to Dr. Evans...Sami...but Stefano's got her right where he wants couldn't be Eric...

Nick's eyebrows raise slightly when he makes a quick realization.

NICK: Nicole.

Nick quickly opens a program and pats himself down to try to find his new cell phone. Opening that up, he quickly hunts through his contacts to try to find Nicole's phone number.

NICK: Okay...23...4.

Nick waits a moment before a map of Salem appears, with a chain of red dots appearing across the map, indicating where Nicole's cell phone's been today. Nick looks up at the strings of dots scattered across the map, before changing the time parameters in the search bar at the top of the map.

NICK: Between 11am and 3pm.

Nick hits 'enter', and the chain of red dots mostly disappear, except for a small series of dots moving from the DiMera tower to City Hall, then Club TBD. Nick looks up from his screen, remembering the fleeting moment he spoke to Nicole that afternoon.


Nick stands outside Salem U's main hall, on the phone with Nicole. He speaks to her on the phone, increasingly agitated in his tone.
NICK: (into phone) I asked YOU to be there, not your assistant. And I don’t appreciate you trying to pull one over on me. Or ignoring my phone calls.

Nicole rolls her eyes, as she drives down the road to meet up with Eric, already exasperated by Nick’s constant demands, she fights hard not to snap at him.
NICOLE: (into phone) Oh, get over it. You’ll get your story, Nick. Abby’s not exactly an amateur, you know. Look, I gotta go. I have an appointment and I have to meet Eri—I gotta go.
Nicole hangs up quickly, kicking herself for slipping up as she presses “end call” on her phone, and carries on driving.


Nick snaps out of his memory, and immediately smirks, realizing he has a good idea what the meeting was about.

NICK: City hall. Eric Brady.

After a moment of clicking his mouse and frantically typing, Nick accesses the Salem City Hall server, and searches through their database for Eric Brady.

After a moment, a result, from today.

Nick looks it over and starts to laugh to himself.

NICK: Gotcha!


Lucas gets up from his seat in Billie's office, enraged by his sister's request.

LUCAS: Dammit, Billie! No! I'm not going to do anything else to keep this charade going between me and Sheryl. I'm done.

Billie gets up from her seat, trying desperately to calm Lucas down.

BILLIE: Lucas! It''s just one last thing. It'll just take five minutes and it'll give us everything we need to get this whole operation over with today.
LUCAS: No! Okay, I'm done.

Kate, still in her seat, goes to touch Lucas' hand, but Lucas flinches and draws his hand away from his mother.

KATE: Lucas, calm down! Hear Billie out.
LUCAS: Na--come on, both of you! I have been the bait in this operation for way too long, and I'm so fed up of it.

Billie walks around to the other side of her desk and looks at Lucas, standing close to him. She reaches to him to put her hands on his shoulders, but Lucas starts to back up.

BILLIE: Look...Lucas. All I need is for you to call down to Sheryl's office and ask her to come to your office. Once she's there, I'll slip into her office and get the bug planted and I'll be right back out. She won't even know I'm there. All you need to do is distract her for a few minutes in your office. Make it something simple, and something believable so she doesn't get suspicious, and we'll be in and out.

Lucas looks at Billie, knowing she's right, but still reluctant to agree. He finally nods.

LUCAS: Yeah, sure. But this is the LAST TIME, I'm telling you, Billie!

Billie raises her right hand, smiling goofily at her little brother.

BILLIE: Promise. Now! Lucas, give me a call on my cell the moment you've got off the phone with Sheryl and confirm to me that she's alone in that office, okay?

Lucas, already headed for his office, responds as he opens Billie's office door.

LUCAS: Got it.

Kate gets up from her seat, and grabs the bottle of champagne she'd left in Billie's office earlier. Holding it as she walks over towards Billie, who's now gone back behind her desk.

KATE: And hopefully, by the end of tonight, we will be toasting to the downfall of Jordan Ridgeway and Sheryl Connors.

Billie smiles and nods in agreement with her mother.


