Friday, October 14, 2016

DAYS #101: Eric & Nicole's wedding hits a snag, Jennifer confronts Daniel about Billie (07/07/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Eric walks into the office at Salem Town Hall. Speaking to the desk clerk, a middle-aged woman with glasses on her face, clearly on a neck strap. Eric smiles excitedly.

ERIC: Hey! Uh, I had called before about obtaining a marriage licence for a civil ceremony later in the day?
CLERK: Oh…uh…let me have a look, we had some…server issues all day and it’s been a real mess…hey, aren’t you that priest I saw on the news?

Eric looks away, embarrassed and annoyed at being recognized yet again.

ERIC: Yeah…yeah, that’s me.

The clerk gives him a cheeky smile back, before turning to her computer, clicking and typing away to try to find the relevant info for Eric and Nicole’s nuptuals.
After a moment, the woman’s face scrunches up in frustration.

CLERK: (sigh) Ooookay. Brady was it?
ERIC: Yeah. Is…is everything alright?

Eric looks on, trying to get a glimpse of the woman’s computer screen, but without success. The clerk looks Eric’s way apologetically.

CLERK: So…I have some bad news.

Eric looks at the woman, stunned, and with increasing disappointment.

ERIC: What? What is it?
CLERK: Well, as I said, the server’s been acting up all day, and your request…well…it didn’t send until about a half hour ago, so…(sigh) I’m sorry, Mr. Brady, we won’t be able to get you and your fiancĂ©e married until tomorrow.

Eric looks on, stunned by the news, a disappointed look on his face.


Nicole looks at Sami, who’s sat by her desk in Nicole’s new office. She smiles and looks toward Abby.

NICOLE: I think I’m either dreaming, or I’m being set up. Sami Brady actually paid little ole me a compliment?
SAMI:  Oh come on, Nicole. I was being sincere.

Nicole smirks, rolling her eyes as she responds.

NICOLE:  For once.
SAMI:  Look, if you don’t want the job, I know a lot of folks who—
NICOLE: …Oh, come on, I never said that. And…yes…I…appreciate the kind words, strange as it is to hear them coming from you.

Nicole chokes on her words, looking away as she processes how surreal the situation is.

SAMI: There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?
NICOLE: You have no idea.

Sami gets up from her seat, as Abby hesitates, looking up at Sami expectantly.

SAMI: Well, look. I’m gonna leave you two to it. You have a lot to catch Abby up on with this story, and I know you’re gonna knock it out of the park. See you guys!
NICOLE: See ya!

Sami steps toward the door and heads out, leaving Nicole and Abby alone in the office together. Nicole looks at Abby, an awkward smile appearing on her face.

NICOLE: Heh, so...shall we get started?


Jennifer shuts the door to Daniel’s office brusquely, never taking her eyes off her mother and Daniel standing together, discussing her love life.

LAURA: Jennifer! Honey!
JENNIFER: Mother, can you let Daniel and I talk in private, please?

Laura looks over at Daniel, who looks back at Jennifer, just as fixated. Sensing the tension emanating from both of them, Laura backs away, nodding slowly as she capitulates to her daughter’s request.

LAURA: Sure, Honey. I’ll be in my office. Daniel, we can continue this later on?

Daniel looks at Laura after a moment, and nods.

DANIEL: Yeah, that’s fine.

Laura steps out of Daniel’s office, more worried than ever. She heads off down the hall, a sorrowful look on her face.

Inside, Jennifer continues to fixate on Daniel, a deep-rooted anger in her eyes.

DANIEL: Jennifer, I—
JENNIFER: No, no, no, let…let me speak. Okay? I don’t know what you and my mother are up to, and I don’t care. But it needs to stop. Because it’s hurting Billie. And if you care about her like I think you do, you’ll be honest with her, and with me.

Daniel looks on, confused as to what Jennifer’s talking about.



Nicole sits at her desk, opposite Abigail. She looks down at her tablet, highlighting something, before handing it over to Abigail. She smiles confidently at Abigail as Abby takes the tablet from Nicole’s hands and looks it over.

NICOLE: And that’s the clincher. EnerNext has been using exaggerated and possibly even completely falsified information to justify their oil sands project.
ABBY: Okay, so you want me to go to this protest today, and speak to the organizer, am I right?
NICOLE: Yes…should be some…students organizing it. I also need you to speak to Percy Ruggles. It’s his land that EnerNext wants to buy out. But look, if Nick’s there, and he probably shouldn’t, just tell him you’re my assistant. If he tries to start something, tell him to deal with me.

Abby looks at Nicole, a bit confused by her concerns about Nick.

ABBY: I don’t get it. Why is Nick going to cause trouble?

Nicole looks with uncertainty at Abby, unsure what to tell her, and certainly not feeling trusting of her as of yet.

