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DAYS #114: Maggie makes Julie a gracious offer, Nick's blackmail spree continues (07/24/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

MaggieHorton_zpsrtadb6ml.png JulieWilliams_zpsedsdy9xx.png AlexKiriakis2_zpsquwb7nky.png WillHorton2_zpsxagwxzde.png

Maggie, Julie, Alex, and Will step into the main hall of what will soon be the re-opened Penthouse Grille. The building is still very much a work-in-progress, with scaffoldings all around the room, and half-completed painting on the walls. Still, the group is impressed by what will soon come.

MAGGIE: So I just want to thank everyone for coming down here. I know it was last minute and I apologize for changing the venue so suddenly, but I'm glad you could all make it down here.
WILL: It's no trouble at all.
MAGGIE: I'm pleased. Because I couldn't wait to show you all.

Maggie holds out her arms, beaming with excitement as she turns around like a game show model to show off the new restaurant.

MAGGIE: This is the new space.

Julie looks around the room, smiling excitedly alongside Maggie.

JULIE: Maggie, this is going to be incredible! Oh, you must be so excited.
ALEX: She's not the only one. We have an elaborate marketing campaign planned for this space to go along with a modern, upscale decor, and plush furnishings. This place is going to be THE hotspot of Salem.

Will looks to Alex, giving a playful grin to him.

WILL: You'd better be careful, your brother might get jealous and fight back.

The group share a laugh, before Alex responds in kind.

ALEX: Well, it's all in the family. I think there's enough of a market in Salem for both spaces to operate successfully.
MAGGIE: Well, I agree. And I think Sonny's plan, from what he told me earlier, was that he planned to use the TBD space going forward more as a lounge and less as a dinner space, so I'm absolutely sure we can find the right balance.
JULIE: Absolutely. Besides, with how unbelievably grand this place is, this could be a premier spot for events.

Maggie smiles and turns to face Julie, almost bursting with excitement.

MAGGIE: Well, I'm glad you're so enthusiastic about it, Julie, because I had something I wanted to ask you.

Julie stands dumbstruck. Unsure what to expect, she turns to face Maggie.

JULIE: Me? What is it, Maggie?
MAGGIE: Well...I know you have a whole lot of enthusiasm and decades of experience in running clubs like this...would you do me the honour of running the Penthouse Grille?
Julie looks at Maggie, suprised and beginning to smile.


TylerHouston_zps56211b85.png NickFallon_zps5ckac7xi.png
Tyler stands in the Titan Lab with Nick. Tyler is incensed by Nick's demands of him, and responds angrily.

TYLER: You have absolutely no grounds to make demands of me, young man.

Nick turns to face him, nonchalantly. He looks directly into Tyler's eyes as he smriks, cooly responding to Tyler's rage.

NICK: I would watch that tone you take with me. You remember the fact I had access to the security system and was able to not only track down but also prevent this virus from going through? What makes you think I don't have access to anything else around here?

Tyler draws himself up, uncomfortable with the direction Nick's going with this.

NICK: You see, I know an awful lot about a lot of people in this building. Including you...your brother...and where your connections in "business" really are. Don't test me, Tyler.

Tyler's face goes ghost white as Nick slowly hints at his familial connections, sighing heavily as he realizes what's at stake.


NoelleCurtis_zpsxg2rtzxf.png NicoleWalker_zps8a6ptd9z.png
Noelle and Nicole sit at the bar at Club TBD. The soft, intimate lighting creates a relaxed mood for the two, as the tensions between them lower with each drink. As Nicole sets her martini down, Noelle lifting hers to her lips to take a sip.

NICOLE: So for the record: Victor Kiriakis is a safe topic with me. There is no love lost between him and I.

Noelle turns, intrigued.

NOELLE: Oh really? Why, what did Old Man Vic do to you?
NICOLE: Ohhh...I could tell you but...we'd need a few weeks before I finish. Let's just say it took me a few years, a murder attempt, some blackmail, and a court case...yeah...he's...taken me to the cleaners a few times.

Nicole quickly finishes her martini, trying to wash down the memories of Victor, before holding up her finger to catch T's attention.

NICOLE: T! Another martini?
T: Sure thing, Miss Walker.
NICOLE: Thanks, darlin'.

Nicole turns again to face Noelle, with a raised eyebrow and a cheeky grin.

NICOLE: What did that sour old malaka do to you?

Noelle chortles at Nicole's crack, before turning back in Nicole's direction, putting her martini down on the bar.

NOELLE: Well..for one, he killed my father.

Nicole looks on, stunned by the grave news.



Julie stands, amazed as Maggie smiles back at her.

JULIE: Me? You...You want me to run this...this beautiful place?
MAGGIE: I couldn't think of anyone better suited to it. You and Doug have been masters in this field for a very, very long time. Heck, you even teach ME a thing or two now and then.

Everyone laughs as Maggie reaches into her bag and pulls out the keys to the restaurant. She holds them out for Julie to take.

JULIE: Maggie, I don't know what to say!
MAGGIE: Say yes! (laughs) It would be my honour to have you be my right hand.

Julie takes a moment, before taking the keys from Maggie. They immediately reach for each other and give each other a warm hug, laughing and beaming as Alex and Will applaud their new family venture.


JJDeveraux_zps146e2e09.png LiamFrasier_zpsdi8khqec.png JenniferHorton_zps8547fd2c.png
JJ holds the cheque Liam's given him in his hands as he sits on the sofa in the Horton living room. He looks over at a smiling Liam, who sits nearby in an easy chair, with Jenn sitting along the back of the chair, beaming at her son.

JJ: I...I honestly don't know what to say, Liam.
LIAM: Don't say anything right now. Think about it. I know we...we really haven't seen eye-to-eye so far but...I just figured this could be a step in the right direction.

JJ looks up at Liam, seriously. He then looks up at his smiling mom, and nods.

JJ: Alright. Give me some time. But...I just want you to know...I really appreciate this.

JJ gets up from the sofa, as Liam does as well, and Jennifer walks toward the two of them, resting her arms on Liam's broad shoulder.

LIAM: It's my pleasure, JJ.

The two men shake hands as Liam turns toward Jennifer.

LIAM: I's time we took ourselves out for the evening. JJ, let me know what you decide.
JJ: Will do. Have a good time, you guys.

Jennifer pulls JJ into a tight hug.

JENNIFER: Thank you, Sweetie. I'll see you later.
JJ: Bye, Mom.

As Jenn follows Liam out of the room, JJ turns back away from the two of them, his face dropping with worry as he holds the cheque in his hands. He shakes his head, increasingly unsure of Liam and his motives.


Nicole looks at Noelle, shocked by what she's just heard, as she uncomfortably stirs her martini, trying to find a response.

NICOLE: So...uh...wait, your...your dad...
NOELLE: Neil Curtis.
NICOLE: Neil did he get involved with Victor?

Noelle casually takes a sip of her martini before responding to Nicole.

NOELLE: Oh, I don't think we have time for all that--
NICOLE: Oh come on, you can't drop a bomb like that and just tell me you don't wanna talk about it--

Noelle interrupts Nicole's complaining, leaning back and sighing, rolling her eyes in defeat.

NOELLE: OKAY, okay, fine. If you really wanna know, my dad had a gambling problem,'s complicated, my mother-in-law...Anjelica...she was with my dad at the time, and...

Nicole's eyes dart back and forth as Noelle explains, trying to keep track of the complicated connections in her head.

NOELLE: I dunno, Victor wanted Anjelica for himself, so he manipulated dad into going back into gambling and then...started loan sharking him and...well...that's when things started going downhill. Dad had to close Blondie's, I dunno if you remember driving past that place when you were young.
NICOLE: Must've been before my time.