Jordan emerges from her suite's bathroom, pregnancy test in one hand, her cell phone in the other, as the timer ticks slowly down. She looks on, nervously anticipating the result. She thinks of the possible future she would have with Rafe, and begins daydreaming.


In her dream, Rafe and Jordan stand in the opposite corner of the room peering lovingly into a bassinet. Rafe looks up at Jordan and smiles warmly.
RAFE: You know...I never imagined I'd ever be this lucky.
JORDAN: Neither did I. I can't believe that this is my life. A wonderful man like you to love and cherish me...and our beautiful baby. It's...Rafe, it's everything I ever wanted in life.
Rafe and Jordan stand up, looking deeply into each other's eyes as they lean in closer. Jordan wraps her arms around Rafe as they kiss.
RAFE: It's everything I've ever wanted...and so much more.
Rafe immediately kisses Jordan again, as they begin to kiss passionately.


Jordan's knocked out of her dream by her cell phone's alarm noise. Shutting off the alarm, she holds up the pregnancy test, shutting her eyes in nervous anticipation.

JORDAN: The moment of truth.

Jordan opens her eyes, and looks at the result, the shock is plain on her face.

JORDAN: Oh my God!


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

DAYS #105: Jordan makes her choice, Billie finds her evidence

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

NicoleWalker_zps8a6ptd9z.png EricBrady_zpsqwjyh1ag.png
Nicole walks into her apartment, Eric following behind. They both appear frustrated by the day’s events. Eric shuts the door behind them, as Nicole sets her purse down on the couch. She then turns to face Eric, putting her arms around his waist.

ERIC: So…explain to me who you told about the wedding?
NICOLE: I didn’t…exactly tell anyone but…I definitely slipped in front of…someone at work, and…ugh. It’s….I don’t wanna talk about it.
ERIC: Well, it’s obviously bugging you, and whatever bothers you…bothers me, too.

Nicole smiles half-heartedly at Eric’s sweet remark. She looks deeply into his eyes and leans in to quickly kiss him on the lips.

NICOLE: It’s alright. As hokey as it sounds, just being with you right now makes me feel better.
ERIC: Good. Cos whatever happens, we’ll get through it together. Always.

Nicole wraps her arms around Eric, and hugs him tightly. After a moment, she looks past him, the fear still not gone from her eyes, as she holds her fiancé for dear life.


HopeBrady_zps02bf2c16.png RafeHernandez_zpsjumsi5bu.png
Hope and Rafe pull up in the squad car outside Percy’s. Rafe, driving the car, turns the car off, as Hope stares out the window intensely. Rafe picks up on this as he looks out as well, following her eyes.

Outside the car, a group of students are setting their signs up, chatting and laughing as they do. Front and centre among them is Jerome.

RAFE: Well! What a coincidence! If it isn’t our old friend Mr. Grant.
HOPE: Yeah.

Rafe’s face changes in reaction to Hope’s half-present answer, knowing something’s up.

RAFE: You’re still thinking about his arrest, aren’t you?

Hope turns to look Rafe’s way, a concerned look on her face.

HOPE: How can I not? Rafe, we arrested a man based on not just faulty information, but information that’s highly prejudicial, and could open us up to a whole mess of legal trouble if it continues.

Hope turns back to look out at the crowd gathered. Her solemn face remaining as she finishes her thought.

HOPE: Or worse…could end up ruining innocent lives.

Rafe looks on thoughtfully as he watches the crowd as well, studying them.

Outside the car, Percy steps out from his house to greet the protesters. Jerome beams as he approaches Percy. He extends a hand to him to shake.

PERCY: Greetings, everyone! I take it you’re here to help spread the word about our campaign to spare my home.
JEROME: We are indeed, my man! I am Jerome Grant, I’m heading up the protest, and you must be the infamous Percy Ruggles.
PERCY: It is an absolute pleasure, good sir!

Percy and Jerome shake hands tightly, as, among the group gathered, Abby and her cameraman set up. Abby nervously talks to the cameraman as she readies herself. Jerome looks out, and spots Abby from afar. His eyes fixate on her momentarily, before he centres himself back on Percy.

