Monday, April 23, 2018

DAYS #149: Dr. Rolf & Stefano discuss The Patient, Adrienne puts Will on notice

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco

wK1rXOr.png PP3hz7S.png
In the Kiriakis dining room, Anjelica stands alone with Noelle in the corner. Looking around to make sure they're alone, Noelle approaches Anjelica.

NOELLE: So...?
ANJELICA: I think Alex will be on our side on this.
NOELLE: Perfect.

Noelle looks around, highly suspicious of anyone entering the dining room, so much so, despite being alone, Noelle continues to whisper to Anjelica.

NOELLE: (whispering) Look, I have news.
ANJELICA: Well, spit it out!
NOELLE: (whispering) It's Victor!

Noelle gestures emphatically to get Anjelica to quiet down, as she whispers to Anjelica.

NOELLE: He's awake, we have to tell Nick.

YtWN1ZI.png fHMJcKv.png 7ibIBbw.png

As Anjelica begins to respond, Justin, Maggie, and Sonny enter the dining room, all sharing a laugh as they sit down at the table. Noelle and Anjelica awkwardly halt their conversation and join them.

Sitting down, the room falls quiet, as they all look at each other, unsure how to start the conversation.

NOELLE: It' nice to have family together for once.

All five of them look around at each other, unsure what to do, before Noelle grabs her drink from in front of her and awkwardly raises a toast. 


The others reluctantly join in, most looking awkwardly at each other, wondering what brought on Noelle's toast.

ALL: Cheers!

As they clink their glasses, they immediately take sips so long, most finish their drinks in one go.


8JqCj1T.png CrNEeHU.png
Alex and Will stand alone together in the Kiriakis living room. They look awkwardly at each other, as Will asks a serious question.

WILL:, I haven't had a chance to ask anybody yet but...I know there's been a huge upheaval at work today. What does that mean for us?

Alex is taken aback by Will's question, leaving him momentarily speechless.

ALEX: mean at the office?

Will laughs, his heart aflutter, as he, without thinking, blurts out a response.

WILL: Yeah, I mean...what did you think I meant? I mean, you're cute and all but...

Alex and Will laugh, as Will realizes what he's just said and begins to blush.

WILL: I mean...oh God. What did I just say?
ALEX: No...(laughs) God, Will, don't be embarrassed. I know what you meant. Don't worry.

Will looks to the ceiling, closing his eyes in embarrassment, as Adrienne steps into the doorway from the dining room. She looks on, troubled by what she observes.

WILL: Ugh, sorry. I didn't mean to imply that I was...attracted to you at all. You're my boss, and MARRIED. I'm marrying your BROTHER. I just...I tend to put my foot in my mouth a lot. I'm sorry.
ALEX: Don't worry. Seriously. It's okay. Just as long as you don't have this problem with words on the page, we're good.

Will laughs, as Adrienne steps into the room.

ADRIENNE: Ah, boys? Are you gonna join us for dinner at all?

Adrienne looks directly into Will's eyes, an almost accusatory look in them, despite her sweet tone. It immediately discomforts Will.


W9BIuJj.png khWXGnW.png
Outside club TBD, Kate and Sami stand, having confronted Nick and Gabi on their date, pestering Gabi about her modelling contract offers. Now, Sami's expression becomes more one of worry.

SAMI: You seem worried. You weren't before.
KATE: I had no reason to be before. Nick worming his way into the CEO position at Titan was nothing. He could be out of there within hours if he so much as breathed the wrong way. But if he has controlling interest? All bets are off, and we need to tread carefully.
SAMI: Oh, to Hell with that. He's going to put us all in jail, Kate.

Kate tries to quiet Sami down, but Sami continues, increasingly panicked.

KATE: Sami, C--
SAMI: ...Oh don't try to shut me up. You know I'm right. What is he gonna do when he finds out we're trying to set him up? Dammit, Kate, we need to do something about him, and fast.


NO1SJYT.png 8fxuDEk.png
Inside Club TBD, Nick and Gabi sit, Gabi deep in thought about what just transpired. Nick notices Gabi's contemplative look, and crooks his head slightly to get her attention.

NICK: Hello?? Earth to Gabi.

Gabi snaps out of her trance, shaking her head suddenly, looking Nick's way.

GABI: Ugh, sorry. case you didn't notice, I have....a decision to make.
NICK: Nah, I get it. But I think you know what you're doing. I trust you.

Gabi smiles, as Nick reaches across the table to take Gabi's hand gently in his. Gabi wants to pull away, but manages to stop herself.

