Monday, August 1, 2016

DAYS #97: Roman comes home, Sami, Kate, and Gabi plot their next moves against Nick (07/01/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Marlena stands in Hope's house. Marlena is still pacing the living room, feeling the same sense of dread she felt earlier. Hope walks into the living room, a cup of tea in each hand. She offers one to Marlena, who kindly accepts.

HOPE: I figured you could use something to help relax you.
MARLENA: Thank you. You know, I should have thanked Rafe before he took off.
HOPE: Don't worry, I'll let him know. Besides, hopefully he can turn up some leads on where Roman is.

Marlena looks at Hope, a deep sadness in her eyes.

MARLENA: Yes. I hope so too. 

Hope puts her hand on Marlena's shoulder in comfort.

HOPE: I know what it's like...I mean...I know you've been divorced a long time but...those feelings don't go away. Especially when you don't know whether they're safe or not.
MARLENA: Yes, well...sometimes it takes something like this to remind you of those feelings in the first place.

As Marlena finishes her thought, the doorbell rings. Hope and Marlena jump at the sound, with Hope darting for the door.

Hope opens the door to find Kim, Lucas, and Roman standing at the door. Marlena looks on, and immediately begins to beam with delight and relief.

MARLENA: Oh my GOSH you're safe!

Marlena steps past Hope, Kim and Lucas to hug Roman, who stops a moment before hugging back. Kim, Hope, and Lucas look on with worried smiles.


Jordan and Jerome stand in Sheryl's office at the Titan building, shocked by the news Sheryl's just shared.

JORDAN: Did they seriously just say that? Like...just there, in the hall?

Sheryl stands behind her desk, still working away at her computer, glancing up at Jordan every so often with an annoyed look on her face. She responds sarcastically.

SHERYL: No, they said it in the men's toilets three stories up. I heard them through the radiator. Of course, they did in the hall, Jordan.

Sheryl's office phone suddenly rings, causing Sheryl to growl in irritation.



Nick is now stood in his lab coat, eyeing fluids in a test tube. He speaks to Sheryl via bluetooth as he carries on working on his "official" work.

NICK: (into phone) My God, are all the women in Salem on the same cycle this month?


SHERYL: (into phone) Don't even make those kinds of jokes, you little twerp. What do you want?


NICK: (into phone) To give you a head's up. I had an idea, I figured you'd wanna know...I think it's time we started to protest the oil project. We've put it off long enough.


Sheryl smiles, unsure how this bit of "kismet" has happened.

SHERYL: (into phone) Well, what a coincidence. I was just organizing one. In case you hadn't heard, your little corporate friends here are planning to start digging all around your British friend's property by the start of next week. Not to mention, I figure now's the perfect time to strike since a certain Victor Kiriakis is in hospital.


Nick sets the test tube over the Bunsen burner and smiles.

NICK: (into phone) Well, isn't that a coincidence! And..uh...yeah, I heard about ol' Vic earlier today, that's part of the reason I think now's the time to strike. Anyway, I'll pass that along about them starting the digging. I've uh...contacted the press already, so if you wanna rally your troops, we'll be down this afternoon at 2.


Sheryl gives Nick a wry smile, a sense of calm coming over her previously frustrated exterior.

SHERYL: (into phone) Good. We'll be on it. I should get going, we have a lot of work to do.


NICK: (into phone) Indeed. Talk soon.


Sheryl hangs up the phone and turns back to Jordan and Jerome.

SHERYL: And THAT, my friends, is proof positive that there is a God.

Jerome and Jordan stare at each other, confused.


Nick ends the call, before turning off the Bunsen burner in the lab. He turns to a concentrating Percy who is still sitting at the computer.

NICK: Right. I need you to head home right away. Nicole will be there with a camera crew for 1, the protest should be starting about an hour after that.

Percy slips the headphones off and looks up at Nick, hopeful.

PERCY: Fantastic, Nicholas. Uh, will you be coming along as well?
NICK: No, I uh...not right away, I have some business to attend to here. But I'll be along later on.
PERCY: Grand. I...I suppose I should be on my way then.

Nick checks his watch quickly, nodding when he sees the time.

NICK: Yeah, probably a good idea. Um...hey, look. Percy...if anything happens in the next day or so that the plan's going off course, don't worry. Everything's under control. We're gonna save your land, alright?

Percy looks on, at first concerned, then smiling.

PERCY: Of course, Nicholas. I do have to thank you for everything.

Nick puts a hand on Percy's shoulder.

NICK: Anytime.