JEROME: The pleasure’s all mine. Uh…look, before we begin, I was hoping before everything starts if we could get some press stuff ready. We got a young woman here from the local news and she’ll probably wanna interview you, so…
PERCY: I’d be more than happy to. Just let me know.

Jerome smiles broadly at Percy, as he steps away to go talk to Abigail.

JEROME: Alright, my man. I’ma be with you in a sec.
PERCY: Absolutely.

Jerome heads down, just as Abigail and her cameraman adjust her microphone for the shot. Jerome puts his hands on Abigail’s shoulders from behind, startling her for a second as she turns around.

ABBY: Jerome! Hey!
JEROME: Hey! How you doin’?

Abigail casually brushes her hair to one side as she smiles at Jerome, her eyes locking onto his for a second as she stutters in her attempts to respond.

ABBY: I..I…heh, I was just looking for you, actually. Since you’re the face of this protest, I figure I should maybe get a quick interview with you.

Jerome flashes a sly grin as he shrugs in response.

JEROME: Well…you could say that…I mean I organized it, but…really it’s all about that man Percy back there.
ABBY: Okay…

Abby turns to see Percy on his porch, she smiles, as she nods in understanding.

ABBY: Right, so…I guess, I should maybe talk a bit more to you and this Percy, and maybe you can fill in any gaps I have…

Abby looks down at her tablet, not really paying attention to the heinous double entendre she just uttered. Upon catching herself, her eyes widen, and she looks up at a smiling Jerome. She blushes in embarrassment.

ABBY: In my story! WOW! Phrasing!

Jerome tries unsuccessfully to hold back a laugh, as Abigail playfully smacks him.

ABBY: That’s not funny! You’re gross.
JEROME: Hey! You’re the one who thought it, not me.

Abby rolls her eyes, mocking indignation as Jerome laughs a little longer, before they both catch each other’s eyes again, smiling back at each other.

Inside the cruiser, Hope and Rafe look on, spotting Abby and Jerome’s playfulness together. Hope looks concerned by their interaction.


Billie rushes into Salem City Hall, as the woman who helped Eric earlier is just about to get up from her station. Billie, panicked about the time, calls out to her as she races over to the desk.

BILLIE: EXCUSE ME! Hi! Sorry! I hate to bug you at this hour, I know you’re probably about to close up for the day, but…this is kind of an emergency.
CLERK: I uh…I hate to be rude, miss but…I’m done my shift and the info desk closed about five minutes ago—
BILLIE: Yes! Yes, I know! And I’m sorry, but…this is a life and death situation, and I desperately need your help. It’ll only a take a minute, I swear!

The clerk sighs, shaking her head as she goes to step away from her desk.

CLERK: I’m sorry, Miss, I really, I don’t mean to be rude, but our hours and clearly stated on the website and on our door, and—
BILLIE: That’s exactly what I need to ask you about.
CLERK: I’m not a tech person, ma’am, I can barely use my smart phone.

The clerk turns away from Billie, reaching for the lightswitch to close up for the day, when Billie approaches slightly closer to her, her expression changing in an instant as she pulls out her ISA ID to discreetly show the clerk.

BILLIE: Look, Ma’am. I don’t think you understand.

The clerk stops dead in her tracks, as she sees the ISA ID card in front of her. She looks up at Billie, eyes widened with worry.


Gabi steps into the living room in her apartment, emerging from Ari’s room, having just put her down for a nap. Sighing with relief after a busy lunch hour, she looks down at the coffee table, and sees the envelope Sami’s gifted her.

She takes a moment, deep in thought before she walks over to it and opens it. Taking a moment to read it over, Gabi looks on, shocked by what she finds.

GABI: Now SAMI wants me to model for her at Countess W?

Gabi sets the contract down on the coffee table, putting her hands up to her head and pulling them through her hair in frustration.

GABI: UGGGH! Now I KNOW they’re up to something. Either Nick’s forcing them to do this…

Gabi takes a moment, getting up off the couch, pacing to herself as she thinks out loud. She stops, and looks back at the contract, as she finishes her thought.