Noelle shrugs, and stirs her martini, still a bit wistful as she recalls her early childhood.

NOELLE: then I was living with my mom in LA anyway, so...I wasn't around for any of that, really. I just know that when my dad finally moved to LA to be near us...he was...he wasn't well. He was...weary. Worn down. He never told us anything about what happened with Victor after he lost Blondie's could tell it hurt him a lot. Mom and I really helped him feel....normal again, I guess, but...he put himself head first into his work. Mom and I never knew why he was obsessed with working and money and...he just...never seemed to have enough on the go, never let a penny slip.

Noelle looked up at Nicole, deadly serious. Nicole looks back, engrossed in Noelle's confessional story.

NICOLE: Victor still had Neil by the balls?
NOELLE: Oh yeah. You could definitely say that. Victor may have mellowed with the mafia stuff...
NICOLE: ...But he can still hold a grudge better than anyone.

Noelle nods before looking down, holding her martini glass between her hands.

NOELLE: Exactly. And my dad had a heart attack...about two years ago. And only when he died did we find out...he barely had any estate left. He had bled every account, to nothing...just so Mom and I didn't feel deprived or like...he was a burden on us. It was all a show, Nicole. Victor had never stopped feeding his addiction...but it was always there, and to the day he died, he was on the hook to that man. It was sick.

Nicole reaches a hand out to Noelle, squeezing it gently.

NICOLE: I'm so sorry.

Noelle, fighting back tears, smiles half-heartedly, never looking up from the table.

NICOLE: You know....I know this is rich coming from me you think, maybe it's healthier to just....let go of that anger? I've got a good life, a wonderful husband who loves you--

Noelle guffaws at Nicole's mention of Alex, interrupting her.

NOELLE: Yeah. He loves me so much he just chastised me like a three year-old for saying mean things to his almighty Uncle Vic's lifeless body.

Noelle rolls her eyes as she takes a sip from her drink. She then stops...shakes her head slowly in response, still looking down at her hand, clasped in Nicole's.

NOELLE: Nah...Victor Kiriakis...he's got some reparations to repay me...heh...and my mom. I'll never forgive him for what he did to my dad. And I'm gonna make sure he pays.

Noelle looks intensely into Nicole's eyes, while Nicole looks back, taken a bit aback by Noelle's simmering rage.


Tyler, incensed by Nick's posturing, steps towards him, pointing angrily at him.

TYLER: You don't know what you're getting yourself involved in, little boy. This goes way deeper than you want to get into.

Nick scoffs, laughing at Tyler's attempts to scare him.

NICK: Oh, hah, I know. Trust me, I looked into it. I mean, I know Houston is a relatively common name and all,, Tyler, it doesn't take all that much digging to make the connection.
TYLER: I don't know what you're talking about.
NICK: The fact that you've been involved with Victor Kiriakis up to your neck for decades. This whole...EnerNext thing is just the first time we're hearing about it. Victor hired you to run his mob businesses under a separate corporation from Titan to distance himself, and he knew you'd be able to do the job thanks to you and your brother's biker gang ties.

Tyler looks exasperated, not knowing exactly how to shut Nick down, he lets him carry on.

NICK: So you ran it all, keeping Victor at arm's length until it became expedient for Victor to reign you in because he started to run out of money from his legitimate business. Only by then, you'd gone big time. Got all involved in shady middle eastern oil cartels. Shall I bring up Jack Deveraux's kidnapping in Afghanistan while he was doing a story on your shady dealings? I think that'd go over real well at the Titan meeting--

Tyler finally snaps, cutting a smug Nick off.


Nick looks at Tyler dead in the eye, a deep intensity between the two men as Tyler moves in extremely close to Nick, a threatening look in his eye. He threatens him in a quiet but firm voice.

TYLER: You get what you want this time from me, Fallon...but you better watch your back from here on in. Those connections you spoke of aren't child's play. You're in with the big boys now.

Tyler steps away from Nick, heading for the door of the lab, Nick stays still, but donning his trademark smirk as he watches Tyler leave.

NICK: See you at the board meeting tomorrow, Tyler.

Tyler looks back momentarily, before stepping out of the room. As Tyler leaves, Nick exhales, as though he'd held in the world's pressure on his shoulders and is suddenly releasing it. The pain in his head becomes immediately visible on his face, as he struggles to maintain his balance.

Nick hears a shrill, high-pitched sound get louder and louder, as he struggles to maintain his balance and clarity.

Nick rests against the counter of the lab, fighting to keep his balance as dizziness overwhelms him. He screams out in pain as he falls over, taking a collection of test tubes down with him. They shatter on the ground as he collapses.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

DAYS #113: Sheryl's on the run, Liam has a surprise for JJ (07/23/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

JenniferHorton_zps8547fd2c.png LiamFrasier_zpsdi8khqec.png JJDeveraux_zps146e2e09.png
Jennifer and Liam laugh and chatter as they walk into the Horton living room, as JJ sits on the couch, snacking and watching TV.

JENNIFER: JJ! Hey, honey.

JJ turns toward Liam and Jennifer, greeting his mom and her boyfriend unenthusiastically.

JJ: Oh. Hey, guys.
JENNIFER: Listen, JJ, honey? Liam and I are just getting ready for a later dinner, so I'm gonna pop quickly in the shower.
JJ: Sure, Mom.

Jennifer turns to Liam for a moment.

JENNIFER: You don't mind if you wait for me a few minutes?
LIAM: Yeah! That's great. I uh...I had something I wanted to talk about with JJ, anyway, so...

Jennifer smiles warmly at Liam as she leans in to give him a quick peck on the lips before heading upstairs.

JENNIFER: Alright. See you in a few minutes.
LIAM: You bet, Jen.

Jennifer runs upstairs, as Liam walks toward the archway between the Horton living room and foyer. JJ tries to avoid engaging with Liam, instead focusing closely on his TV show. He can sense Liam's presence and is made increasingly uncomfortable, before Liam speaks.

LIAM: Hey, JJ.
JJ: Yeah. Hey Liam.

Liam saunters into the Horton living room casually, hands in his pockets as he moves toward the sofa, where JJ is.

LIAM: Look, I...I kinda feel like you and I we...we started off on the wrong foot.
JJ: You could say that.

Liam pauses a moment, looking over JJ's unchanging expression, before carrying on with his attempts to converse with him.

LIAM: I ah...I talked to your mom about you.

JJ continues to avoid Liam's gaze, staring instead straight ahead at the TV set.

JJ: Oh yeah.
LIAM: Yeah...I uh...(sigh) Look...JJ....

Liam steps over to sit beside JJ on the sofa, JJ still trying to avoid engaging, but upon Liam sitting down, JJ looks over, and locks eyes with his mom's mysterious beau.

LIAM: I know I've sorta...given off a very negative impression to you in the last few months and I...I didn't know really what I could do to change your mind.

JJ shrugs dispassionately, trying to turn his attentions back to the TV.

JJ: I dunno. You kinda freaked me out there a couple times but...I don't really have a bad impression of you.

Liam smiles warmly at JJ.

LIAM: That's good.

Liam reaches into his blazer pocket, and pulls out an envelope, handing it to JJ.

LIAM: Because I was hoping that I could change that impression into something really good.

JJ looks down at the envelope, then, confused, up at Liam. Liam meets JJ's eyes and nods, trying to prompt JJ to take the envelope.


NickFallon_zps5ckac7xi.png TylerHouston_zps56211b85.png
Nick sits at his computer in the Countess W lab, he suddenly leans back in his chair, lurching back looking victorious. It shocks a focused Tyler, who looks over at Nick.

NICK: Got it!
TYLER: What? Did you get 'em?
NICK: And dropped them right in your lap.

Tyler walks over towards Nick, staring at his laptop seriously, trying to figure out what's happened.