NICK: I know I haven't been....exactly the most trustworthy person, myself. But I do want you to know, I'm gonna do everything I can from now on, to give you exactly the life you deserve. 

Gabi looks down momentarily at Nick's hand holding hers. 

NICK: I love you, Gabi.

Gabi hesitates to answer Nick, the words caught in her throat.



Kate walks in closer to Sami in front of Club TBD, and attempts to calm Sami down.

KATE: Sami, you need to think of the long game here. Nick has the power to destroy all of us. That includes Will. So let's stay the course for now, and keep our eyes peeled for any opening.
SAMI: We don't have time for that, Kate. It's time we make an opening.

Sami, determined, storms off, leaving Kate behind, more worried than ever.

KATE: Sami! Sami! (sigh)


Inside Club TBD, Gabi struggles to respond to Nick, as Nick waits for a response. T arrives with their tapas, which he starts putting down on the table, breaking the tension.

T: Alright! I've got some grilled calamari...lamb proscuitto dumplings, and a mango salad.
NICK: Thank you.
GABI: Thanks, T.

T stands by them, ever the professional.

T: Anything I can get you guys? Refill on your drinks? 

Nick holds up a finger, never taking his eyes off Gabi.

NICK: Yeah...give me a bottle of your best champagne.
T: You got it!

T walks off, leaving Nick and Gabi alone, as she hastily reaches for her fork, trying to eat before she has to respond to Nick.

NICK: I know we've got a lot of baggage, Gabi. And...I know you're probably not ready to tell me you love me, but...I just wanted you to know that I do. And I will always look out for your best interests.

Gabi smiles, as she swallows her calamari. 

GABI: I know. Thank you. Thank you for being so patient.

Nick smiles back at Gabi, looking intensely at her for a moment before asking another question.

NICK: Gabi.

Gabi looks back, inquisitively, if a little tense.

NICK: I...I don't wanna put any pressure on you at all, that I've got this job, and...the company assets...I'm planning to finally move out of the room upstairs at the pub.
GABI: That's great! I'm glad you're finally able to do that.
NICK: Yeah,, once I have a home to call my own, and...don't feel like you have to say 'yes' or anything...but...would you like to move in with me?

Gabi's eyes widen, stunned by Nick's suggestion, and unsure how to react, or respond.


Will and Adrienne stare off at each other, clearly communicating unspoken thoughts with each other, as Alex looks on, trying to cut the tension.

ALEX: Ah...Adrienne. Sorry, we were...catching up on work stuff. 

Adrienne continues to focus her eyes on Will, though breaking her gaze eventually as she responds to her stepson.

ADRIENNE: Of course. Ah, well...dinner's about to be served, so...come on.
ALEX: Sure thing.

As Alex leaves the room, Will is held back by Adrienne, who speaks quietly to Will, as she grabs his arm, not forcefully, but firmly.

ADRIENNE: A little advice, Will? If you expect me to play my part, you'd better do a lot better job of yours.

Will looks down at Adrienne, and nearly bursts out laughing. He shakes his head dismissively.

WILL: Adrienne, you're looking for something that isn't even there.
ADRIENNE: Am I? Because those eyes you were giving each other just now tell me otherwise.
WILL: What looks? The only looks I was giving were directed at you when you once again inserted yourself in a conversation that was none of your business.

Adrienne folds her arms, giving Will a squinted glare.

ADRIENNE: Despite what you think, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. I can tell you're attracted to Alex.
WILL: I love Sonny--

Adrienne snaps back at Will, cutting him off from continuing his thought.

ADRIENNE: And Justin loved me. But he still had that affair with Anjelica and still had her child. 

Will stops himself, momentarily looking down, as he soaks in what Adrienne is saying to him. Adrienne steps in closer to Will, speaking a bit more earnestly, and less bitingly.

ADRIENNE: You have two very impulsive parents, who lead with their hearts and not their heads. Don't be like them. Alex may not be my son by blood but I love him just as much as I love Sonny, and I don't want either of them hurt. If you do, I will make sure you regret it.

Adrienne backs away, releasing the tension in her body with a sigh as she turns toward the dining room. As Adrienne walks away, Will looks down, shaking his head as he sighs, his head full from Adrienne's warning. He makes his way to the dining room as well.


Eric sits at the bar of the Brady Pub, a pint of beer before him, as he makes a call on his cell phone to Nicole. Waiting to hear her pick up, he is unsuccessful, and the call goes to voice mail.