GABI: Or Sami’s trying to pull some kind of twisted test of loyalty on me. And either way, I’m not gonna fall for it this time.


SherylConnors_zpscef7pfhn.png JordanRidgeway_zps956gtxca.png
Sheryl stands in her office, arms crossed, as she waits for Jordan to answer her question about what's caused her to be so seemingly neurotic recently. Jordan breathes in deeply, before reluctantly saying the truth.

JORDAN: Okay. I’m late.

Sheryl throws up her hands in exasperation, knowing what Jordan’s implying.

SHERYL: Of course you are!
JORDAN: I haven’t taken the test yet though, but…I’m never late. Like…EVER.

Sheryl rolls her eyes as she turns away from Jordan, shaking her head.

SHERYL: So you’re gonna tell me that now you’re gonna get all baby crazy again?

Jordan glares at Sheryl, folding her arms in discomfort.

JORDAN: Sheryl, you know how much I wanted another baby. I gave up my chance the last time, but I am NOT going to pass up the chance to be a mother this time. Not when I could be happy with a man I love. With a baby. A career where I can actually help people. You know that’s important to me.

Sheryl snaps back at Jordan, irritated by her sudden attack of domesticity.

SHERYL: And impossible! You are a wanted woman.
JORDAN: Kaylie Matthews is a wanted woman.
SHERYL: YOU are still Kaylie Matthews, and the ISA and the Salem PD are going to figure that out VERY shortly.

Jordan looks down, arms still folded in discomfort as she tries to hold herself back. She sighs heavily, as she wordlessly listens to Sheryl’s emphatic words.

SHERYL: We are THIS close to taking down the EnerNext oil sands, Jordan. We are SO DAMN close to saving this town from a lifetime of cancer, of disease, of pollution. You wanna help people? Help us bring Titan and EnerNext down. Because you aren’t going to be able to help them from a jail cell.
JORDAN: I’m not going to jai—
SHERYL: …Like hell you’re not!

Sheryl’s raised voice cuts Jordan off, Jordan looks down again, doubling down on her denial of the situation.

SHERYL: You can pretend like you have this great future with Rafe, Jordan, but we both know that once we launch that virus tonight, the ISA and the Salem PD are going to be onto us, and you and I will have to leave town and take on a new identity. There’s no way out Jordan. Even if you back out now.

Jordan tenses, as she looks up at Sheryl with a steely resolve. She spits out a reply to Sheryl before turning and storming out of Sheryl’s office.

JORDAN: Oh, you wanna bet? Just watch me. I’m out.

Sheryl looks on in stunned disbelief as Jordan storms out of her office. Sheryl calls out to her.

SHERYL: Jordan?....JORDAN! Don’t be…

Jordan slams the door to Sheryl’s office shut as she makes her way out to the elevator. Sheryl winces as the door slams, staying put in her office, arms folded.

SHERYL: …stupid. (sigh)


Nicole and Eric sit together on the sofa at Nicole’s apartment. Eric and Nicole lay in each other’s arms, quietly watching TV on their unexpected afternoon off. Eric sits, blissfully unaware that Nicole is still deep in thought about Nick’s threats against her.

Nicole thinks to herself as she sits wordlessly next to Eric:
NICOLE: (voiceover) All I need is one more day…if I can keep Nick from blowing his stack…and keep the proof I hid Dr. Chyka’s files from Eric…maybe we can make it

Nicole snaps out of her mind as Eric prods her slightly.

ERIC: Hey! You look like you’re miles away.
NICOLE: (sigh) Yeah…I guess I am. You…uh…heh, sorry.
ERIC: It’s alright. Look, I know it’s gonna be hard keeping this marriage a secret for awhile but…well…we can do this.

Eric shuffles over, as he and Nicole both sit more upright on the sofa.

