Monday, July 4, 2016

DAYS #95: Nicole preps for her wedding, Jordan, Sheryl, & Jerome plan their attack (06/27/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nicole rolls over in bed, looking over to a sleeping Eric. She smiles at him lovingly, feeling grateful for the presence of the man she loves so much.

While she looks at Eric, she thinks back to her exchange with Nick after Nick found the documents Nicole had hidden linking Kristen and Dr. Ckyka's drugs to Eric.


Nick leans on his desk in the Titan lab, casually, as Nicole stands, angered, with arms crossed in front of him.

NICK: Don't worry about that part. I'll handle it. You just stick to building a case against Titan and EnerNext, and keep building community resistance against it. I'll handle everything else.

Nicole shakes her head at this entire scenario with disbelief.

NICOLE: And I'm supposed to what? Trust you?? Really?

NICK: If you do the right thing? Absolutely. Nicole, you can help a lot of people with this. All kinds of people who don't have a voice right now. And you can do this and have everything you want in your life. Eric, the respect of the journalistic community, a fantastic career. I will make sure you can have those things. But you have to do exactly what I ask of you. Or else...

Nick points towards the door Percy walked out of.

NICK: ...your future ends here. It's up to you

Nicole snaps out of her trance, shaken yet again by Nick's machinations.

NICOLE: So much for all that. If I don’t get out from underneath that narcissistic little worm, he’s gonna own my ass for the rest of my life.

Eric stirs, having been awoken by Nicole's talking to herself.

Opening his eyes, he smiles at Nicole.

ERIC: Good morning.

Nicole smiles back, a warm, loving look in both their eyes.

NICOLE: Good morning. Did you sleep well?

Nicole leans in and pecks Eric on the lips, as Eric smiles back, he nods slowly.

ERIC: Yeah, I did. And you know what else.

Nicole rests her head on her hand, scooching in close to Eric, intrigued by what he's going to say.

ERIC: I had a fantastic idea while I was dreaming.
NICOLE: Ooo, sounds exciting. Tell me, tell me, tell me!
ERIC: What if you take the afternoon off, and you and I...go to City Hall HERE to get married?

Nicole looks at Eric, worried by his suggestion.


Jordan turns around to see Jerome standing in the doorway of Sheryl's office at Titan. Jerome smiles and waves casually at Jordan and Sheryl.

JEROME: Morning, Ladies!

Jordan looks back at Sheryl, disgusted that the wool was pulled over her eyes so easily.

JORDAN: This?? This is why we came here? I should have known you'd try to pull something like this--
SHERYL: What choice did I have, Jordan? 

Jordan is stopped in her tracks by Sheryl's interruption. Sheryl stands, an icy stare directed at Jordan, with her arms crossed. She walks toward Jordan with a casual intensity that makes Jordan nervous. Sheryl nearly hisses her next words out.

SHERYL: You know, every time we start on a project, you and your little...romantic entanglements seem to get in the way somehow. And I don't know if I like it very much.
Jordan folds her arms, finally standing up for herself.
JORDAN: Oh, MY "romantic entanglements", hm? I should ask you what all this stuff with Lucas is about.
Sheryl nearly laughs in Jordan's face.
SHERYL: You KNOW there was a reason for that. We had to get close to the bigwigs in the company. This was a way to get the inside track. Besides, we had a little fun along the way.

Sheryl gives a wry smile as she looks away from a confused Jordan, as Jerome raises a finger, chiming in.

JEROME: So...when we're all done with our little...powwow here...when we gone get to actual business?
JORDAN: As soon as I figure out why the hell you're here at all!

Jerome steps back dramatically, pretending to be taken aback by Jordan's snapping at him.


Gabi sits at the Brady Pub, her baby carriage parked next to her booth while she sips coffee, awaiting Kate.

Kate walks into the room, smiling as she steps over to Gabi.

KATE: Good morning! I hope you slept well because we have important business to get to.
GABI: Slept as well as I could. Ari was up a few times crying out for Sonny and Will last night.

Kate looks at Gabi, a worried look on her face.

KATE: They weren't home?
GABI: No! They had gone to Victor's for a family dinner, I guess to...celebrate their engagement and then....

Gabi pulls the newspaper out of her purse, dropping it on the table in front of Kate. The headline reading:


Kate looks on, stunned by the news.



Kim looks at Lucas, concern plain on her face. Lucas picks up on this immediately and tries to cool her nerves.