ERIC: Hey, Nicole. It's Eric. I ah...I know you've had a big break in your story for tomorrow but...I'm just wondering when you'll be back. I is our...our wedding night, and I'd...just call me back when you get this. I love you.

Hanging up, Eric takes a drink, as Marlena walks into the pub. 

MARLENA: Ah! Eric!

Eric turns around to see his mother, and gives her a hug.

ERIC: Mom! Hey. How'd your meeting go at the hospital?
MARLENA: Oh well...Valerie and I had...a lot to talk about. It's actually why I'm here. I'm glad I ran into you. I...I have something to ask of you, and I don't think you're going to like it very much.

Eric looks at Marlena, concerned.

ERIC: Why? What is it?

Marlena hesitates for a moment, before reluctantly responding, unable to look Eric in the eyes as she does.

MARLENA: I need your help to run a DNA test on your father.

Eric looks back in amazement, stunned by his mother's request.


Dr. Rolf sits opposite Stefano in a dimly lit room in Stefano's Italian island villa. The two longtime partners-in-crime discuss their plans as the sun sets.

STEFANO: So! When can we expect the patient will be ready?
DR. ROLF: Stefano, I cannot give you a firm timeline on this. You know what happened the last time.
STEFANO: Yes, unfortunately, I do. 

Stefano looks off in a distance momentarily, as Dr. Rolf continues.

DR. ROLF: We cannot have a repeat of what happened before. As you know, the second Pawn project was effective but ultimately we couldn't utilize him because we caused too much brain damage. He would never be able to take proper direction from us.
STEFANO: Hmmm, yes. And now he appears to be in terminal decline.

Dr. Rolf nods sadly.

DR. ROLF: Yes, indeed. It is a real shame. And, of course, our attempt to reprogram John Black failed miserably as well. 

Dr. Rolf thinks aloud, becoming more and more agitated as he contemplates his strategy.

DR. ROLF: There has got to be a way to find the balance. My work on the second pawn was too potent, and on John Black, not enough.
Stefano looks Rolf sternly in the eyes, as he points at him to make his point.
STEFANO: And THAT is why THIS Pawn MUST work for us to get us what we need, or else everything we have worked so hard for will be destroyed!

Rolf looks back at Stefano, nodding with a sombre expression on his face.


In a dark, windowless room, a man is tied to a chair in an otherwise empty room. His hands and feet are bound.

On a screen in front of him, a flurry of images appear on a projector screen. Many disturbing images flash by, changing almost as soon as they appear.

Crawling insects. 

Scenes from bloody warfare. 

A gun being fired.

John Black's face then appears, before disappearing, replaced by more violent images.

The man writhes about, his mouth gagged, keeping him from shouting out. He struggles, trying to resist the intense images presented before him, but enraged far more by John than any other.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

DAYS #148: Stefano arrives at the compound, Valerie presses Marlena to get Roman DNA tested

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco

8MG0qil.png hcGfOtp.png
Marlena sits in Valerie's office at University Hospital, as they go over Roman's case. Valerie shakes her head as she goes over his file.

VALERIE: You know, Marlena, I've gotta say...I know that there's a lot of missing pieces here, but...this man has been in your life for so many years. I...I mean, wouldn't you have known sooner that he isn't who he claims he is?

Marlena looks down, contemplatively.

MARLENA: I've thought about that. But he felt so....familiar to me. That day that Kristen wheeled him into my room...I wasn't sure but...something felt so...I knew that I knew this man.
VALERIE: But you didn't believe Kristen when she told you he was Roman.

Marlena looks at Valerie, remembering that day with Kristen, the anger coming through in her voice as she thinks of Kristen.

MARLENA: I wasn't really willing to believe anything that...that woman told me. She'd told so many lies already, it just looked like another scheme to keep John and I apart.
VALERIE: Understandable, but what made you realize she was right?
MARLENA: I just...I heard him speak. I heard his voice and...what he had to say. We knew...I knew I knew and cared for this man. We knew he was Roman. Nobody....questioned it once we'd spoken with him.
VALERIE: Marlena. From what you've told me, that's the same thing everyone said when John arrived in town. We need to be absolutely certain that this man IS Roman Brady.

Marlena looks up, deeply troubled by Valerie's suggestion.



Stefano's limo pulls up to a grand castle on the remote Italian island. His driver parks and hustles to open the door for him. Stefano steps out of the car, and pulls off his sunglasses, gazing upon the beauty of his grand home.


8JqCj1T.png YtWN1ZI.png
In the Kiriakis living room, Alex and Justin stand, discussing Justin's animosity toward Anjelica. Justin steps over to the bar, hoping to grab a drink, as Alex looks on.

