Sunday, June 26, 2016

DAYS #94: Will confronts Adrienne about Sonny (06/26/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Tyler sits at his desk at Titan, filtering through paperwork studiously, as he gets a call on his office phone. He answers promptly.

TYLER: (into phone) Yes?...Certainly, send him in.

Hanging up, Justin enters Tyler's office, a sombre look on his face.

TYLER: Justin! Good to see you!

Justin looks on, surprised by Tyler's chipper behaviour. He gives a half-hearted smile as he responds.

JUSTIN: haven't heard the news yet, have you?
TYLER: What news is this?
JUSTIN: (sigh) Victor's in hospital...he had a heart attack last night.

Tyler looks up shocked by Justin's news. Justin holds up his hand immediately, reacting to Tyler’s shock, hoping to reassure him.

TYLER: He's what??
JUSTIN: Don't...don't worry. It was minor, he'll be out of hospital in a couple days.

Tyler, still in shock, takes a moment and nods, looking away from Justin. Justin, meanwhile, steps forward, ready for business.

JUSTIN: Look, in the meantime, I'm going to be stepping up and taking care of some business affairs for ol' Vic while he's incapacitated. And hopefully, we won't end up letting the oil sands project crumble before our very eyes.

Tyler looks up at Justin, his mind elsewhere, but he nods dutifully in agreement.


Sheryl sends a text message off, while standing in an impatient Jordan's suite at the Salem Inn.

JORDAN: Who are you texting?
SHERYL: It doesn't matter. Come on, let's go to the office.
JORDAN: Wha...wait, I haven't even put my face on.

Sheryl walks casually toward the door, motioning Jordan to come along.

SHERYL: Do it in the car, come on. We have important business to deal with.

Jordan scrambles to grab her makeup and shoves it hastily in her purse, before coming to catch up with Sheryl.

JORDAN: Have you ever poked yourself in the eye with a mascara brush?
SHERYL: Yes, and I lived to tell, now come on.

Sheryl pulls Jordan into the hallway, closing the door behind them. Jordan looks on confused.

JORDAN: What is the hurry, we have all day.
SHERYL: I like to get our business out of the way as early as possible, and we can't do it in your suite. Now, let's go.

Jordan rolls her eyes, as Sheryl steps over toward the elevator. Jordan locks the door and follows Sheryl around the corner.


Will sits in the hospital lounge, next to a sleeping Sonny. Sonny's head lies on a pillow, while Will sits by his feet. They looks cozy, though Will is too deep in thought to sleep. He thinks back to his encounters with Alex, and the sexual tension between them. He stops after a moment and thinks back to Adrienne's words at the Kiriakis dinner.


Adrienne leans in close to Justin again, her one finger raised to make her point to Justin. She speaks softly but firmly.

ADRIENNE: If it isn't Alex, it'll be some other guy. He's Sami Brady's son in every. Single. Way.


Will snaps out of his thoughts a moment when he hears footsteps at the door. It's Adrienne, looking on with sadness at the scene before her. Will turns to look over, causing Adrienne to step back. Will holds up his hand to stop her. Speaking softly so as not to wake Sonny up, he gets up to speak to her.

WILL: No, no. Don't leave. Come in.

Adrienne shakes her head, still backing up.

ADRIENNE: No, no, I don't wanna cause any more troubl--
WILL: You're NOT. Seriously. I actually really want to talk to you.

Adrienne looks confused at Will, as Will looks behind him, seeing Sonny lying dead asleep.

WILL: Let's...let's go out in the hall, maybe?
ADRIENNE: Uh...sure?

Adrienne is taken by the hand by Will, who guides her out to the waiting area in the main room of the hospital floor.

Once sat down, Adrienne immediately launches into a pleading speech to appeal to Will's mercy.

ADRIENNE: Look, Will, I really didn't mean to cause so much trouble at Victor's--

Will holds up his hand to motion Adrienne to stop.

WILL: You don' don't have to explain yourself. I understand what you're worried about. And, in fact...I spoke to Sonny...and I asked him to give you another chance.

Adrienne looks confused. She starts to smile, but is afraid to get too excited.