LUCAS: Look, I'm worried about him too, but...if it makes you feel any better, he seemed to me to be pretty lucid once we got him warmed up.
KIM: Yeah,'s not that I'm worried about. He seems to go in and out of these....spells. Marlena's not even sure of what it is.

Lucas looks at Kim, incredulous.

LUCAS: What? I mean, it's obviously some kind of...dementia or...something. I'm just...I'm just surprised it's hit him so hard, out of the blue.
KIM: Yeah. You and me both.

Kim pauses a moment before thinking of a solution.

KIM: Hey, Lucas. Umm...I just...I had a thought...if you could help me take Roman to Hope's...Marlena's there and...well...maybe we could finally get this whole ordeal over with.
LUCAS: Yeah! Sure, I'd be happy to help.

Roman walks back over to the table, ready to sit down.

ROMAN: Well, I'm hungry. Who wants some breakfast?

Lucas looks up, then at Kim, wondering who should take the lead here. After a second, Lucas starts.
LUCAS: Uh...Roman...I actually...I gotta head into work, but...I can drop you off somewhere. Or maybe take you and Kim?
KIM: I was going to visit Hope. I know she has the day off.

Roman takes a moment to think, before nodding slowly.

ROMAN: Yeah. Yeah that's fine. I have some things to ask her to do over the weekend anyway, so...
KIM: Perfect. Let's go, then.

Kim puts her arms around her brother's waist as they head out. Kim turns her head back toward Lucas and mouths "thank you" to him. Lucas nods in reciprocation.


Gabi continues discussing the previous night's events to a stunned Kate.

GABI: So they were at University Hospital all night with Maggie and the family.
KATE: My God, a heart attack?
GABI: Apparently it was minor, but...they just have him in an induced coma for the time won't find that in the paper, Sonny called me earlier.

Just as Gabi finishes, Sami arrives, a serious look on her face.

SAMI: You heard about Victor too, hmm?

Kate looks up at Sami, still a bit taken aback by her ex-husband's health woes.

KATE: Yes, I just heard. I...I mean I can believe it, he's certainly no spring chicken but...
SAMI: Yeah, I was pretty surprised too.

Sami looks over at her granddaughter in the stroller in front of her. Her face lights up upon seeing her.

SAMI: Oh my GOODNESS! Who's this??? Good morning, Arianna!

Gabi smiles, watching Sami play with her daughter, before looking to Kate, inquisitively.

GABI: So...what are we all meeting for? I thought we sorted everything out yesterday.
KATE: Not quite. I asked Sami here because Sami needs to know exactly what your plan is to take down Nick, or else he's going to put all three of us in jail.

Gabi looks at Kate with surprise.


Maggie sits by Victor's bedside at University Hospital, the grief on her face as he lies in his coma. She watches him wordlessly, and solemnly, only disturbed by the sound of the hospital room opening. Will pokes his head inside.

WILL: Hey Aunt Maggie.

Maggie turns to see Will, and smiles, reaching out her hand for his. Will steps into the room and takes Maggie's hand, sitting down next to her. She holds her smile through her tears as they both look on at a peaceful Victor.

MAGGIE: He's gonna be okay.
WILL: Daniel gave you an update?

Maggie nods. She breathes a sigh of relief as she carries on.

MAGGIE: He did. Apparently the heart attack was minor and he just needs to take it easy for the next few months.
WILL: Well, that's not gonna be easy with everything going on at Titan right now. Who's he gonna have help him?
MAGGIE: Well...he has Tyler, and Justin...though I'm not sure how Victor will feel about Justin handling his affairs right now, what with them at each other's throats about the EnerNext project.

Will nods in understanding. He puts his hand on Maggie's shoulders.

WILL: I'm going to do everything I can to help. And if you need anything, I'm always there for you, okay? Me and Sonny.

Maggie smiles even more broadly as she looks lovingly at Will.

MAGGIE: Thank you, Will.

Maggie and Will share a warm hug, before Will gets up from his seat.

WILL: Speaking of EnerNext...I have to get to work. I'll be back at the hospital a bit later, I'll see if I can have Gabi come by with Ari, maybe they'll help...I dunno...improve the mood around here. Heh.
MAGGIE: I'd like that. Thanks again, Will.

Will looks back at Maggie as he stands at the door.

WILL: No problem, Maggie. I'll see you later.

Will opens the door, exiting the room, leaving Maggie behind as she turns back towards her ailing husband. A few more tears roll down her face as she speaks to her husband.

MAGGIE: Your nephew is going to marry a wonderful young man, Victor. I know you'll be very proud.