Percy turns, heading out of the lab, leaving Nick behind. Nick's expression changes almost immediately. His face shifts into an almost maniacal smile as he walks over to his bag.

NICK: Of course, your land is the least of my concern. But you don't need to know that, Percy. Not yet anyway.



Sheryl steps back over toward the door of her office, stopping short of opening it, as Jerome interjects.

JEROME: Well, what happened?
SHERYL: That was Nick. Apparently he had the spontaneous idea to organize a protest today. Which means he's already contacted the press,

Sheryl points to Jerome, giving orders out like a drill sergeant.

SHERYL: ...Need to get to the University, get organizing the troops, and never show your face around this building ever again. It's not safe anymore. Any more contact between us is going to look suspect once you become the face of these protests, got it?
JEROME: Got it.

Jerome nods dutifully, as Sheryl pats him on the shoulder, motioning him out by opening the door.

SHERYL: I'll fill you in on where we'll connect going forward this afternoon, okay?
JEROME: Sounds good. I'm out!

Jerome shuts the door behind him, leaving Sheryl and Jordan behind. Sheryl looks to an ever-nervous Jordan. She grabs her friend's shoulders and rubs them vigourously.

SHERYL: Ohhh relax! Just think, once this is over and we can know who, we won't have to worry about anything. Hey, maybe you can take your cop boyfriend to Barbados with you. Haha!

Jordan looks on, unimpressed, and more worried than ever about what's to come.


Sami sits with Kate, and Gabi, who is bottle-feeding Arianna. Sami looks over at Kate, a pensive look on her face.

SAMI: Kind of off-topic, but have you spoken to Will and Sonny about the wedding yet?
KATE: Not yet. I wanted to throw some ideas their way, but I figured I'd leave them to handle it.
SAMI: Have you heard anything, Gabi?

Gabi turns to look at Kate and Sami, shaking her head.

GABI: No, I haven't heard anything at all. They've been mostly just been arguing the last couple weeks.
SAMI: Yeah, Will was saying...I uh...I was actually hoping to uh...well, I wanted to do something really special for it. Like...I'd love to have Eric do the ceremony, and maybe we'll have it as a huge celebration. Like...the social event of the year, you know?

Kate nods approvingly to Sami before responding.

KATE: It sounds great, you just need to get them to agree to it first.

Sami smiles confidently.

SAMI: Oh, I'm pretty sure I can. I have a way with Will.

Kate rolls her eyes a bit at Sami as she responds.

KATE: Ohh don't I know it.

Sami gathers her things quickly, excited to get started on the wedding plans.

SAMI: Look, I'm gonna take off, I gotta get started on wedding plans, and I got some things to take care of at work, so...I'll talk to you later on, okay? And Gabi...please, make sure you talk to Rafe. We wanna make sure this...Nick situation gets taken care of before it's too late, yeah?

Gabi nods in agreement.

GABI: Oh totally, I will.

Sami stands up from the table, her handbag on her arm, a broad smile on her face.

SAMI: Great. Let me know how it goes. OH! And before I go...

Sami pulls out a manilla envelope from her bag and hands it to Gabi.

SAMI: Look this over tonight, and I'll meet up with you tomorrow and tell me what you think, okay?

Gabi looks up, surprised, but takes the envelope from Sami.

GABI: I....sure!

Kate looks on, intrigued.

KATE: Well, what's this? Something for the wedding?

Sami smiles at Kate, trying not to let on, lest Kate get any ideas.

SAMI: It's kind of to the household, in a way. Anyway, excellent. I'll be really happy with what's inside.
GABI: Great, thanks Sami.
SAMI: No problem.

Sami turns to Kate, nodding while smiling her way.

SAMI: Kate. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Fingers crossed, guys.

Kate looks on, a bit suspicious, but willing to play along.

KATE: Indeed.

Sami quickly heads out of the pub, leaving Gabi and Kate at the table with Ari still in her high chair. Gabi looks Kate's way, a worried expression still on her face.

GABI: Kate, what happens if I tell Rafe and Nick tells him what we did at the river? I don't think I can do it.

Kate leans in, looking Gabi straight in the eyes as she speaks sternly at her.

KATE: Gabi, you have two choices. You can tell Rafe that Nick's using drugs and risk Nick telling the police what happened at the river, or you can do nothing and let him take over your life again. Either way, there's a chance you'll end up imprisoned one way or another, but if you say nothing, it's a guarantee. And you'll be stuck for the rest of your life.