ERIC: Here’s an idea. Why don’t we plan a little weekend away in Chicago, sort of a…mini-honeymoon for the two of us.
NICOLE: I don’t know if I can get the time away, I mean…there’s so much happening with the EnerNext story and…

Eric looks at Nicole, giving her puppy dog eyes that make Nicole start to crack up. Her defences down, she starts to chuckle as she changes the end of her thought.

NICOLE: …and I think Abigail can handle it.
ERIC: I’m so glad to hear you say that.

Nicole giggles as Eric throws his arms around Nicole, pulling her in for another passionate kiss as Nicole pulls herself on top of Eric. They begin to kiss passionately in the dim glow of the TV in front of them.

Across the room, Nicole’s phone buzzes while on top of the kitchen counter. Nicole doesn’t hear it as she keeps busy with Eric.

The Titan lab phone number appears on the screen.


On the other end of the line,  Nick paces in front of the lab phone at Titan. When Nicole's phone goes to voice mail, Nick's anger kicks off yet again, this time leaving a threatening voice mail message for Nicole.

NICK: (into phone) This is your last warning, Nicole. I have a really strange feeling I know what you were up to today instead of doing what I asked you to. Don't screw with me, lady. You have too much on the line.

Nick slams the phone down on the receiver, as he goes to grab his bag, muttering to himself.

NICK: Now I guess I gotta get a new cell phone at Salem Place...

As Nick lifts his bag up, something falls out of his bag.

Nick spots it and looks down at the ground before bending down slowly to pick it up.

He looks it over thoughtfully, and suddenly realizes what it is: Dr. Marlena Evans' prescription pad. A mix of rage and amusement cross Nick's face as he flips the prescription pad back and forth between his fingers.

NICK: Now who would've given me a gift like this? Hmmm...


Billie types away at the Salem City Hall office computer, while the desk clerk waits impatiently in the corner, looking suspiciously around the corner, unsure whether she’s doing the right thing or not.

CLERK: How much longer is this gonna take?

Billie cuts the clerk off, never taking her eyes off the computer screen as she continues typing.

BILLIE: Not much longer, but it’s gonna take even longer if you keep asking.

The city clerk rolls her eyes as she leans against the doorframe, sighing heavily. Finally, Billie bolts upright, a smile suddenly on her face.

BILLIE: Got it! I just hope it’s not too late.
CLERK: What do you mean?

Billie turns around to face the clerk, smiling from ear to ear now.

BILLIE: You’re gonna wanna call the Salem PD. I found your hacker, and they’re going down tonight.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

DAYS #104: Jordan drops a bomb on Sheryl, Nick goes on the offensive

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

NickFallon_zps5ckac7xi.png AbigailDeveraux_zpsf4740a23.png JeromeGrant_zps3db0050c.png
Nick stands in the main hall of Salem U, taking deep breaths as Abigail and Jerome stand back, stunned by Nick’s behaviour, and obvious pain. Nick holds his head in his hand, his head pounding, his vision blurred. He stumbles, trying to collect himself, as Abby steps back towards Nick, trying to see if he’s alright.

ABBY: Nick…are you SURE you’re alr—

Nick turns abruptly back around, as Abby lurches backwards, scared by her cousin’s unpredictable behaviour.

NICK: I’m fine, just…just LEAVE ME ALONE!

Jerome jumps in as Nick raises his hand to Abby in a fury. Jerome grabs Nick by his jacket and slams him against the wall, holding him there for a moment, staring him down.

JEROME: Now, you keep your damn hands off her, you hear me?

Abby, stunned, takes a moment to become cognizant of what’s happening, before stepping toward Jerome, hoping to stop him from hurting Nick any further.

ABBY: Jerome, stop…
NICK: You wanna fight me, tough guy?
JEROME: Oh I don’t want to, but I will if you EVER raise your hand to her ever again.

Abby becomes increasingly panicked in her appeals to Jerome to deescalate the situation. A crowd starts to gather as Jerome holds Nick against the wall, pressing himself into Nick forcefully.

ABBY: JEROME! STOP! Let him go!

Jerome stares Nick down for another moment, no one sure whether he will let Nick go or not.