ALEX: Dad?

Justin looks at the mostly empty caraffe, stunned by how much Anjelica's taken already. He pours himself what's left. The awkward silence holds in the air a moment, before Alex sighs and begins to tell his father what's on his mind.

ALEX: Look, I don't mean to downplay what Anjelica did to you, or to Adrienne.

Justin puts his drink down on the bar with a bit of a slam. He speaks harshly to his son.

JUSTIN: Then don't.

Justin turns around, another awkward moment of silence between them, as the doorbell rings.

JUSTIN: And don't make excuses for her either. Your mother rigged a construction site to blow Adrienne up. Then she kidnapped you. This isn't stealing a few hair ties from a store at the mall, Alex. I'm not entirely prepared to forgive and forget.
ALEX: But she did bring me back. And you and Adrienne were wonderful parents to me. You did a great job.

wK1rXOr.png CrNEeHU.png
Justin sighs, smiling at his son. As Anjelica steps back into the room from the foyer, escorting Will into the room with her. Upon seeing Alex, he stops, smiling awkwardly as Justin and Alex look back.

ANJELICA: Well, look who I found at the door. Does this fine young man belong to anyone in the house?

Alex smiles back at Will, as they both stare without a word shared. Justin ignores this, as he fixates on Anjelica.


8fxuDEk.png W9BIuJj.png
Gabi and Kate sit across from each other at the table at Club TBD, having an intense conversation about the state of affairs at Titan. Knowing Nick will be back from the bathroom any second, they remain tense and vigilant, each checking over their shoulder every few moments to ensure he isn't on his way back.

GABI: Honestly, Kate, I don't know that I like the odds of that 4% stakeholder remaining loyal to Titan. I mean, I've heard how rocky things are, and with Nick coming on...he's completely inexperienced running a company like this, they're bound to sell before the shares become completely worthless.
KATE: Leave that to me. Nick may in for a fall sooner than you think, and at least at my end of things, I'm going to make sure we make Titan a lot of money so that we can get out of this rut.

Nick approaches from behind Kate, causing both she and Gabi to look up with a start.

NICK: That's the spirit I wanna hear from my staff, Kate.
KATE: You know, Nick. Relish calling us staff members for now, because it won't be long before the board sees through you, and your incompetence will earn you a nice fat pink slip.
NICK: I guess I should've anticipated a little resistance. But I still wouldn't push my luck if I were you, Kate.

Kate chuckles momentarily to herself, unthreatened by Nick's confidence. She looks back at Gabi, a bit amused, as she rolls her eyes, and looks back at Nick and responds sarcastically.

KATE: I'm quaking in my boots.
NICK: You should be. Because I just found out some good news.
KATE: I'm waiting with baited breath to hear it.

Nick smiles, as he leans in closely at their table.

NICK: I just got the controlling interest of the Titan stock. So not only am I running the show, I own it, too!

Nick laughs, almost maniacally, as Gabi and Kate's faces turn sheet-white.



Justin gives Anjelica sideeye, as he grabs his drink from the bar table and shakes Will's hand firmly.

JUSTIN: Will! Good to see you! Ah, Sonny's already at the table, they're serving dinner about now. We should probably join them.
WILL: Oh...yeah.
ANJELICA: Well, am I going to be introduced or not?

Alex interjects to spare everyone Justin's cutting remarks at Anjelica's expense.

ALEX: Ah...Anjelica Deveraux, this is...Will Horton. Will is...Sonny's fiancé. my mother.

Anjelica gives a surprised smile, turning to shake Will's hand, which he accepts, though still unsure what to make of the situation.

ANJELICA: Ahh! Will!
WILL: Pleased to meet you.
ANJELICA: And I, you. You know, I have always really admired the Horton family. Such a pillar of our community. Tom and Alice were such lovely people.

Justin rolling his eyes at Anjelica's phoney interest in Will, turns to head for the dining room.

JUSTIN: (sigh) Talk about laying it on thick.

Justin turns back to motion the others into the dining room.

JUSTIN: Come on, guys. Let's get this over with before we lose what's left of our appetites.

Will smiles awkwardly, not sure whether to laugh at Justin's joke or not, as Anjelica nods to Will and touches her son's forearm on her way into the next room.

ANJELICA: I'll see you in there.

Leaving Alex and Will alone in the living room, the tension between them remains. Will looks up at Alex, unsure what to say.