Kate's words chill Gabi to her core, as her whole body tenses listening to Kate's warning.


Marlena guides Roman into Hope's house, as the others follow them inside.

MARLENA: Oh, this is such good news. We were worried sick.
ROMAN: About me?
HOPE: Of course. Roman, Marlena was inconsolable when you were missing. 

Kim chimes in, equal parts relieved and annoyed at her brother.

KIM: As was I. Roman, we're all really worried about you, even now.

Roman looks at Kim as he and Marlena sit down on the couch, a bit confused by the outpouring of concern.

ROMAN: Look, I'm fine. I...I don't know what came over me last night, but...I promise you, that's over with. I'm totally fine.
MARLENA: Well...that's what concerns us most. You've've been wandering in and out of this haze for weeks now. Your memories are fuzzy...and when we ran into you in Town Square last night, it appeared as though you didn't rememeber ever seeing Kim before in your life. 

Roman looks down, trying to process what Marlena's telling him. He sighs heavily before speaking.

ROMAN: Right. So what do you think is happening to me, then?

Marlena takes a moment, looking up at Kim.

MARLENA: Well...we were talking with Valerie about your situation and...she thinks it's an aggressive form of dementia. And after what I saw last night....I'm inclined to agree with her.

Roman looks up at Marlena, an intense fear in his eyes.

ROMAN: Wha...well...what are we gonna do about it, then? I mean...we gotta do something. I mean, Bo and Ma went to California and she's been doing great...

Marlena nods in agreement as Hope answers.

HOPE: Yes, she has. We might have to look into that.
MARLENA: We may. But for now, what's most important is to keep your brain active. Personally, I think that you need to keep working for as long as possible.
KIM: Are you sure that's a good idea?
MARLENA: I'm positive. Maybe on less intense duties, but the work will keep his mind active, which will slow down any deterioration that may happen.

Roman snaps, fed up of the conversation happening around him.

ROMAN: Dammit, why da Hell are you all talking like I'm not even in the room?! Why doesn't anyone ask me what I want?

Marlena stops herself, putting her hand in Roman's.

MARLENA: I'm sorry, Roman. I just think it's important that you keep yourself going as much as you can.
ROMAN: It's fine just...dammit, stop treating me like I'm incapable of taking care of myself. Alright?

Marlena nods solemnly a moment, before looking over at Kim. Kim looks back with a knowing look, almost prompting Marlena to continue.

MARLENA: I uh...Roman, while we're on the subject...I...I did want to ask you, if it makes things a bit easier, while we're sorting all this out, if you wanted to move into the penthouse with me.

Roman looks down at Marlena, stunned by her suggestion.


Nick walks into the DiMera living room, where Stefano waits, sitting at his chess table alone.

Upon spotting Nick, he looks up momentarily, before turning his attention back to his game.

STEFANO: I expect you have some good news for me?

Nick saunters over to the chess table, a wide grin on his face.

NICK: Oh I have more than that. I have everything going exactly the right way.
STEFANO: Good. Because we spent enough time messing about. It's time to take down Titan once and for all.
NICK: Well, see...that's the thing, we don't have to take Titan down at all...all we need to take over. And that...

Nick picks up the queen from his side of the chess board, and holds it up as he casually sits down across the table from Stefano.

He analyzes the queen for a moment, as he answers.

NICK: ...Is exactly what I intend to do.

Nick moves the queen across the table, knocking over Stefano's king. Stefano and Nick lock eyes in that moment. Stefano looks unimpressed, but Nick looks incredibly confident.

NICK: Checkmate.



  1. Wow what a powerful and meaningful ladt scene with stefano. Wow so nick is gonna take over titian? Heads r going to roll.

    Ive really come to enjoy sheryl.

    This was a huge step for roman. The issue is out on the table and its time to get was very nice of mar to offer her penthouse to roman. Im sure some old time memories will flood back.

    And poor gabi. What is a girl to do?

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  3. The Nick express has left the station. You can just sense that he's about to do some damage to the powers of Salem.

    Those scenes with Sami, Kate and Gabi. I was like "Damn Kate...give Gabi a way out.". Of course Kate is about self preservation more than anything.

    Sheryl is a bulldog but I think she's slipped because it didn't occur to her to question how Nick mentioned a protest the same day she planned one.

    And checkmate...loved that scene with Stefano and Nick. Nick is really smelling himself..

    And great writing for Romans condition to make Marlena realize how she feels about him...and now he's moving into the penthouse..

    Alex u have done it again. Great soap opera and a great episode