And when you wake up, I am going to make sure that you live your best life every day.
Maggie takes Victor's hand in hers, squeezing it tightly.

MAGGIE: I'm not going to lose you, Victor. I can't.

Maggie tears up as she holds Victor's hand, raising it to her mouth and kissing it gently.


Jerome laughs at Jordan's histrionics, shaking his head at her.

JEROME: You know, you really got to calm down, you're stressing yourself for nothing.
JORDAN: Nothing, eh?
JEROME: Yeah, nothing. I'm just here to help you guys get this whole EnerNext business over with, and get them to stop drilling for oil in old man Percy’s backyard. Why is that such a problem?

Jordan rolls her eyes, knowing that's not the whole of it. Jerome continues as Jordan turns away from him.

JEROME: Look, let's get down to this, okay? I gotta get moving. It's a busy day.
SHERYL: Yes! Finally, someone's talking some sense around here. Now!

Sheryl leans against her desk as Jordan and Jerome pull up chairs around her desk. She commences as though giving a presentation.

SHERYL: First thing's first. We know, in order to take down EnerNext, and Titan, before they can destroy the entire city's environment with oil production, we have to have a subtle plan of attack that will not go detected. That...

Sheryl extends her hand toward Jerome, looking at Jordan the entire time.

SHERYL: ...Is where Jerome steps in.


From the Countess W lab, Percy steps into the lab with two cups of coffee, one for himself, and one for Nick, who sits in front of his laptop, headphones on, listening into Sheryl, Jordan, and Jerome's meeting with a wide smile.

Percy steps toward Nick, who laughs to himself, shaking his head at their plan. He places the coffee in front of him, prompting Nick to jump a bit.

NICK: Oh! Thanks, Percy.
PERCY: I presume Miss Connors and Miss Ridgeway are setting everything in motion right now?
NICK: Ohh yes they are. And it sound amazing.

Nick smiles as he slips the headphones back on, his smirk never leaving his face.


Sheryl continues, blissfully unaware that she's being spied on from within the building.

SHERYL: Jerome has prepared a virus for us that will, as I told you before, give us hundreds of terrabytes of information about Titan and EnerNext's inner workings, all the dirty little secrets they have, and access to their assets and holdings. Once we have that data, the system will immediately infect and corrupt all the files in that section of their server. It works quickly and silently, bypassing all of the company's firewalls, as though it were working from within.

Jordan and Jerome sit, listening intently to Sheryl carry on. She walks around to the other side of her desk, sitting down at her executive chair.

SHERYL: Once the entire system is corrupted, we expose the inner workings of Titan's shady deals, and make off with all the money. And disappear.

Jordan looks on, in confusion.

JORDAN: Well, do they not trace it back to us? I mean...
JEROME: Trust me. I've tested this software quite a few times before I brought it to Sheryl. No one even knows it's running until it's done. It's totally undetectable.

Jordan raises her eyebrow, still unconvinced.

JORDAN: And what about Nick?
SHERYL: Nick Fallon is a non-factor. Because we can mask this file to appear as though it's originating from any computer, all we have to do is set it to appear as if it’s running from his laptop. As long as he's connected to the Titan server, we're all set to go.

Sheryl smiles as she looks Jordan straight in the eyes, catching Jordan slightly off-guard.

SHERYL: I told you he'd make a great fall guy, didn't I?

Jordan looks worried now, she starts to raise her voice, almost in panic.

JORDAN: Well, then why would we have to leave Salem?

Sheryl and Jerome roll their eyes, Sheryl throwing her hands up at Jordan.

SHERYL: Here we go again.
JEROME: Why would you wanna stay?
JORDAN: None of your business!

Sheryl gets up from her seat, frustrated and steps toward Jordan angrily.

SHERYL: Jordan, you can't stay behind unless you want to get caught. Because I am directly linked to you. And how long before even the idiots at the Salem PD put two and two together and figure out you're really Kaylie Matthews from Mississauga?

Jordan looks away, annoyed at the knowledge that Sheryl is probably 100% right. Sheryl walks past Jordan, breaking her intense glare with Jordan as she heads for the door.

SHERYL: You need to get over this little fantasy you have of happily ever after with Rafe, Jordan. It's never gonna happen.

Jordan sits, taking her glasses off as she starts to tear up, realizing the inevitability of the end of her relationship.


Nicole stirs as she gets out of bed. Eric walks back into the room, putting his cell phone down.
Eric turns to face Nicole, a smile on his face.