Will smiles at Adrienne. Nodding his head as he continues.

WILL: Oh, absolutely. He agreed that he...was way too hard on you, and...he's acting emotionally right now. He didn't mean to be so harsh with you.

Adrienne smiles, relief clear in her eyes as she begins to tear up, grateful for Will's selflessness.

ADRIENNE: I....(laughs) Oh my God...thank you, Will! Thank you so much!

Will smiles broadly, keeping a very cool presence, as he watches Adrienne's gleeful release. Adrienne gives Will a warm hug, trying to hold back her tears. 

After a moment, she releases Will from her embrace, and he continues, a changed look in his eyes.

WILL: I wouldn't thank me just yet, Adrienne. I didn't do this for you. Frankly, you're the last person whose feelings are of any concern to me whatsoever.

Adrienne's face drops, as Will's earnestness washes away, his smile belying his much darker truth. 

Adrienne looks stunned, while Will maintains his pleasant smile, though his eyes stare sharply into Adrienne's.



Kim stands before Lucas and Roman at Club TBD, hands on hips, and an angry look on her face, as they look on, stunned up at her from their seats.

ROMAN: I...hi...
KIM: Oh NOW you recognize me! Roman, Marlena and I have been worried sick!

Roman tries to cool Kim down, to no avail, as she sits down beside her brother, grabbing him for a hug. He resists, but she jumps, shocked by his cool skin.

LUCAS: Yeah, I uh...I found him lying in the bush in the park around the corner from Town Square.
KIM: Oh my God, Roman!
ROMAN: Look, I'm...okay now. I just....I need to warm up a bit.

At that moment, T passes with coffee for Lucas and tea for Roman.

ROMAN: Thanks.

T looks over at Kim, a smile on his face as he speaks to her with his usual professional charm.

T: And for you, Ms. Brady?
KIM: Mmm, a coffee would be nice, thanks.
T: On it's way!

T walks away quickly as Roman sips his tea slowly, feeling the warmth fill him up. He shivers a moment as the disparity in temperature hits his system.

KIM: Look, thank you, Lucas, for finding my brother, but...why didn't anyone call us? Did you JUST find him??

Lucas stirs awkwardly for a moment, as he looks Roman's way.

LUCAS: I uh...
ROMAN: I asked him not call you two. I didn't wanna worry you all any more than I already had.

Kim sighs, more than a little frustrated by her brother.

KIM: Even with these memory lapses, your stubbornness remains.
ROMAN: Dammit, Mary, how would you know?

Lucas and Kim both look at Roman, puzzled.

KIM: Mary? Roman, I'm your sister Kim. heard T call me Ms. Brady. I...

Roman looks down into his cup of tea, more frustrated than ever. He starts to move, causing Kim to get up from her seat in the booth.

KIM: Where are you going, Roman?
ROMAN: Don't worry, I'm just going to the bathroom.

Kim looks on, a real worry painted on her face, as she turns toward an equally concerned and confused Lucas.


Justin sits down in front of Tyler's desk, pulling his tablet out of his briefcase, as he begins to discuss business affairs.

JUSTIN: So I spoke with real estate. They say there still hasn't been any movement on Percy Ruggles' land, though that might not be the problem we initially envisioned.

Tyler looks at Justin, somewhat confused.

TYLER: According to whom?
JUSTIN: Tyler, that's why we hire experts for this kind of thing.
TYLER: Okay, I'm going to stop you right there. I've been in this business my entire life, and my father before me, and I know enough to know that a plot of land like Percy's is invaluable to a project like this.
JUSTIN: But it's not imperative right now. Here's what I'm getting at. If we can get a start on this project now, with the land we DO own, it will start to drive the wildlife away from Percy's land, and you know how that ol' kook is mad about the owls. His incentive to stay in his little cottage drops, along with the value of the land. So he's forced to sell before he loses his shirt. BAM! That's when we swoop in. Problem solved.

Tyler ponders Justin's point a moment, before nodding.

TYLER: But is it enough land to even begin the project?

Justin shrugs casually.

JUSTIN:I don't see why not. Trust me on this, I used to run a construction company. There's usually a way.

Tyler looks on, smiling widely at Justin's idea.