TYLER: Alright, but what, or should I say, who...did you drop in my lap?

Nick turns to look up at Tyler, smugly satisfied.

NICK: One employee in marketing by the name of Sheryl Connors...except that's not exactly her real name. She's been trying to take down your systems...and your company for months. And tonight, she and her cronies attempted to launch a virus to take your systems out, just like they did this morning with the Salem City Hall servers.

Tyler looks at Nick, stoic and taking in all the information he's being given.

TYLER: But you...stopped them in time?
NICK: There's some damage but nothing that's unrecoverable. So...yes.
TYLER: Did you get enough info on them to make charges stick.

Nick gives his now-trademark smirk, savouring the moment.

NICK: Ohh yeah. And then some.


Sheryl looks down at her smoking laptop, stunned and amazed by the collosal meltdown of her computer. Her shock quickly fades into anger as she realizes what's happened.

SHERYL: I'll kill h...

Sheryl picks up her laptop suddenly, ready to toss it across the room, when she notices a bump just on the lip of the bottom side. Turning the unit around suddenly, as the heat is too much for her hands, she drops the computer back onto her desk, and sees the bug Billie planted on her unit.

She flashes back to the door of the elevator opening and seeing Billie standing there.

Jolted back to reality, she comes to the obvious conclusion.

SHERYL: Billie.


BillieReed_zpscb154cd4.png LucasHorton_zpsfcd9c82d.png KateRoberts_zpsac4681d4.png
Billie sits at her computer desk at Titan, flanked by her brother Lucas, and her mother, Kate. They all look on in awe as Billie exclaims suddenly.

BILLIE: They beat me.
LUCAS: Who did?
BILLIE: I have no idea...but someone got to them before we did...and now we basically have nothing.

Kate's face sours instantly, standing up in frustration and begins pacing the room at her daughter's news.

KATE: DAMMIT. I can't believe that little tramp wins again.
BILLIE: Well...on the bright side, we did stop them from taking the entire company's secrets and flushing them down the drain on their way out.
KATE: That's cold comfort when the whole reason we did all this was to put Jordan Ridgeway and Sheryl Connors behind bars where they belong.

Billie looks up at her mother, a strange look in her eye.

BILLIE: Well...what if there's still a chance they do?

Kate stops, looking skeptically at Billie, as Lucas looks over at Billie, confused.



Noelle walks into Club TBD, where she looks around to see the crowd. She spies a seat at the bar, and walks casually over, before speaking to the woman sitting the next seat over.

NOELLE: Excuse me...I seem to have caught this place on a busy this seat taken?

The woman turns around to face Noelle.

It's Nicole.

She looks at Noelle, sighing as she looks her up and down. She shakes her head.

NICOLE: No. It's free. Have a seat.

As Noelle lifts herself onto the stool, Nicole turns herself slightly toward Noelle.

NICOLE: Look, I'm...I'm sorry I snapped at you the last time we met...

Noelle pauses a moment before realizing Nicole's prompting her for her name.

NOELLE: Noelle--
NICOLE: Noelle! Yes! Sorry. I...look, I feel bad, I...I've had a really bad few weeks at work and...Eric and I...I don't have the best luck with men, and...Eric...he's the love of my life, and we were supposed to get married today.

Noelle looks at Nicole, nodding in understanding.

NOELLE: But the server at City Hall was down. Eric told us earlier.
NICOLE: Yeah...

Nicole laughs half-heartedly to herself before taking a drink of her martini. During that moment, Noelle quickly prompts to T to give her a martini of her own, as Nicole continues.

NICOLE: I just really want this stress to be over with.
NOELLE: Oh, I get it. More than you'll ever know.

Nicole looks back at Noelle, intrigued.

NICOLE: Oh yeah? You sound like you had a rough evening, yourself.
NOELLE: I did indeed. And I have one Victor Kiriakis to thank for it.

Nicole looks on, suddenly fascinated by their common adversary.


JJ stares at the envelope Liam's handed to him, as he sits on the sofa in the Horton living room. After a moment, he reaches for the envelope, as Jennifer emerges from upstairs.

JENNIFER: Liam, what's that?

JJ and Liam turn quickly around to see Jenn walking down the last of the stairs and heading toward the living room, wearing a simple dress and her hair still in a towel. Jennifer has a smile on her face as she approaches her boyfriend and her son.

LIAM: Oh this?

Liam points to the envelope he's just given JJ. He then turns to face JJ and smiles earnestly.

LIAM: This...well...see...when I said your mom and I we...talked about you...see...we talked about your dreams, JJ. How you wanted to go to Stanford, pursue a law degree. Well...that's expensive.

Jennifer looks at Liam, and back at JJ, trying to gauge the other's reaction. A smirk on her face as she wonders what Liam has up his sleeve. Meanwhile, JJ looks stunned by Liam's sudden shift in demeanour and tone towards him.

JJ: is...
LIAM: Your mom, she ah, she told me you'd have to take out student loans for this if you're accepted and that that's...put you off applying...I think...I hope this will make you reconsider.

JJ hesitates a moment before slowly opening the envelope. Inside, a cheque for $50,000. JJ's taken aback.

JJ: Wh...what?? What is this?

Liam points to the cheque and smiles at a confused JJ.

LIAM: Think of it as an investment in a great young mind.

JJ looks stunned, turning to a beaming Jennifer, who begins to tear up looking back at JJ, then back to a beaming Liam.


Tyler stands in the Countess W lab, staring seriously at a very self-satisfied Nick.

TYLER: So you're saying that you've got this Connors woman...but what about her cronies?
NICK: The cronies are a bit harder to crack, but...I think if on a bit...I should be able to get them too.

Tyler finally cracks a smile at the end of it all.

TYLER: That's fantastic, then.

Tyler shakes Nick's hand firmly, a proud look on his face, as he turns to head for the door of the lab.

TYLER: Listen, I'll make sure you receive a commendation with the board for this, and I'll have security escort Ms. Connors out right now--

Nick interrupts him, stopping him in his tracks as he emphatically interjects.

NICK: Wait wait wait wait. No, stop. We can't just go in there and throw her out. We're gonna do this my way...and she'll never see it coming.
TYLER: What do you mean?
NICK: If you want what I've got here, you're going to have to agree to my terms, Mr. Houston.

Tyler looks disgusted at Nick, shouting back in protest.

TYLER: I beg your par--
NICK: ...This is NOT a negotiation, Mr. Houston. Let Sheryl go for tonight. She won't be going anywhere just yet. She's got too many loose ends to tie up in Salem first.


Sheryl hastily packs up her things from her office, including her computer and hard drive. She gets on her bluetooth and frantically calls Jerome as she grabs her jacket to leave.


Jerome stands in the Grant living room, holding the phone up to his ear, concerned.

JEROME:  (into phone) Hey, Sheryl, what happened?


Struggling to put her jacket on as she races out, Sheryl speaks to Jerome.

SHERYL: (into phone) Someone caught us, and I'm pretty sure I know who. We need to meet NOW.


Jerome's eyes bug out, suddenly in crisis mode.