NICOLE: Just…not important, he just can be…demanding at times when he’s passionate about something.
ABBY: Well, he should be the one who’s careful about this, really. I mean, doesn’t he work in the Titan labs?

Nicole becomes agitated as Abby presses about Nick. She tries to play it down, but isn’t overly successful, snapping at Abby.

NICOLE: Look, just don’t…(sigh)

Nicole stops herself, and starts to laugh a bit as she changes her demeanour, in hopes of calming herself down, and getting Abby off the subject of Nick.

NICOLE: You need to save that journalistic spirit for when you’re at the protest. Okay? I think you’ll be just fine without me. So…you think you’re ready?

Abby gets up from her seat, a bit nervous, but she nods in agreement.

ABBY: Sure, let’s do this!
NICOLE: Great! So…I won’t be able to take any calls until about 4, so when you’re done, just leave a voice mail and I’ll call you back as soon as I’m done my appointment, okay?

Abby nods, as Nicole walks her to the door of her office. Nicole opens the door, and guides her out into the hall. Abby turns before leaving, grabbing her phone so as to make a last-minute note as to where she’s headed.

ABBY: Got it. And this place is off…
NICOLE: …Lakeview Road at Route 203. Make a left and drive about five minutes.

Abby types the address into her phone, concentrating as she does. Then, looking up, she smiles at Nicole.

ABBY: Alright.

As Nicole goes to shut the door, Abby stops herself from leaving.

ABBY: Um….hey! Nicole.
ABBY: You know…I know this whole situation is…really awkward. Especially since I mean…your history with my mom and…all that…but…I really am looking forward to working with you. I mean…I’m sure you know…both my parents were journalists for a very long time, and…well…it’s really cool to be involved in the family business, I guess you could say.

Nicole smiles warmly, feeling sheepish for having been against Abby being hired as her assistant before.

NICOLE: Well…what can I say? I’m happy to have you on board.

Nicole extends her hand out to Abigail. Abigail shakes Nicole’s hand before setting off. Closing the door behind her, Nicole’s expression changes almost immediately to one of relief and self-satisfaction.

NICOLE: Bet you weren’t expecting THAT, were ya, Sami? Well, time to do the deed!

Nicole grabs her wedding dress from the hook behind her office door, when her cell phone rings. In a rush to get out of the office, she doesn’t immediately answer, but scrambles to find her things first.

NICOLE: Hold on! God.

Nicole grabs her purse after grabbing everything else. Inside her purse, she finds her phone. Pulling it out, she sees who’s calling on the screen.

It’s Nick, again.

Nicole rolls her eyes, as a knot develops immediately in her stomach.


Eric sits at Club TBD, trying in vain to reach Nicole, whose phone has sent him straight to voice mail.

ERIC: (into phone) Hey, Nicole! It’s me. Uh…I have to talk to you as soon as possible. Please call me before you head down to city hall. We’ve got a problem.

A voice calls out to him from behind, surprising him into turning around suddenly.

NOELLE: A problem? Well this sounds serious.

Eric looks up to find Noelle, followed by Alex walking his way.

ERIC: Hey! Fancy meeting you guys here!

Noelle leans over to hug Eric, as Alex walks up behind her. After Noelle and Eric hug, Noelle continues, as Eric looks on at both she and Alex’s closeness.

NOELLE: Well, you know…when in Rome…Alex and I figured we’d better get to know where all the best places to eat out are right away, refamiliarize ourselves with our surroundings.
ERIC: Makes sense. I’m guessing this is the lucky guy?

Alex smiles, reaching a hand out to Eric’s for a handshake. Eric reciprocates.

ALEX: The one and only. Alex Kiriakis.
ERIC: Oh yeah…you’re Justin’s son. I haven’t seen you in…GOSH, YEARS!
ALEX: Likewise, Man! How’s it been?

Eric looks on, trying to fake a smile, but utterly failing. He shrugs it off as he responds.

ERIC: It’s a long story.
NOELLE: So I hear. What…was that phone call about, anyway?

Eric goes to tell them, then remembers to err on the side of discretion, lest word get back to his family.

ERIC: I umm…just had an appointment fall through. It’s nothing serious.

Noelle and Alex look on…somewhat disbelieving Eric’s sudden air of nonchalance.


Laura closes the door to her office. Sighing heavily. She walks over to the phone on her desk, and calls out to JJ.

LAURA: (into phone) JJ…it’s your grandmother. (sigh) I think we need to really think about stepping back from this Liam stuff. I don’t want to put you in any danger….no, don’t…don’t worry about me. I’m going to make sure you and your mother are safe. At any cost.


Daniel looks at Jennifer, confused by her demands he stop hurting Billie.