WILL: I didn't...I didn't know your mom was in town.
ALEX: Yeah...we're...not exactly close. I mean...
WILL: It's okay. I understand. My mom and I have...a similar relationship.

Alex and Will share a laugh. As things grow quiet again, Will's eyes squint a bit, looking at Alex with concern.

WILL:, I haven't had a chance to ask anybody yet but...I know there's been a huge upheaval at work today. What does that mean for us?

Alex is taken aback by Will's question, leaving him momentarily speechless.


Kate gets up from her seat across from Gabi at Club TBD, looking disgusted. She gives Nick a murderous glare.

KATE: Well, I don't know how you managed this, but don't expect me to cowtow to your every demand. I expect to be able to continue to run my business the way I see fit.

Nick plays it cool, as usual. Shaking his head as he gently responds to Kate, hands in his pockets.

NICK: Not to worry. Just make sure that you stay out of my way, and you'll have all the autonomy you need.

All three turn abruptly upon hearing Sami's voice from behind them. She's revved up to play her part in the ruse, and takes on a snide tone straight away.

SAMI: GABI! Don't sign anything. I have news.

Nick turns to face Sami, smiling even wider now that the games have really begun.

NICK: Sami! Glad you could join us!

Sami reaches into her bag, handing Gabi a document of her own.

SAMI: Gabi, I need you to reconsider Kate's offer. You don't wanna be working under Nick. He's been named CEO of Titan.
GABI: Sami, I know, he...

Sami doesn't wait for Gabi to answer, instead carrying on in her fake tirade.

SAMI: He told you, okay. GREAT. But he didn't tell you that he's completely ineffective as CEO without also holding controlling stock interest. So he won't be able to do for your career what I can, seeing as he'll be working in a hostile environment.

Nick immediately interjects, cutting Sami off before she can continue making her "case".

NICK: Aaactually, Sami. That part's not quite true. As I was just telling Kate and Gabi...I just got the stock I needed to take controlling interest.
SAMI: You what?
NICK: Yeah! Isn't that fantastic?
SAMI: That's impossible. You don't have the resources to buy up 1,000 shares, let alone the amount it would take to take 51%...

Kate, and Sami both realize at the same moment, with Gabi putting the pieces together moments after.

SAMI: ...You have a benefactor.
NICK: Not quite.
SAMI: Bull.
NICK: No! Honestly. Titan shares are worth next to nothing at this point. It was actually pretty easy for me to buy up shares from the public supply at cut rate prices bit by bit over the last few months. Thanks to a rather...generous infusion of cash from Julie, some good timing with a good broker, plus my big bonus for my hard work on the latest foundation line for MadWorld, my package for taking over as CEO...I ah...well, I managed to secure the last bits I needed to take advantage when a major shareholder gave up her piece of the pie.

Nick shrugs, convinced he's thrown Sami and Kate off the trail, but Sami's not so convinced. She bites her tongue, instead looking at an equally unconvinced Kate.

KATE: That's still millions of dollars in shares, Nick.

Nick nods, casually.

NICK: Mmhmm. See, when you start investing and you make a couple good all snowballs.

Sami stops herself, looking over at Kate, who looks on cautiously.

SAMI: Gabi. Choose wisely. Your future depends on it. Call me when you decide.

Sami nods to Kate, then Nick.

SAMI: Kate. Nick.

As Sami takes off, Nick chuckles to himself, sitting himself down at the table with Gabi. Kate, putting on her purse, preparing to leave, looks to Gabi.

KATE: Gabi, Sami's right. You need to choose wisely. Go with the team that has your back.

Kate's eyes widen, almost in disbelief of what's coming out of her mouth. Gabi looks down at the papers on the table, as Kate turns to Nick.

KATE: Nick, thank you for filling me in.
NICK: Oh, are you kidding? It was my pleasure.
KATE: I'm sure it was. Have a great evening.

Kate turns away, rolling her eyes at Nick as she follows Sami out of the building.

Just outside the door, both women breathe a sigh of relief.

SAMI: Do you think we got him fooled?
KATE: I don't know, but I think we need to find out who's bankrolling this, and fast.

Sami's expression morphs into one of worry.


Marlena paces Valerie's office, deeply troubled by her earlier suggestion.

MARLENA: Valerie, I can't just go around asking everyone Roman's related to for DNA samples. I know I'm gonna run into...well, more than just some resistance.
VALERIE: It doesn't hurt to ask. This is extremely important, particularly if we're going to attempt to properly treat his symptoms.
MARLENA: I know that, Valerie, but...these people have over twenty years invested in this man. My them, this is their father.
VALERIE: Then don't ask them right away. Maybe Roman's sister can do it.