JEROME: (into phone) Woah woah woah, wait. No no. We are not meeting now, not if they know about you.
SHERYL: (into phone) Well, what else are we gonna do, Jerome?
JEROME: (into phone) Just chill, ok? Get your stuff out your hotel room, check out. I'll get you a room at a motel at the edge of town. We'll meet there. I'ma text you the address, ok?
SHERYL: (into phone) Fine, but make it quick. All hell's about to break loose.
Sheryl ends the call, and closes the door to her office, she sighs heavily, checking the hallways to make sure they're empty before heading out. 
SHERYL: If it hasn't already.
Sheryl makes a beeline for the service stairwell, hoping the trip down eight floors will be faster and make her less liable of being caught.
Kate stands by Billie and Lucas in Billie's office, looking unsure.
KATE: What do you mean? Is there a chance we can still nab them?
Billie looks down at her computer, thoughtfully. She taps her desk as she thinks, before turning toward Kate.
BILLIE: Well...the bug still caught a lot. Enough that we can probably still get charges to stick...and whoever it was that DID stop her from taking the server out...they're probably going to play their hand very soon.
LUCAS: So what are you saying? We just have to wait and see what happens?
Billie turns toward Lucas, nodding slowly.
BILLIE: Pretty much.
Kate and Lucas look at each other, incredulous.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

DAYS #112: The Virus (07/22/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

NickFallon_zps5ckac7xi.png TylerHouston_zps56211b85.png
Nick and Tyler burst into the MadWorld lab, making a beeline for Nick's laptop, which sits on a conference table at the far side of the room.

TYLER: I'm telling you, this better be the real deal or I'll have your head on the chopping block so fast, Mr. Fallon--
NICK: Don't worry. Once I show you what's going'll be thanking me.

Nick leans over the table where his laptop sits, and opens it. Pressing the "on" button, the computer boots up quickly.

NICK: I don't make a habit of wasting anyone's time. Particularly my own.
TYLER: You better hope not, or I'll get security to hightail you out of this company so fast your head will spin.
NICK: That won't be neccessary. Just wait. I promise this'll be worth it.

Nick pulls up a chair and sits down in front of his computer. Opening up his surveillance program, he logs into Titan's security camera system. Tyler looks on, stunned.

TYLER: Wait, how did you get access to this? And who authorized it?
NICK: There's no time to explain that. I started checking things out when I became suspcious something was rotten with our suspect here, and this helps me keep tabs on them.

Nick turns to face Tyler, a blank, matter-of-fact look on his face.

NICK: You know, you really need to work on your firewalls. For a multinational, your digital security is incredibly vulnerable.

Tyler looks back at Nick with concern and surprise. Nick turns back toward the screen as he zeroes in on Sheryl's office.

NICK: Quite frankly, a security breach would be not only embarrassing...but could be really catastrophic.

Tyler and Nick focus in on Sheryl's office, where they spy her working away furiously at her workstation.


Sheryl sits at her desk, Bluetoon in ear, as she stares intensely at her screen. She speaks to Jerome through the Bluetooth, careful never to utter his name as she types and clicks her mouse through the various screens, preparing to load the virus that would destroy Titan's servers into her work computer.

SHERYL (into phone): I'm through the EnerNext partition.

Through her bluetooth, Sheryl hears Jerome's voices come through into her ear with his next instruction.

JEROME (via phone):  Alright. Two minutes to launch. Make sure you start in the backup hard disk. The backup isn't typically in use, therefore will be harder to detect we're in there before it gone.

Sheryl stares dead ahead at her screen. A smug smirk appears on her face as she answers Jerome.

SHERYL: (into phone) Roger that.


BillieReed_zpscb154cd4.png LucasHorton_zpsfcd9c82d.png
Billie sits in her office, Lucas by her side, as she focuses on her computer screen as well. Hoping to catch some activity from the marketing wing where Sheryl works, she and Lucas listen in on her conversation, unsure who she's speaking with, as they only hear her side.

BILLIE: Come on, Sheryl. Slip up. Say this guy's name.
LUCAS: You know, I think I know exactly who it is.
LUCAS: I'm pretty sure it's this guy...Jerry? Or Jerome? He came into her office last week when I was there. I hadn't seen him before, and I just...I get a feeling about him.
BILLIE: Well...we're not gonna be able to use a feeling as evidence, unfortunately. We gotta have her say his name and make it clear he's connected to what she's up to or else it doesn't exist.

As Billie finishes her sentence, Kate comes into the office. Billie and Lucas turn to face her.

KATE: It's just me. What did I miss?

Billie guffaws as she turns back toward her computer screen as she answers her mother's question.

BILLIE: missed me nearly getting caught by Justin Kiriakis, and Sheryl Connors as I bugged her office.

KATE: You didn't...
BILLIE: No. Thankfully, I didn't. But I did run into her at the elevator. Apparently Sheryl thinks you're manipulating Lucas into possibly breaking things off with her, Mom.

Kate turns toward Lucas with a sour expression.

KATE: Lucas, I told you you had to keep up the charade with Sheryl, and I meant convincingly.
LUCAS: Okay, enough, Mom. Look, it's nearly over now, and I don't see the point in trying to hide my feelings about her any longer than I have to.
KATE: Well, you still had to while Billie was putting the bug in Sheryl's office, didn't you? And apparently, you didn't do a very good job and you might have put this entire plan in jeopardy.

Kate turns back toward the screen, shaking her head in indignance at her son's irresponsibility.

KATE: I just hope this is enough to get Rafe away from that conniving little tramp, Jordan Ridgeway or whatever her name is supposed to be.

Lucas looks back Kate's way, shaking his head at his mom's persistance.

LUCAS: You just better hope this plan DOES work, or else you're gonna alienate Rafe more than you already have.

Kate looks back at her son, the both of them glaring at each other, as Billie seems oblivious to it all, keeping close watch over the Titan server, and Sheryl's actions.



Nick types and clicks furiously at his computer, as Tyler paces behind him, on his cell phone with Justin.

TYLER: (into phone) Justin, I know, but this kid is certain that there's about to be an attack and he says it's directly related to the City Hall server crash and the delay in approving the Ruggles land expropriation deal. I know he's got a handle on this...yes, I know you don't like him...I have a strong feeling he....well we don't have much choice right now, do we? If we wait on might be too late...

Nick smirks as he listens on, simultaneously listening to Sheryl through a single earbud, studying Sheryl's movements closely as she is about to launch her virus.


Sheryl, meanwhile, is still at her desk, very nearly ready to launch her attack (with Jerome's remote help).

SHERYL: (into phone) Alright, we ready to do this thing?
JEROME: (via phone) In 3...2...1...

Sheryl hits "Enter" on her keyboard, almost ceremoniously.


Up in Billie's office, Kate, Lucas, and Billie study the screen as Billie jumps into action, noticing the activity appear in the backup server.

BILLIE: Damnit! She started in the backup system. I have to double back to access it.

Billie types away furiously to try to access the backup server, but is denied access.

LUCAS: Do you know the password?
BILLIE: No, but there's other ways to work around it.

Billie moves her mouse over to another window, and begins to work from there, disabling a specific firewall that protects the backup server from being accessed by her computer.


Nick, meanwhile, is overwhelmed by the activity. Realizing suddenly that someone else is trying to work on the backup server, he flips back to the surveillance program, and realizes it's Billie, Kate, and Lucas.

NICK: Oh, no.

Tyler, upon hearing Nick, quickly ends his call to Justin and darts over to Nick's computer again.

TYLER: Yes, it...I gotta call you back, Justin. Don't worry, it's under control.

Tyler looks intensely at the screen, as Nick springs back into action.

TYLER: What's wrong?
NICK: Nothing. I'm on it.
TYLER: I hope so.

Nick ignores Tyler's panicked threats, and takes advantage of Billie's disabling the firewall and leaps in. As the files from the backup server begin to be downloaded, then systematically destroyed, Nick locates the IP address for Sheryl's laptop.

NICK: Not so fast, little lady.


Sheryl's laptop displays the progress of the virus installation:


Sheryl smiles as her external hard drive she's attached to her computer works overtime, downloading and destroying the Titan files.

SHERYL: (into phone) We're on our way now.
JEROME: (via phone) And we only saving the small files and documents about the workings of the company, right?
SHERYL: (into phone) Not to worry, I programmed it to only save document files, spreadsheets, graphics, media. The rest is getting corrupted and discarded.
JEROME: (via phone) Perfect. How far we at?
SHERYL: (into phone) Only 3% so far.