KateRoberts_zpsac4681d4.png LucasHorton_zpsfcd9c82d.png BillieReed_zpscb154cd4.png
At the Titan building, Kate sets the bottles of champagne (and sparkling cider for Lucas) down on Billie’s office desk carefully, before taking a seat next to Lucas in front of Billie’s desk. Billie and Lucas look on, unamused.

KATE: Well, I have to say, you two are way too sombre considering what’s happening.
BILLIE: Well, Mom, it’s a bit more…complicated than that.
KATE: Well, what do you mean?

Billie looks over at Lucas, before turning back to Kate, still looking seriously at Kate as she replies, while leaning over her desk.

BILLIE: If we don’t stop them from hacking Titan’s servers tonight, the entire corporation might be wiped out before midnight.


JordanRidgeway_zps956gtxca.png SherylConnors_zpscef7pfhn.png
Jordan paces across Sheryl’s office, as Sheryl types away furiously at her laptop.

After what feels like a full minute of this, Sheryl finally snaps at Jordan.

SHERYL: Would you stop pacing? You’re driving me nuts.
JORDAN: Sorry.

As Jordan stops herself and takes her place in one of the seats in front of Sheryl’s desk, Sheryl asks Jordan a question without looking up from her screen.

SHERYL: What day is it tomorrow? The days are starting to blend together for me.

Jordan, without missing a beat, answers fully and stoically, as if rehearsed.

JORDAN: Tuesday, December 20, 2016.

Sheryl looks up at Jordan over the top of her screen, one eyebrow raised curiously.

SHERYL: You sound like my mom’s old answering machine.

Jordan rolls her eyes, sighing while adjusting herself in her seat uncomfortably.

JORDAN: Sorry, I just…got a lot on my mind.
SHERYL: Yeah, well, I’m surprised you didn’t give me the exact time down to the second along with it. Come on, what’s eating you?
JORDAN: Nothing.

Sheryl closes her laptop and looks at Jordan, for the first time in awhile, like a concerned friend.

SHERYL: Jordan, you know I get really intense before we finish up a project. But you…you aren’t acting ANYTHING like yourself. Come on, what’s going on?

Jordan looks at Sheryl, not wanting to say anything, and annoyed by Sheryl’s pestering.



MarlenaEvans_zpse1672a6b.png RomanBrady1_zpsd27ec5e1.png
Marlena stands in front of a tense Roman in her penthouse. Roman, who’s just got a call from the police station, is about to head off. Marlena looks at him, worried, as Roman prepares to leave.

MARLENA: I understand that you need to keep your mind active, but I don’t want you to put yourself in a situation where a slip in judgment could put you in danger.
ROMAN: Doc, I’ll be fine! Abe, Hope, and Rafe are all gonna be there, I’ll be just fine.

Marlena takes a deep breath, trying to accept that she won’t change her stubborn ex-husband’s mind. She reluctantly nods, closing her eyes as she answers.

MARLENA: Okay. I’m not going to be a nag. But…please, promise me. Promise me you’ll be careful.

Marlena takes Roman’s hand and squeezes it gently. Roman looks down and smiles. He nods.

ROMAN: Aren’t I always?

Marlena smiles back, as Roman lets go of her hand, and opens the door.

MARLENA: Call me when you’re on your way back.
ROMAN: Will do.

Roman steps out the door, as Marlena watches and waves goodbye to him. As the door closes, she instinctively calls out to him.

MARLENA: I lo…ve…

Marlena stops herself as the door closes. She looks at the closed door and softly finishes her statement.

MARLENA: Please be safe.

After a moment, she turns to grab her phone, and calls Valerie.

At her office at University Hospital, Valerie stops typing on her computer a moment, and pulling her reading glasses off her face, answers her phone.

VALERIE: (into phone) Dr. Grant’s office?

MARLENA: (into phone) Valerie….it’s Marlena…listen…I’m…do you have time to see me this afternoon at all? I really need to talk about Roman.

Valerie’s brows furrow, as she answers Marlena with a concerned tone.