Marlena sighs, turning her back to Valerie, as she shakes her head.

MARLENA: I couldn't do that to Kim. I mean...she has it hard enough right now dealing with Theresa being in a coma, Caroline's health is in decline, Shane is off doing God knows what with the ISA. She's worried about her brother, she's not going to want the rug pulled out from under her again.

Valerie gets up from  her desk, putting a hand on Marlena's shoulder in comfort.

VALERIE: Marlena, your life isn't exactly a cakewalk right now, either. And the more you wait, and the more you agonize over whether or not this man you've thought was Roman all these years is actually the real deal?

Marlena turns to face Valerie, tears in her eyes. Valerie puts both hands on Marlena's shoulders, looking worriedly into Marlena's eyes.

VALERIE: Honey, I'm afraid of what carrying this burden entirely on your own shoulders could do to you.


The door of the large, remote Italian villa open to the living area, as a staff member ushers Stefano inside.

Once inside, Stefano removes his jacket, casually laying it down on the back of the armchair, as he looks on inside the dimly lit room. A chair is turned to face the large window, facing a picturesque view of the sea.

Stefano chuckles in his inimitable fashion, as he claps his hands together a single time, excited to have finally arrived. He calls out to the person in the chair.

STEFANO: Ahh! Tell me the good news. Is our patient finally ready?

The chair turns, as Dr. Rolf looks Stefano's way, giving him a half-hearted smile.

DR. ROLF: Not quite. But, I feel we should be ready any day.
STEFANO: Good. We have waited long enough. The time will soon come to put our plan into action.

Dr. Rolf nods, as Stefano looks off, determination in his eyes.


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

DAYS #147: Nick gets some big news, Anjelica and Justin have it out

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco

8fxuDEk.png NO1SJYT.png W9BIuJj.png
Gabi sits at a table at Club TBD, looking up uncomfortably as she sits across from Nick. Nick leans back in his seat, smiling as he watches Kate interject on their date. Kate stands over Gabi, having dropped paperwork before Gabi, and glares at Gabi, as Gabi responds meekly.

GABI: Ahh...Kate...can we...can we do this another time, I'm kinda...busy.

Gabi makes eyes in Nick's direction, as though pointing to Nick with them. Kate never takes her eyes off Gabi, remaining stern.

KATE: I'm not available another time, Gabi. This can't wait.

Kate turns quickly toward Nick, giving him an equally sharp glare.

KATE: Do you mind giving us a minute?

Nick, ever the smug one, laughs and leans back, nonplussed.

NICK: Have at it. I'm enjoying the show.

Kate's eyes narrow at Nick, as she responds to him, her voice deeper than before.

KATE: Alone?

Nick takes a second, before slowly getting up from his seat, and nodding at Gabi. Gabi nods back, giving her approval for him to leave.

NICK: I'll be in the bathroom. One sec.

As Nick walks away, Kate looks back at Gabi. Her tone changes, but her expression does not.

KATE: Keep in character, we've got him right where we want him.

Gabi looks up, trying to contain a smile, as she continues to stare at Kate from her seat.


Qpowg4X.png C5cbJrD.png
Anita sits across from Brady at her small dining table in her cabin. She holds her hands over her mouth, deep in contemplation over Brady's suggestion.

ANITA: I don't know whether I could sell those shares, Brady.
BRADY: Well, if you don't, you know the chances are very high that you'll lose even more. It's time to reinvest in a company that's going places. Hell, you could use that money toward fixing the house up.

Anita shakes her head, uncertain of Brady's idea.

ANITA: I don't know about this.
BRADY: Anita, Nick Fallon is a liability to that company. He knows absolutely nothing about running a major conglomerate. 

Brady stops himself a moment, frustrated not only by the situation, but by his part in it, and having to remind himself of it.

BRADY: (sigh) If I hadn't been so DAMN stupid, I could've been running it myself. Then you wouldn't be in this mess.

Anita reaches out across the table to squeeze Brady's hand.

ANITA: You were in a bad spot. You had been through an awful lot, and you were no shape to run a company. Don't blame yourself for that. 

Brady shakes his head, unconvinced.

BRADY: That's not the point. Shouldn't have gone to that place to begin with, regardless of what was happening in my life. And now it's affecting you. I feel...this responsibility to help you. 

Anita smiles, still holding Brady's hand.

ANITA: You owe me nothing.
BRADY: I do. I need to protect what's left of your nest egg. Sell the shares, Anita. Before it's too late.