Billie digs further in, tracking down Sheryl's IP.

LUCAS: What are you doing now?
BILLIE: I'm gonna throw the program they're using into an endless loop that hopefully will jam the program up, and buy me enough time to close up the security hole so they'll be booted from the system.
KATE: Do you have enough time?
BILLIE: I'll be fine...

Billie looks on her screen, and realizes there's someone else accessing the server.

BILLIE: If someone else doesn't beat me to it.

Kate looks over at Lucas, who looks back at her, concerned. They both turn their attentions back to Billie, and to her computer screen.


Sheryl looks on more and more intensely.

The progress bar inches forward...


SHERYL: (into phone) I'm gonna shift this over to the EnerNext subserver once we're done with this backup.
JEROME: (via phone) Got it.
SHERYL: (into phone) Okay...we're in. Downloading EnerNext's documents...



Nick plugs a memory stick into his laptop, as he continues to work furiously at stopping Sheryl. Tyler looks on in wonder.

TYLER: What are you plugging in there?
NICK: Just a program to destroy whatever device these guys are using against us.
TYLER: Like...digitally...

Nick looks up at Tyler, his classic smirk on his face.

NICK: Oh no. Not just digitally.

Tyler looks on, concerned by Nick's plan.


Billie continues to work away at stopping Sheryl's virus from progressing, as Kate and Lucas sit on pins and needles.

LUCAS: Billie, how much longer is this gonna take.
BILLIE: Not long now, I'm nearly there.
KATE: This better work.
BILLIE: It will, Mom. Don't worry.

Billie focuses in as she clicks to access Sheryl's computer remotely, so she can trip it up and stop it from continuing to spread the virus.

BILLIE: Almost there.



Sheryl stares straight ahead as she notices unfamiliar activity happening around her.

SHERYL: (into phone) Dammit! We got company.

Sheryl clicks to kick Billie's computer out of hers.


Nick double clicks his mouse, launching his counterattack against Sheryl.

NICK: Buh-bye!


Billie's computer is suddenly kicked out of the server altogether, shocking Billie, as she leans back in her seat, taking a stunned Kate and Lucas with her.

LUCAS: What happened?



Sheryl looks down quickly at her work computer and her external hard drive, as her computer's fan abruptly shuts down, and her computer's processor goes into overdrive, causing the computer to freeze up.

SHERYL: (into phone) What the Hell?
JEROME: (via phone) What's wrong? Sheryl???

As Jerome tries in vain to get Sheryl to answer him, her and laptop begin to overheat quickly, and sparks, with a plastic burning smell and smoke emerging from the laptop. The sparking causes Sheryl to jump back from her laptop, breathing heavily from the shock, as Jerome continues to call out to her over the phone to her Bluetooth.

JEROME: (via phone) SHERYL....SHERYL! You there??? SHERYL...


Monday, March 20, 2017

DAYS #111: Alex demands answers from Noelle, the virus is ready to go! (07/21/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

NoelleCurtis_zpsxg2rtzxf.png AlexKiriakis2_zpsquwb7nky.png
Noelle stands in Victor's hospital room at University Hospital, stunned by the surprise arrival of her husband, Alex.

NOELLE: Alex....what...sorry, I...

Alex looks back at Noelle, stunned by what he heard before walking in.

ALEX: I think you have some explaining to do. I could hear you down the hallway.
NOELLE: Wh...I'm I'm sorry, I just...I got emotional--
ALEX: You were a whole lot more than emotional just now. I think you better tell me what the hell you were just screaming at my uncle for.

Noelle stands, hesitant to explain herself to Alex. Alex looks back intensely, unhappy with his wife's anger and excuses.


Jordan sits on the bench in the park outside Town Square. She is distraught, recalling her doctor's visit she just ran out from. Daniel's voice playing in her head:

DANIEL: I'm sorry, Jordan...Rafe. Your home pregnancy test gave a false positive.

Jordan sits, fighting back tears as she feels her phone buzzing in her coat pocket.

Pulling it out, she looks at who's calling.

It's Sheryl.

Sighing in exasperation, she ignores the call, pressing the cancel button on her phone screen, and looks up to see Rafe standing before her.

JORDAN: Rafe...

Rafe looks at her, a warm smile on his face after having tracked down his girlfriend.


Sheryl stands in her office at Titan, as she realizes Jordan's rejected her call. She's exasperated and growls as she walks over to her desk, slamming the phone down on the desktop.

SHERYL: Dammit, Jordan. You're not gonna be able to escape this. And I don't know why you think you're going to be able to.

Opening up her laptop, she checks her watch, and looks at the time on her laptop screen.


SHERYL: Time for the fun to begin.

Sheryl gives a cheeky smile as she settles in her office chair and pulls a bluetooth from her desk drawer, attaching it to her ear.


Tyler stands in his office, closing the cover on his tablet, when someone knocks on the door to his office. Tyler turns back around to call out the person on the other side.

TYLER: Come in!

Will opens the door to the office nervously. Holding a file in hand, he steps into the office cautiously.

TYLER: Ah! William!
WILL: Hey, Mr. Houston. I uh...your secretary was gone so I figured...
TYLER: Oh, it's fine. Please, come in.
WILL: Thank you.

Will scurries in, closing the door to the office behind him. He quickly hands over a folder to Tyler.

WILL: I uh...I also sent this file via e-mail, but I wanted you to have a hard copy to review in person, so I took the liberty of printing it out.

Tyler opens the folder, checking its contents, he smiles as he looks back up at Will.

TYLER: The press kit for the EnerNext project. Excellent work.
WILL: Thank you, Mr. Houston.
TYLER: Please, call me Tyler. Listen, Will. You've got a real gift with the written word. Alex has spoken very highly of you since we've taken you on, and...from what I'm seeing here, there is a lot of potential in you.

Will blushes, smiling sheepishly at Tyler's compliment.

WILL: Oh...thank you, M-..uh, Tyler.

Tyler sits on the edge of his desk as he reviews Will's work a bit further.

TYLER: I'm seeing great things coming to you very soon. In fact, I'm going to speak with Alex about grooming you to move up in the public relations arm of Titan.

Will looks unsure about Tyler's confidence in him, he sputters out an answer.

WILL: I, that's fantastic. But wouldn't you have to clear that with Victor first?
TYLER: While Victor's in hospital, I'm in charge. And quite honestly, I'm certain he'll share my confidence in you. He seems to like you well enough to allow you to marry his nephew. That's gotta count for something.

Will smiles at this, nodding in agreement.

WILL: Fair enough. Well, listen, Tyler, thank you. I, uh...I will definitely take this challenge full-on. You have my word.

Tyler nods at Will, smiling back at him.

TYLER: Good work, Son.

Will smiles back, turning toward the door of the office. After exiting and walking back away toward the elevator, Nick emerges from the other direction, briefcase in hand. A bit jittery, he knocks on Tyler's door.

Inside, Tyler takes it upon himself to walk over to the door, opening it, assuming it is Will.

TYLER: Will, you don't need to--

Upon seeing Nick, Tyler's expression changes, to a somewhat more confused expression.

TYLER: Can I help you?

Nick looks at Tyler, full of easy confidence.

NICK: I don't know, but I can certainly help you.



Rafe looks down at Jordan, who wipes away tears as she sits on the park bench in the cold winter weather.

RAFE: I was wondering where you'd gone.
JORDAN: (sigh) I just...I had to get out of there...clear my head.

Rafe sits down next to Jordan on the park bench, wrapping his arm around her.

RAFE: I figured so. I know you were...well, we were both excited about this but...look...this is just the beginning for us. You know? There's gonna be plenty of time for us to have a baby.