VALERIE: (into phone) Sure! I don’t have any appointments for the rest of the afternoon, I’ll be in my office. Is everything alright?

MARLENA: (into phone) No…in fact, I’m really worried Roman is declining faster than any of us had anticipated.


After a moment of pressing Nick up against the wall at Salem U, Jerome does let Nick go. Nick leans against the wall again, as he takes a moment to, once again, regain his composure.

JEROME: …Kinda punk-ass little bitch raises his hands to a woman?

Abigail stands back, still unsure how to react, as Nick staggers away. She looks at Jerome, an awkward smile on her face. She looks up at Jerome and puts a hand on his shoulder.

ABBY: I uh…I have to check on him.

Jerome shrugs, shaking his head.

JEROME: If you want.
ABBY: Nick…

Abby steps back over toward a shaken Nick, who holds out his hand to keep Abby away.

NICK: I’m fine, I swear. Abby, I….I gotta go.
ABBY: I…okay, you sure?

Nick walks off quickly, as Jerome looks on, protectively.

Once Nick leaves, Abby turns back toward Jerome.

JEROME: I don’t get it….that guy nearly knocked you to the ground, and you finna check on him like you the one that hurt him?
ABBY: (sigh) It’s…family. Nick’s had a really hard few years and…I’m worried about him.

Abby looks down, but looks up suddenly, realizing Jerome is staring back at her with concern in his eyes. She smiles at him.

ABBY: But I do appreciate what you just did for me. Not a lot of guys would’ve stood up for a perfect stranger so…thanks.

Jerome looks at Abby intensely, a smile slowly appearing on his face after a second. He shakes his head before responding to Abby.

JEROME: Well…you may be a perfect stranger but…I think we could do with changing that, don’t you?

Abby looks away, laughing awkwardly at Jerome’s obvious come-on.

Nick, now just outside the door of the Salem U campus, steps over to the pay phone and, after digging for quarters, makes a phone call to Aiden Jennings. Aiden answers.

NICK: (into phone) Mr. Jennings! I need you to ready the lock box I sent you on Nicole Walker…Don’t send it yet! Keep it ready…we might have to…use it. Very, very soon.


Kate looks over at Lucas, before turning back to Billie, shocked by the news she’s just heard.

KATE: They’re going to hack Titan’s servers?

Billie looks up at her mother, nodding as she answers.

BILLIE: I’m pretty sure they are. At least that’s what I’ve managed to piece together from what I’ve seen since I’ve been here.
KATE: Okay, what do you mean by that? You’ve not exactly been….forthcoming with us about this.

Billie leans back a bit, shrugging in response to her mother’s accusation.

BILLIE: And that’s because, really, we haven’t been able to meet up much, but….there’s also some things that were too dangerous to tell you before.

Kate’s ears perk up, as she leans in from her seat.

KATE: Such as…?
BILLIE: Such as when I went up to figure out where Sheryl and Jordan were during the EnerNext press conference?
KATE: Okay?
BILLIE: They were sneaking around up in one of the executive offices, and they put a flash drive into one of the computers. Now…I must have JUST missed them, but it was definitely put there to potentially act as an entry point for a remote user to break into Titan’s servers.

Kate furrows her brow, a bit confused by all the computer talk.

KATE: Okay…you’re losing me.

Billie rolls her eyes momentarily, before readjusting herself in her seat and leaning over her desk.

BILLIE: Sorry, I…get all computer speak, it’s all the work I’ve been doing since I started with the ISA, it’s all on computers. The point is…I have a feeling that…that, plus the fact they have their little computer expert guy just showing up in town? Well…it’s a bit TOO coincidental. Add in the fact that Salem City Hall’s server went down this morning, the same time that EnerNext is trying to get city council to rush through their plan to excavate Percy Ruggles’ land?
KATE: It’s all just a bit too much of a coincidence, isn’t it?

Kate looks back at Lucas, then at Billie. She leans back in her chair, pleased with what she’s hearing.

KATE: So then…what’s the next step?

Billie sighs, shaking her head, almost as though she’s thinking as she speaks.