Anita looks back at Brady, then down, again deep in thought.


wK1rXOr.png fHMJcKv.png PP3hz7S.png XpzwY1b.png 8JqCj1T.png 7ibIBbw.png YtWN1ZI.png
Anjelica stands at the bar in the corner of the Kiriakis living room, as Maggie steps in from the dining room to the right of the room.

MAGGIE: Dinner's ready, everyone.

As the others filter into the dining room, Justin lingers momentarily, as Anjelica pours herself a drink.

JUSTIN: You've really put a dent in that brandy. Nervous?

Anjelica laughs quietly, before turning to look at her ex-lover.

ANJELICA: Oh me? (laughs) No no. Just needed to unwind a bit. I'm always a little excitable when I'm doing business dealings.
JUSTIN: Yeah, well....don't get too excited. Any interest I have in this deal of yours is severely tempered by the fact it comes with your name attached.

Anjelica takes a sip of her drink, smiling and nodding, almost in defiance of what Justin's said.

ANJELICA: Well, I can understand your ambivalence. But I hope that with time and consultation, you'll see how sensible this arrangement could be for everyone.
JUSTIN: I'm not just ambivalent. And I have some major reservations about how forthright you're being when it comes to you wanting to help us.
ANJELICA: Look, you are entitled to feel that way. I wouldn't blame you if I were in your shoes.

Justin studies Anjelica and her body language very carefully, as Anjelica lays her drink down on the bar table, and folds her arms in front of her as she continues.

ANJELICA: Justin, I made some very big mistakes when Alexander was a baby, and quite frankly, I think that the stress of finding out Harper was a deranged killer, and losing you...

Anjelica steps in closer to Justin, who shakes his head, as he steps away from Anjelica. Anjelica looks intensely into Justin's eyes, an earnest pain in them.

ANJELICA: I think it caused a psychotic episode, a sort of...PTSD gone horribly awry.
JUSTIN: Oh come on, Anjelica! That's an insult to anyone who's gone through PTSD, including Jack. You remember your stepson, Jack? He suffered years locked up in the Middle East, and came back in pieces.

Anjelica steps, hanging her head down, feeling sad and shamed.

ANJELICA: I know. Jack is--he was in a lot of pain for a long time.

Justin is unmoved by Anjelica's moment of sentiment, becoming increasingly angry with Anjelica, as his voice raises.

JUSTIN: He had to build his life over from the ground up, with very little help from you, if any. So don't try to pawn off what you did to Adrienne and to me as some kind of mental illness. You knew what you were doing, and you'd do it again in a heartbeat if it meant you'd get what you want.

Anjelica stops herself, trying to choke back tears, as she looks down from Justin's intense glare. She nods in agreement with Justin, who is unmoved by her, as Alex walks into the room, seeing only the tail end of their argument.

ANJELICA: You're right. Ah...excuse me. I'm going to wash my hands for dinner.

Anjelica walks out, trying to dab out the tears before they ruin her mascara. Alex steps into the room, as Justin turns, spotting him. His expression changes, as Alex looks at his father, a displeased look on his face.

JUSTIN: Alex--
ALEX: What the Hell was that? What did you say to her?

Justin looks stunned, caught off guard by Alex's defense of his mother.



Justin turns to face Alex, who walks in closer to his father.

JUSTIN: Alex, I...I'm sorry.
ALEX: You know, I know my mom's done a lot of really terrible things, but I don't think throwing that in her face when she may be exactly the lifeline Titan needs is a very good idea.

Justin sighs, frustrated by Alex's desire to see the good in his mother.

JUSTIN: Alex, you forget how manipulative your mother can be. I know you wanna see the best in her but--
ALEX: Oh I know full well how manipulative she can be. Trust me. I've got the brunt of it for a lotta years now. But don't forget the Hell she went through too. With Harper, with nearly losing me to you and Adrienne when I was a kid...
JUSTIN: She gave you up to us, Alex.
ALEX: And then she wanted to have me in her life again when she got better. 

Justin sighs, rolling his eyes at his son's naiveté.

JUSTIN: Oh come on, you don't actually believe her song and dance about PTSD, do you?
ALEX: No. But I do think she suffered a long, gradual mental breakdown, and I think, despite the...(sigh) downright horrendous results of that...I think we need to give her the benefit of the doubt this time around.

Justin looks down, contemplatively, as he soaks up what Alex has to say.


Valerie works at her desk at University Hospital, diligently typing away on some patient files, when a call is buzzed in. Valerie picks up the phone and answers immediately.