Jordan looks down, still glum.

JORDAN: Well, I know that but...I (sigh) I wanted this to be it, you know?
RAFE: I know.
JORDAN: I'm sorry I just...I had a bad day. I...I had a falling out with Sheryl and now this...

Rafe looks surprised, turning slightly toward Jordan.

RAFE: Falling out? You two are best friends, what happened?

Jordan tries to shrug it off, shaking her head dismissively.

JORDAN: Just...stupid misunderstanding. I dunno. All I know is that I was just really excited about this baby and being with you and...
RAFE: And we still can be together, Jordan. I'm not going anywhere.

Rafe lets go of Jordan, slipping off the bench and onto one knee. He holds Jordan's hand in his. Jordan seems surprised.

JORDAN: Wh...what are you doing?
RAFE: Proving that I'm not going anywhere.

Jordan and Rafe laugh as Rafe pulls a small box from his jacket pocket.


Jordan starts to cry again, stunned by what's happening.

JORDAN: Rafe...

Rafe opens the box, revealing a shining diamond ring.

RAFE:  Jordan Ridgeway. Will you marry me?

Jordan beams with delight and surprise at Rafe's proposal, once again beginning to cry, this time from joy.

JORDAN: Yes. Yes, I will.


LauraHorton_zpslgujljbt.png MaggieHorton_zpsrtadb6ml.png
Laura stands in her office at University Hospital with Maggie. Laura sighs as she attempts to respond to Maggie's question about Liam.

LAURA: Maggie...I'm sorry, I just...I don't feel especially comfortable around Liam, but...that doesn't mean anything about him. I'm trying to just...shrug it off. Consider it...motherly concern. It's not always easy, though.
MAGGIE: Oh, I think it's natural.

Maggie smiles and puts a hand on Laura's shoulder.

MAGGIE: You want what's best for your daughter. No matter how old she gets. I want the same for Melissa...and for Daniel.

Laura smiles back, sighing in a bit of relief that the inquisition is over before it began.

LAURA: Yeah...wouldn't it be so much easier if Daniel and Jennifer would just...find their way back to each other.

Maggie nods wistfully, shrugging in defeat.

MAGGIE: Yes...but from the sounds of it...Daniel's happy with Billie...Jennifer wants to move on, so...what's a mother to say?
LAURA: Oh, I can think of a few things!

Maggie and Laura share a laugh. Laura looks away momentarily, thinking everything over.

LAURA: But I know what you mean. I just wish I could shake this feeling I have about Liam.
MAGGIE: Laura...just pay attention to how Liam treats Jennifer, and how she looks when she's with him. Listen to the things she says about him when you don't ask about them. The more you push, the more she'll dig her heels in. It's human nature. But be prepared to change your mind.

Maggie gives Laura a hug, Laura looks unconvinced while in the hug, but resumes smiling once they separate. Maggie holds Laura's hands before stepping away.

MAGGIE: Listen.  I gotta go, Julie's waiting. I'll see you soon.
LAURA: Bye, Maggie.

Maggie steps out of Laura's office. Once alone, Laura's face drops, she grimaces in frustration after having lied to keep Maggie at bay, and ultimately, protected from Liam.


Alex pulls Noelle into the hospital waiting room, incensed over her screaming at a comatose Victor. Closing the door behind him, Noelle breaks away from Alex's grasp, as Alex stands by the door, arms folded.

NOELLE: Let go of me.
ALEX: Tell me what the hell you were doing in there, Noelle.
NOELLE: What does it even matter? It's not like he's hearing it or anything.
ALEX: You and I both know people in a coma can be totally aware of everything happening around them, and I certainly don't want your little...hissy fit to set back my uncle's recovery.

Noelle turns back around to face her husband. She glares at him, replying to him defensively.

NOELLE: The last thing I'm concerned about is Victor's recovery. He'll be fine. He's managed to live through a lot worse than having a few choice words thrown at him from little ole me.
ALEX: Now that's enough. Damn it, Noelle, I thought we settled this. Victor is not responsible for your father's gambling addiction.
NOELLE: Oh, like HELL he isn't. He was so bitter that your mother chose my father over him that he manipulated him back into gambling.

Alex walks away from Noelle, exasperated, while Noelle follows him, pointing a finger at Alex as she makes her point.

ALEX: (sigh) Not this again.
NOELLE: Yeah, this again. My father never got past his addiction. He certainly fooled us for a long time, but the truth came out eventually. It's too bad it took my father DYING for that to happen.
ALEX: Noelle--
NOELLE: Stop defending him. Look, I've been playing nice for weeks now, but I'm done playing. And I'm not going to sit around and pretend that Victor's loan sharking didn't play a huge part in taking my father away from me.

Alex shakes his head, exasperated by his wife.

ALEX: You know, if you hate the Kiriakises so damn much, why the hell did you marry me, then? You clould've saved yourself a whole lot of heartache if you'd just married Andrew Donovan. I hear his mom hates Uncle Vic about as much as you do. You'd have SO MUCH in common.

Noelle stares Alex down, almost unblinking as she makes her point.

NOELLE: I married you. Not your family. The fact you had to ask me that tells me an awful lot about who you care more about.

Noelle storms out of the room, holding back tears as Alex follows her out, pleading with her to stay.


Alex stops at the doorway of the waiting room, sighing in frustration as he watches Noelle leave.


Nick walks into Tyler's office, while Tyler stands back, confused and unimpressed by Nick's bravado.

TYLER: You know, I don't exactly appreciate people just barging in here...
NICK: I wouldn't do this normally, but I think it might be in your best interest to hear me out.

Tyler studies Nick carefully before closing the door behind Nick, his eyes never off him.

TYLER: Alright. Shoot.
NICK: You know those...reports about the City of Salem's servers going down today?
TYLER: Vaguely.

Nick saunters toward Tyler's desk as he tells his story. Tyler watches Nick intently as he walks over. Nick looks at Tyler's desk and spies the file Will just dropped off, but stops short of looking it over, instead turning back toward a suspicious Tyler.

NICK: That outage came from malware sent from here. And it was targeting EnerNext's injunction to expropriate Percy Ruggles' land. I know exactly which employee did it, and I can tell you with precision what their next move is.

Tyler is floored by this information. He approaches Nick, visibly taken aback by the news.

TYLER: Are you saying someone's trying to stop this deal from going down from within the company?
NICK: Exactly. And their next move is going to be to launch a virus that will collect thousands of gigabytes of data about Titan before destroying the entire system, and it's about to launch tonight.

Tyler breathes in deeply, before heading over to his desk to grab his office phone.

TYLER: We have to let the tech guys know--

Nick puts his hand over Tyler's hastily, stopping him from making the call.

NICK: No. There's no time. I'm working on it in the MadWorld Lab as we speak.

Tyler hesitates for a moment, still suspicious of Nick.

TYLER: I'll overlook this colossal misuse of company time if this spares our company. Does this employee have a name?

Nick smirks as he leans over Tyler's desk.

NICK: She does. If we stop her in time, I might even tell you who she is.

Tyler rolls his eyes as he gets up from his desk, heading for the door.

TYLER: Well, I guess you'll have to convince me then, let's go to the lab before it's too late.

Tyler turns around abruptly, pointing Nick's way sternly.

TYLER: But I'm warning you, if this is some kind of game, you'll be leaving this building tonight with a security escort. Got it?

Tyler turns around, opening the door to his office and heading out. Nick smiles even wider, as he casually plucks Will's file from the desk and slips it oh-so-casually into his laptop bag, before rushing after Tyler.

NICK: Loud and clear.

Tyler opens the door and heads out, Nick not far behind.