TYLER: Tell me something, why didn't I confer with you before about this?
JUSTIN: Couldn't tell you, man!

The two men share a laugh as they continue their meeting.


Sheryl walks briskly over toward her office in the Titan Building, Jordan following quickly behind. Jordan, still objecting to their hurry, is a bit more than annoyed by the proceedings.

JORDAN: I hope you realize I had the entire day off today, so we didn't have to race over here for 8:30am.

Sheryl stops, looking incredulously at Jordan.

SHERYL: And risk everyone in the world being in the office already so they can hear all about what we're doing? How did I end up partnering with someone this brain dead before her first coffee?
JORDAN: You’re just that lucky, I guess.

Sheryl's eyes narrow, darting in disdain at Jordan's remark, as she open the door to her office, and she and Jordan step in.

Jordan immediately closes the door behind her, as Jerome rounds the corner. The door slamming in his face, Jordan carries on.

JORDAN: Alright. What's this oh-so-important business we have to discuss so badly before the entire world wakes up?

Jerome opens the door at that moment, smiling widely as Jordan turns around, shocked and annoyed.

JEROME: Whatever it is, can I join in?


Adrienne sits, stunned as Will looks at her, with an intensity she's unaccustomed to.

WILL: See...I don't want to see my fiancĂ© hurt any more than you do. And I think you need to understand...I think not having you in his life...and in my daughter's life, it would hurt them. And that…would hurt me.
ADRIENNE: Of course, I mean...I want to be there for him--
WILL: ...But I also want you to be around so that you can see how important Sonny is to me. I want you to see the look on his face, and on my face when we exchange our vows, Adrienne. I want you to understand how important those vows are to me and how seriously I am going to take them.
Adrienne trembles, feeling a sense of fear she never expected to feel interacting with Will.
ADRIENNE: I'm sure you'll...your intentions will be--
WILL: ...My intentions? My intentions are to remain the loving, dedicated husband of Sonny Kiriakis til' death do us part. I want my daughter to have the love of ALL her parents, and to have a strong family unit, one that stands by each other and doesn't deceive each other or go behind each others' backs to get what they want.
ADRIENNE: Will, I understand that, I know you didn't have that growing up, I--

Will's intensity intimidates Adrienne more and more, as he continues to speak quietly, but the shaking in his voice increases, as he speaks more and more emotionally.

WILL: ...And I do not intend, nor do I have any expectation of repeating my mother and father's mistakes...whether you want to believe that or not.
ADRIENNE: I know, I...I'm sorry.
WILL: Good. Now, I will welcome you into our home, and in my daughter's life, but just remember...

Will leans in very close to Adrienne, anger evident in him, but his cool exterior remaining all the while.

WILL: If you do anything to try to manipulate Sonny, or to try to stop this wedding...all bets are off.

Will smiles again, widely and almost menacingly, as he gets up from his seat. He leaves a shaken Adrienne behind as he walks away. Before going too far, he stops, and looks back Adrienne's way.

WILL: I'm going to check on Maggie. I'm glad we had this talk, Adrienne.

Will walks away, leaving Adrienne feeling dejected, and terrified. She breathes heavily, worry painted on her face.



  1. oooooh...Will.(I'll get to that in a moment)...

    Mary? Roman is really losing his it a brain tumor? Who knows? Whatever it is, he's reaaaaaally

    The beat of Jordan and Sheryl and meeting Jerome. It's about to go down....yesssss

    FINALLY..Will, the main storyline of the episode. I FELT his iciness toward Adrienne when he leaned in and whispered to her. He drew the line in the sand, and Adrienne tried to back track. She didn't expect to see this side of him, but I like how you wrote it. Will has an edge to him that he didn't have on TV.

    ANOTHER GREAT ONE!!! Stories are moving...

  2. Now who is mary to roman? Kim had to have been devastated to hear her bro call her the wrong name. Lucas couldnt wait to tell kim where roman had been

    Jordan and jerome nem
    A big move is about to happen i can just feel it.

    Will was catty with adrienne. He is so wrong knowing he is lusting after alex. Yet blackmailing adrienne. Go change ur panties will i vant stand u.