VALERIE: (into phone) Dr. Grant.....oh yes, send her in. Thank you.

After a moment, Marlena steps into Valerie's office, a smile masking her despair. Valerie can sense something is tense about Marlena, and gets up from her seat, a warm, empathetic smile on her face.

VALERIE: Marlena. I'm glad you're here.
MARLENA: Yes, well...I wish it were under happier circumstances.
VALERIE: Well...I figured something was wrong when you's...about Roman, I'm guessing.

Marlena sits down across from Valerie, she looks at the ground, mournful over Roman's condition.

MARLENA: He's getting worse every day, Valerie. I have...I don't think I ever expected him to deteriorate as fast as he has.
VALERIE: Marlena, these things vary wildly from person to person. You know that.
MARLENA: I know. I just...I guess we were getting closer again and...(sigh) I was looking forward to having this time together...maybe to fall in love again...if...

Valerie turns her head slightly, waiting for Marlena to finish her sentence, but Marlena doesn't.


Marlena's eyes snap back upward to meet Valerie's. She looks on with an intense stare, her voice wavering.

MARLENA: I Guess...I guess I didn't want to say it, but...if it truly even is Roman.


Stefano emerges from the yacht, as the sound of the waves crash against the dock. The cool sea air causes the crew, and Stefano, to bundle up, despite the warm Mediterranean night.

Stefano is greeted by his waiting car, a grand executive car. The driver hustles from the front seat to open the back door for Stefano.

Looking out at the sea, he breathes in the air deeply, exhaling with a dramatic zeal. He gives direction to the driver, in Italian, to head to the DiMera compound.

STEFANO:  Avanti al composto!

Stefano immediately steps into the waiting car, as the driver closes the door for him, then proceeds back into the driver's side door. The car drives off, heading for the remote compound.


Anita sits on the phone with her broker, ironing out details of the sale.

ANITA: (into phone) I'm just glad I got through to you before the exchange closed for the day...perfect. I'm so glad we were able to sell them back so quickly. Thank you, Mark.

Anita hangs up the phone, turning back to a smiling Brady. Anita is much less certain she's done the right thing.

ANITA: Well...they found a buyer...the shares are sold. I'll receive the payment by the end of the week. Just have to have him pay me a visit with some documents to sign and we're a go.
BRADY: I'm proud of you.

Anita looks at Brady, nervous. She shakes her head and sighs as she answers him.

ANITA: Don't be proud of me just yet. I'm praying I did the right thing just now.

Kate sits down across from Gabi at Club TBD, Gabi is legitimately panicked, as Kate takes on a tough look, knowing Nick could likely be looking on.

GABI: This is making me sick to my stomach. What if he catches on?
KATE: He won't. And don't worry about Nick. He may be CEO, but he hardly has enough power to be a real threat, anyway.
GABI: What do you mean?
KATE: I mean, I checked into it earlier and the Kiriakises still own a controlling interest in the company. It's divided up between Justin, Victor, myself, Tyler, and John, who got Brady's shares when Brady died. That makes up about 47%. The rest of the shares are divided up in small fractions to the public.

Gabi begins to ease up a little bit, markedly less tense than she was moments before.

GABI: Okay. So he doesn't have the real power unless he has controlling interest. Why 47% though? I mean, I'm no MBA student or anything, but I thought they'd have majority stake in the family business at least.
KATE: That's what I found curious, myself. The issue is there's a single shareholder out there who Victor never named, not even when I was married to him. This person had a 4% stake in the company, and all Victor ever would tell me is that it was distant family, and that it "kept the peace". I didn't pry. 

Gabi looks inquisitively at Kate, trying to sort through the mystery.

GABI: But if that person with the 4% stake were to sell, and the public shares were to be gobbled up by a major corporation...
KATE: ...then we would have to prepare for the worst.

Nick stands by the archway to the bathrooms at Club TBD, phone to his ear. It's Anjelica on the line.


Anjelica stands in the Kiriakis foyer, the doors to the living room closed. She speaks softly, but excitedly.

ANJELICA: (into phone) I just got a call from Mark Foley, our broker.


Nick looks over at Gabi and Kate momentarily, before turning away, hoping not to be seen. He speaks equally quietly.

NICK: (into phone) Okay, what about?


ANJELICA: It's good news. We just acquired enough shares in Titan to become majority shareholder. Congratulations, Nick. We just got ourselves the silver bullet to lodge into Victor's back.


Nick beams, as he turns back toward the table, looking on at Kate and Gabi's intense conversation.