DANIEL: Jenn, wh…what are you talking about?
JENNIFER: Come on, Daniel. Don’t play stupid. Billie came to my house last night, and she told me point blank that you still had feelings for me. She could tell, Daniel. You didn’t even have to say a word to her, and she can tell your feelings are split between her and me.

Daniel sighs, realizing what Billie’s getting involved in. His frustration with her disobedience is visible to Jenn.

DANIEL: (sigh) And? What did you tell her?

Jennifer looks at him, unmoved.

JENNIFER: I told her the truth. I told her that I would always love you, but that what we had is over, and that I’m happy with Liam.

Daniel shakes his head, trying to hold in his anger at Billie’s interference.

DANIEL: (sigh) I wish she hadn’t done that.

Jennifer snaps at Daniel, thinking he’s upset for other reasons, she chastises his selfishness.

JENNIFER: Well, too bad, Daniel! Do you honestly think that what you’re doing to her is fair? You’re using her as a means to escape your feelings for me, but it’s not working. And all you’re doing is hurting her, and me. And I won’t let you do that. 

Daniel tries to stop Jenn from continuing, but Jenn won’t have it.

DANIEL: Look, Jenn, don’t—
JENNIFER: No, stop! You don’t get to tell me what to do and what not to do anymore, okay? Not that you ever really had any right.
DANIEL: Jenn, it’s not what it seems—
JENNIFER: Oh come on! What does that even mean, Daniel? 

Daniel stops himself, realizing he’s digging himself into an even bigger hole the more he tries to explain, and lets Jenn finish, while he rubs the back of his neck with her hand in discomfort.

JENNIFER: Look, Billie has had enough to deal with lately with Theresa in hospital. She thinks of Theresa as a daughter, and she’s vulnerable right now. So don’t you dare tell me that things aren’t what they seem, or that…that she’s just insecure and imagining things. I see you here, with my mom, as though we’re all this one big, happy family. You, and JJ, and my mom have to get it through your heads. It’s over between us. I love Liam. And all your attempts to make him look bad are just going to blow up in your faces, because I know when I look at him that he loves me too. 

Jennifer sighs, coming down of the adrenaline of her rant at Daniel, she looks down and swallows hard. She barely looks Daniel in the eye as she turns toward the door.

JENNIFER: I just…I just wish you’d all be happy for me…now, If you’ll excuse me. I have paperwork to finish.

Jennifer rushes out of Daniel’s office, hoping to escape before she begins to cry. Daniel looks on helplessly from inside, wanting to call out to Jenn, but deciding against it. He looks defeated as he stands alone in his office.


Jerome walks into a room at Salem U. The room’s full of students milling about, chatting, and readying signs for the protest that afternoon. Jerome chats with them, before his phone begins to ring. He excuses himself and steps to the corner of the room.

JEROME: (into phone) Hey!

Sheryl stands in her office at Titan, pacing nervously as she speaks to Jerome.

SHERYL: (into phone) How’s it coming?

JEROME: (into phone) Okay so far…no sign of anyone from the press yet, but I figure they’ll come out when we out in the field.

SHERYL: (into phone) Right, well, you keep me in the loop. The protest should create enough of a distraction that we can figure out the weak spots in Titan’s security for tonight.

Jerome nods, despite Sheryl not being able to see him.

JEROME: (into phone) Copy. Is Fallon coming down for this?

SHERYL: (into phone) No idea. If he does, just play it cool. As far as he knows, everything is going exactly according to his plans. His surprise is waiting for him tonight.

Sheryl finishes her sentence with a devious smirk on her face.



  1. Wonder what the surprise is. I found it odd that your cliffhanger scene was a new scene altogether.

    I would have been so mad If I were Eric Just wanna snatch that clerk by the throat.

    Jennifer is so full of herself. I actually feel bad for Daniel but I know it's part of the story which makes it so rich. Jenn will be the one to have egg on her face when she learns Liam may be actually up to no good. Didnt Liam go meet some one recent;y by the way. WHo was that mystery person.

    I like the building to Eric and Nicoles wedding and kinda hope they make it....
    Good episode. Story moved

  2. Eric: Uh oh the server’s down. I liked that natural delay, and Eric and Nicole can’t get married without it. I’m expecting another interruption.

    Nicole/Sami: A humorous interaction between the two, and a step toward Nicole and Abby working together. Provided a lighthearted tone..until Abby started asking about her deliciously evil cousin Nick. He is such a source of contention for so many.

    Jennifer/Daniel: What’s her deal? Clearly she still has feelings for the doctor. Why does she even confront him about what Billie said to her? And for to mention her relationship with Liam, she’s seeking approval for it, so she knows it might not be what she really wants. As we know, it certainly isn’t what she NEEDS.

    The protest: It’s about to go down. Abby and Jerome are headed there. Sheryl has her “surprise” for Mr. Fallon. We will see.

    Good movement as these stories continue to move.