ERIC: Well, Daniel's good for 2pm. Did you get ahold of Chloe?

Nicole is distracted with worry, and barely hears what Eric has to say. After a moment, she snaps out of her thoughts and replies.

NICOLE: Oh...uh...yeah. She...thankfully she had today off so she'll be here around 1.

Eric notices Nicole is less than enthused in her response. Worried, he walks over to Nicole, who is still sitting at the edge of the bed.

A worried look on his face, he wraps his arm around her, prompting her to lean into him.

ERIC: You sure you wanna do this?
NICOLE: I am...but I...I just worry that this isn't the best place to do it...I mean...Eric, what if Sami or Roman or Marlena find out about this? I mean...they're gonna be livid...
ERIC: And that's exactly why we're doing this in a hurry. Look, I told you, this isn't going to be the big, romantic ceremony as of yet. We have time to get married on our own terms, our family, our friends, the big wedding...but...let's get the legalities out of the way first and we can deal with our families later.

Nicole nods, understanding Eric's idea.

NICOLE: I get it. I’m just really worried.
ERIC: Well, don't be. It'll be just fine.

Nicole smiles weakly as she stands up, heading for her drawer.

NICOLE: I'm gonna have to get ready for my...half day of work.

Nicole turns to face Eric, a cheeky smile on her face.

NICOLE: Should I wear white?

Eric and Nicole share a laugh as Eric shakes his head.

ERIC: Naaah, you'd never pull of the innocent virgin look.

Nicole gasps in mock-disgust.

NICOLE: That's it! The wedding's off! (laughs) Maybe I'll just wear red to spite you.
ERIC: (laughs) Okay. You take care of that. I'm gonna head off to get everything ready.
NICOLE: Sounds good. I'll call you when I'm heading out.
ERIC: Perfect. I love you.

Eric, grabbing his jacket, leans over to Nicole to give her a kiss before he heads out to sort out the final wedding details. Nicole and he linger in their kiss a moment, breathing in the moment for as long as they can. Once their kiss ends, both smile with satisfaction in their eyes.

NICOLE: Love you too.

Eric closes the door to Nicole's bedroom and heads out. Nicole, left behind smiles happily, with a slight sense of worry in her eyes.

She turns to face the mirror in the bedroom, putting the red dress she's taken from the closet up against her. She looks up from admiring the dress, and sees Sami standing behind her, a focused, enraged look in her eye.

She shrieks, as she turns around in a panic.



  1. Oh shit. Sami glares down Nicole. I know this is about to erupt in a catty festival. Nicoles secret is eating away at her. She did what she did but mayb eric will understand. I wish nicole the best of luck.

    This episode made very clear what exaclty are the stakes from each side of the enter next. Jordan nem. Nick and nem then titian it self. Very dynamic and complex story and i cant wait to see how it plays out. The most intresting thing is all the side shit and enemies nick has. I wonder if that will come into play.

  2. oh yep...I liked that last scene. Your stories are moving. This EnerNext has been building from the beginning and I am loving it. Nick is listening to EVERYTHING, and he heard Jordan's true identity. ANd Yes, Jordan is on my nerves with her whining. She's not focused on the goal. It's really a testament to your writing. You write Jordan so well that she gets under my

    Just when we settle things down, Kate reminds Gabi of the business at do we take down Nick?

    Nick is public enemy number one and a number of people are gonna be gunning for him.

    The Kim/Lucas/Roman, Eric/Nicole, and Will/Maggie dialogue balanced the episode well, and at the same time, all stories moved.

    Your stories are going to explode once we get to the climax, and I am excited to follow every beat until that time. GREAT EPISODE

  3. LOVED that ending..a cliffhanger to the next episode...

    Jordan is getting under my skin. Constantly complaining and whining. It's really a testament to how well you write, and how well you write her.

    I enjoyed that scene with Jerome, Jordan and Sheryl. It's time to get down to business...and to compound it all, Nick heard EVERYTHING. Just gathering so much dirt on them. He knows who Jordan really is now. And I'm sure he's going to use it to his deliciously evil benefit.

    Kim/Roman/Lucas, Will/Maggie, and Eric/Nicole scenes provided a lighter mood to the episode, which to me helped to balance it.

    Kate/Gabi/Sami are finally going to attempt to align on how to stop Nick from blackmailing them about what happened at the river. Nothing but trouble is going to come out of this. I know you are going to rock it.

    I'm loving seeing how your plan is coming together so nicely. Beats are being played right up until the big explosive event. LOVE IT...KEEP IT COMING!!