Sheryl stares intensely at her computer, laser focused on launching her virus into the Titan server. On her Bluetooth, she makes a call to Jerome. Careful to not use his name.

SHERYL: (into phone) You ready?


Jerome sits at a computer lab at Salem U. The room sits empty other than himself. He also is using a Bluetooth device to speak with Sheryl.

JEROME: (into phone) I'm here. Where's our friend?


Sheryl sighs, responding curtly to Jerome's question.

SHERYL: (into phone) The less said about her, the better.


Jerome frowns, confused by Sheryl's frustration with Jordan.

JEROME: (into phone) Alright...


Sheryl shouts out to Jerome, demanding he move on.

SHERYL: (into phone) DROP. IT. Let's stick to business.


JEROME: (into phone) Alright. Got it. Damn.


SHERYL: (into phone) Drop the attitude.
JEROME: (over the phone) logged in?
SHERYL: (into phone) Yeah. I'm logged in. You can start up remote access.


Jerome types in a few things, and clicks on a tab that opens a new window. In the window, Jerome types in the IP address to Sheryl's computer. Within seconds, Sheryl's computer desktop appears in the window.

Jerome smiles as Sheryl's computer desktop screen appears.

JEROME: (into phone) We're in.


Sheryl smirks, as she looks upon Jerome moving her cursor around her screen.

SHERYL: (into phone) Excellent. Now, work your magic, my friend.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

DAYS #110: Noelle lets loose on a comatose Victor, Jordan gets some disappointing news (07/18/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

JordanRidgeway_zps956gtxca.png DanielJonas_zpsextpbm5h.png
Jordan sits in the exam room, deep in thought about her potential pregnancy, as she hears Daniel enter the room. She looks up, a smile back on her face as she awaits the news.

JORDAN: So! Tell me it's good news. Am I pregnant?

Daniel looks on, managing his best poker face as he flips over to her test results to give her the news.

DANIEL: Uh well...the thing is...

As Daniel speaks, Rafe opens the door to the exam room, a big smile on his face. Daniel turns around, surprised to see him come in.

DANIEL: Rafe...
RAFE: Hey! Sorry for interrupting. Maxine said I could come in so...heh...hi.
JORDAN: Rafe! Daniel was just about to give me my pregnancy test results.

Jordan looks excitedly as she motions for Rafe to come over with her. He obliges, and puts his arm around Jordan as he looks back Daniel's way.

RAFE: So, Dr. Jonas...I guess we're gonna be shopping for a stroller and a crib soon, right?

Daniel looks at Rafe and Jordan, as they look back, excitedly anticipating the news.


NoelleCurtis_zpsxg2rtzxf.png AlexKiriakis2_zpsquwb7nky.png MaggieHorton_zpsrtadb6ml.png
Noelle and Alex sit in the hospital waiting area outside Victor's room, as Maggie emerges from Victor's room. Maggie looks over at Noelle and Alex, as they sit, hand in hand.

MAGGIE: Alex! Noelle! What are you doing here?
ALEX: Oh, we were just sorta...checking in. I was gonna visit Victor for a minute but Daniel tells us you're his last visitor for the night, so...just wanted to see how you were doing.

Maggie smiles, putting a hand on Alex's shoulder as a show of thanks.

MAGGIE: Oh thank you. I'm alright.
ALEX: Any change?

Maggie shakes her head sadly.

MAGGIE: No. None so far.
NOELLE: I'm so sorry, Maggie.
MAGGIE: Thank you, Noelle. Uh...Alex, I'm going to head to Julie's, we're going to go over some things for the Penthouse Grille's re-opening. I was hoping you'd be able to help us draw up some proposals for the marketing campaign. If you're able to join us at the mansion for say...8:30 tonight?
ALEX: Ah...sure!

Maggie smiles, waving to both Alex and Noelle as she walks away.

MAGGIE: Great. I'll see you soon.
ALEX: Bye Maggie.

Alex turns toward his wife, his hand firmly clasped in hers.

ALEX: Hey, umm...I need to make a quick call to Will about this campaign for the Penthouse Grille. Are you okay to wait here a minute?
NOELLE: Yeah! Sure, I'll be here.
ALEX: Great. One sec.

Alex quickly kisses Noelle on the lips before getting up and heading for the waiting room to make his call to Will.

Once Alex is out of sight, Noelle slowly gets up. Nervously checking around her, she walks toward Victor's hospital room door. Sneaking inside, the quietly shuts the door and stands just inside, a crooked smile on her face.

NOELLE: Alright Vic. It's just you and me now.


BillieReed_zpscb154cd4.png JustinKiriakis_zpsvhww2iue.png
Billie exits Sheryl's office at Titan, checking to make sure the coast is clear, she sees Justin walking away in the opposite direction and heads out the door away from him. As the door shuts, Justin turns around, changing his mind on where he's going and spots Billie. He calls out to her, causing Billie to jump.

JUSTIN: Billie?

Billie turns around, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, as Justin smiles, confused by her reaction.

BILLIE: Justin!
JUSTIN: Um...hey. I uh...I was wondering how you've been doing since we spoke last.

Billie smiles nervously. She stammers a bit as she answers.

BILLIE: Oh...oh you know, good. I...mean...things are going as well as can be expected. Theresa's still in a coma is a mess.
JUSTIN: I hope you haven't been to see Theresa. You know, visiting her in that hospital puts a lot of people at risk.

Billie rolls her eyes, replying dismissively to Justin.

BILLIE: Oh don't be ridiculous, Justin. Of course I'm not going to violate a protective order. No matter how ridiculous it is.
JUSTIN: Well...I'm not disagreeing with you, but...Kim thinks it's better to keep you away from her daughter and...

Billie looks down, folding her arms in discomfort.

BILLIE: Don't remind me.

Justin puts his hand on Billie's shoulder, trying to comfort her, she looks up at him sadly.

JUSTIN: Hey. Don't worry. I know it seems hopeless but...Daniel's her doctor, he'll make sure she recovers. I know it's a slow process but she'll get there.

Billie smiles half-heartedly at Justin, nodding slowly.

BILLIE: Thanks, Justin. Hey, I heard about Victor. I'm sorry to hear about his heart-attack.

Justin drops his arm to his side, putting his hands in his pockets as he begins to get a bit wistful himself.

JUSTIN: Yeah. He's ah...still out like a light, too. Tyler and I are covering for him's overwhelming.
BILLIE: I understand. He's gonna make it though.

As Billie finishes her sentence, she hears her phone ring. A text message from Lucas comes through.

on her way back. go.

Billie sees the text, and is snapped back into a sense of urgency. She looks at Justin, panic on her face.

BILLIE: Oh my God, I forgot something, um, sorry, I gotta go, Justin.
JUSTIN: Uh...sure, sure. Yeah! Look, let's grab drinks later?

Billie takes off like a shot for the elevator, frantically pressing the button to open the door.

After a moment, the door opens. Sheryl gets off, coming face-to-face with Billie.



Billie stares at Sheryl, trying to hide how nervous she is.

BILLIE: Sheryl. are you?
SHERYL: Good. back from seeing your brother.
BILLIE: Oh yeah! How's Lucas? I've been...darting all over the building today, I haven't had a chance to see him.

Sheryl looks unconvinced, but plays along.

SHERYL: He's good. Really good, he uh...left something behind at my place last night so...I was just dropping it off for him. I'm uh...I'm surprised to see you on this floor, this is more advertising, you tend to stick to those...executive VIP areas instead of down here with us underlings.

Billie smiles, knowing the subtle shade being thrown her way.

BILLIE: Yeah, well...I was just checking on something with Justin Kiriakis and someone told me he was down here so I tracked him down. So...if you'll excuse me...

Billie attempts to get on the elevator, but Sheryl grabs her arm to stop her.