BILLIE: Well…Shane won’t give me clearance to take them down unless we can prove they’re about to strike. So I’m gonna make a trip to City Hall and find out for sure whether or not they’re behind the city’s server going down.
KATE: And what if they don’t?

Billie leans back in her chair, playing with her pen in her hand as she stares out, looking past both Lucas and Kate.

BILLIE: If the ISA doesn’t give me the clearance by tonight, it might be too late to save Titan.


Jordan gets up from her seat and starts to walk away from Sheryl, who stands up from behind her desk and walks toward Jordan.

SHERYL: Jordan, come on. I know I’ve been really hard on you the last few weeks…

Jordan laughs half-heartedly, interrupting Sheryl, as she continues to look away from her, staring off into a distance.

JORDAN: Hah. Just the last few weeks. Yeah.
SHERYL: Okay…a bit longer…I just…you’re not behaving the way you used to. You used to just…jump at these opportunities to take down some corporate tycoon that was dumping sewage into rivers or…diverting money allotted to maintaining a pipeline so he could get a bonus for himself and his cronies, and…now…now all you care about is Rafe Rafe Rafe Rafe Rafe—

Jordan turns around abruptly, irritated by Sheryl’s nagging.

JORDAN: And so what if I am, Sheryl? What if I…actually found someone I want to spend my life with? What if that’s more important than spending my whole life trying to save a world that probably isn’t worth saving, anyway?

Sheryl looks back, stunned by Jordan’s suddenly grim world view. She exhales forcefully, shaking her head in disbelief.

SHERYL: Wh…I’m sorry, did changing your name to Jordan Ridgeway mean you had some sort of…brain transplant to go along with it? Are you heavily medicated and not telling me? I mean, I know how easy it is to get your hands on some good drugs working at a hospital, and all, but…
JORDAN: Siobhan, enough! Look, you changing your name to Sheryl Connors didn’t change your way of thinking any more than changing mine to Jordan did mine, but being here in Salem did.

Sheryl looks away, unimpressed by Jordan’s words. She folds her arms in frustration and discomfort, as she listens to Jordan, who begins to talk in a more reserved, more emotional way of her new life.

JORDAN: Getting to know someone like Rafe…learning to love him after all the…messed up times I had with Jerome.
SHERYL: They were rough times for all of us—

Jordan snaps again, hissing her response back to Sheryl before she can finish.

JORDAN: He treated me like dirt, Sheryl! He found out I was pregnant and disappeared!

Sheryl stands, still uncomfortable with the line of conversation Jordan’s unearthing. Jordan carries on, her voice lowering again, though still speaking passionately.

JORDAN: And I had to give up my baby. I had to…I had to make a choice…to end my pregnancy, because I knew that the life I had been living was no place to raise a child. Especially on my own.

Sheryl nods, a look of guilt on her face as she answers Jordan solemnly.

SHERYL: I know…and I told you that, but, you knew that was the right decision. The life we lead…we’re never going to be in the position to give a child the stability it needs.
JORDAN: That’s the thing, Sheryl…I can’t live that life anymore. I want out. I want a husband, and stability, and a career where I help people, directly, from my own actions, every single day.

Jordan starts to tear up as she carries on, Sheryl trying to fight off her own emotions as she looks on, looking down away from Jordan every few seconds to retain her composure.

JORDAN: But, more than anything else, I want to make sure that THIS time my child has the life I couldn’t give it when Jerome left me stranded in Birmingham, and I won’t give up the chance this time—

Sheryl looks up at Jordan, shocked, and cuts her off as she realizes what she’s just heard Jordan say.

SHERYL: …Wait, what? You’re pregnant?? Jordan, is this what you’ve been acting like such an idiot about these past few weeks?

Jordan stumbles over her words, as she tries to answer Sheryl’s question. She crosses her arms as she stirs uncomfortably. Sheryl steps in closer to her to find out more.

SHERYL: Jordan! Are you pregnant or not?

Jordan stops and looks at Sheryl, petrified, unable to answer her question.