SHERYL: You know if you...could pass on a message to your mom for me?
BILLIE: What kind of message?

Sheryl looks at Billie, deadly serious.

SHERYL: If she's trying to manipulate Lucas into breaking things off with me...I will know. Lucas is not very good at masking his feelings. But he's an adult, and bad things happen when she inserts herself into situations where she isn't welcome.

Billie looks at Sheryl, a displeased look on her face, as Sheryl walks away toward her office.

SHERYL: Have a great evening.

Billie watches Sheryl walk away, stunned by her audacity before catching the elevator door start to close, she jumps to try to stop it, jamming the door momentarily as she clumsily steps in.


Daniel sighs as he steps in closer to Rafe and Jordan. Jordan and Rafe's excitement turns quickly to concern as they see Daniel's stoic expression.

JORDAN: Daniel...come on...tell us. Are we going to have a baby or not?
DANIEL: I'm sorry, Jordan...Rafe. Your home pregnancy test gave a false positive.

Jordan is stunned by the news, she sits next to Rafe, mouth agape, as Rafe pulls her in close. She begins to tear up at the news. After a moment, she begins to shake. Unable to stay composed, Jordan breaks away from Rafe.

JORDAN: I'm sorry, I just...
RAFE: Jordan!

Rafe reaches out to stop Jordan from running off, but to no avail. Jordan grabs her purse and coat and runs out the door of the the exam room, leaving behind a worried Rafe, and a saddened Daniel.

DANIEL: I'm sorry, Man.
RAFE: So am I. Sorry, I gotta...I gotta go.

Rafe runs out the door after a distraught Jordan.


Will is in his office at Titan, putting on his jacket to leave for the day, when his office phone rings. Exasperated, he initially considers ignoring it, but thinks better of it and answers.

WILL: (into phone) Will Horton.


At University Hospital, Alex stands in the waiting room at University Hospital, cell phone in his ear.

ALEX: (into phone) Hey, Will, it's Alex.


Will's expression changes almost immediately, mellowing into one feigning coldness but enjoying hearing Alex's voice all the same.

WILL: (into phone) Oh, hey! What can I do for you?


ALEX: (into phone) Well...I need you to do two things before you leave tonight.


Will listens intently as Alex lists off his plans for the evening, his expression souring as Alex continues.

ALEX: (via phone) I need you to drop off the polished draft of the press kit for the EnerNext project to Tyler, and then I need to meet you at the Kiriakis mansion.
WILL: (into phone) Oh? What for?
ALEX: (via phone) Well, Maggie's asked us to come by to start on promotional work for the Penthouse Grille reopening...


Alex stands shaking a packet of sugar as he's about to pour it into his cup of coffee, his head leaning against his shoulder, holding his cell phone up to his ear.

ALEX: (into phone) So I need you there by about 8:30 to meet with Maggie and Julie and I. That cool?
WILL: (via phone) Uh...yeah! Yeah...I'll let Gabi know I'll be home late and she can make sure Arianna gets her dinner. Umm...sure. I'll see you then.
ALEX: (into phone) Great, man. Thanks!


Will hangs up after he hears the dial tone. He puts down his phone, sighing.

WILL: There goes the work-life balance. And I'm sure Adrienne will love trying to twist this one into something it isn't while she's at it.

Will sighs again as he reaches over to a folder on his desk, grabbing it and sauntering out the door of his office, shutting it behind him as he heads for Tyler's office upstairs.


Laura puts on her jacket, heading out of her office. She opens the door to find Maggie standing in the doorway. Pleasantly surprised, Laura stops and smiles.

LAURA: Maggie! I didn't realize you were still here.
MAGGIE: I was just heading out to meet Julie. I wanted to stop by to check in on you.

Maggie's expression changes slightly. A bit of concern on her face.

MAGGIE: never answered me before...I saw that look you gave when Liam ran into Jennifer. It's almost's almost like you're afraid of him.

Laura looks down, not really wanting to get into it with Maggie.


Noelle stands in Victor's hospital room. The room, darkened, is deadly quiet other than the quiet beeping of the heart monitor. She looks down on Victor's still body, a serious look on her face. Her glare, laser focused on Victor, never wavers.

She steps toward Victor slowly as she begins to speak to him.

NOELLE: You's kind of poetic justice. You lying here after a heart attack...

Noelle stands by Victor's bed, arms folded, as she continues, a quiet vitriol in her voice.

NOELLE: When the stress you put my father under all those years from your loan sharking, and your squeezing any penny you could from us...gave him a heart attack...

Noelle pulls up a stool so she can lean in close to Victor while she taunts him.

NOELLE: ...And that heart attack killed him.

Noelle smiles, laughing softly, but almost maniacally.

NOELLE: So you know what, Vic? I'd say this is karma in action. Do you understand what I went through? Dr. Neil Curtis, working day and night to the point where I barely saw him through the entire time I was in high school? All so he could pay off debts he owed you. Debts you just couldn't bear to forgive because you're spiteful, miserable old man.

Noelle looks down at Victor. As she continues, her tone becomes more and mroe mournful. She sighs as she speaks again.

NOELLE: And I had no idea. I spent the last years my father was alive resenting him, giving him the cold shoulder when he tried to reach out to me...

Noelle gets up from her stool, and begins to pace the room, her hands on her hips as she thinks back to her teen years.

NOELLE: ...and... funny enough, I did all kinds of...crazy stuff just to get his attention all the same. I remember one time I stayed out until 5am the night before finals in my junior year? I was with some guy from the football team. My dad didn't sleep that night. Mom called him at midnight when I didn't come home and...he drove all around town...he woke up my friends' parents...(laughs) some of my friends' parents actually got up themselves and started searching with him...and I came home. Mom was there waiting. She wouldn't let me go to bed until dad got home...and my dad said, "Blondie, go to bed, I can handle her."

Noelle tries to fight welling up as she sits back down on her stool by Victor's bed, leaning on the bar along the side of it.

NOELLE: And this man, who I spent all those years resenting, and thinking he didn't give a damn about anything but his work, he told me what he'd done that night, and that all he cared about was me and my mom, and that he was worried. He said he knew he hadn't been there for me as much as he wanted to, but that sooner or later, I was going to understand. And he apologized to me. And here I was expecting I was going to be read the riot act. But he knew it was on him. I didn't realize why that was until just this last year.

Noelle's expression changes, as her eyes zero on on Victor again. A quiet rage simmering in her as she becomes increasingly agitated.

NOELLE: My dad and mom got into it. I'd been accepted into UCLA...I was...I was going to be a nurse. You know...follow my father's footsteps into the medical field like a trooper! And Mom comes back from the bank...and lo and trust was empty. The money we all thought was going to my education was going to you. Mom thought you'd taken enough from us when you took Blondie's from us...but nope. No, no,'d kept nickel-and-diming my father to death all these years, and guess what? This time his heart gave out.

Noelle stands up, leaning in angrily over Victor's bed. Her voice getting louder and louder as she gets increasingly emotional.

NOELLE: And I never saw my father again. And then his will had nothing for myself, or for my mother, and my mother has been struggling for years, and I had dreams, and I had goals and now we have NOTHING but BILLS and DEBTS and PAIN, and it's ALL because of YOU, VICTOR!

Noelle breathes for a moment, her body and voice trembling with rage as she looks at the man she holds responsible for her family's ruin.

NOELLE: So you ask me why I would marry into your family. I'll tell you why. I want what's mine. And if I have to use your nephew's son to get every PENNY you owe me, SO BE IT!

As Noelle shouts out in rage at Victor, Alex's voice calls out to her from the doorway.

ALEX: Noelle! What the Hell are you doing?!

Noelle turns to see a confused and angry Alex standing in the doorway, Noelle looks on, still shaking with rage.