Thursday, January 19, 2017

DAYS #107: Gabi calls Sami and Kate to a meeting (07/15/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

AbigailDeveraux_zpsf4740a23.png EJDiMera_zps2818b82d.png
Abigail stands in Nicole's office at WXIR with her cameraman. She is surprised as she's just heard a voice from the doorway, and looks over, stunned by EJ's arrival.


EJ looks at Abigail, smiling warmly at her as he stands expectantly in the doorway.

He steps into the room, and motions to the cameraman.

EJ: Would you mind if I spoke with Ms. Deveraux alone?

The cameraman nods obediently, heading immediately for the door.

CAMERAMAN: Oh! Certainly, Mr. DiMera.
EJ: Cheers.

The cameraman stops just at the doorway and turns to tell Abigail something.

CAMERAMAN: I'll be in the editing suite if you need me.

Abby looks over at the cameraman and smiles.t

ABBY: Okay, sounds good. Thanks again!

As the door shuts behind him, EJ steps in closer to Abigail. His demeanour changes immediately to a serious one, which is offputting to Abigail.

ABBY: So....EJ, what did you need to talk to me about?
EJ: You and I need to have a chat about your little adventure in Italy.

Abigail looks at EJ seriously, she folds her arms in discomfort.


Gabi sits at the apartment, bottle feeding Ari, when the doorbell rings. She puts Ari in the basinette, before walking over to the door.

GABI: Just a second!

Gabi walks over and opens the door. It's Sami.

SAMI: Hey! Gabi!
GABI: Sami! Just who I wanted to see!

Sami looks on, surprised, as Gabi moves out of the way so Sami can step inside.

SAMI: Oh! Well...great! Uh...are Sonny and Will here?
GABI: No, Sonny's at the hospital checking up on Victor, and Will's just finishing up at the office. Did you want a coffee or something?

Sami closes the door and takes a seat in the easy chair, Gabi comes around and sits on the sofa, after pouring herself a cup. Sami looks over into the basinette and says hello to Ari.

SAMI: No, no thanks. Well HELLO Arianna!

After Sami finishes with the baby, Gabi sets her coffee down and looks at Sami seriously. Sami looks curiously back.

SAMI: So did you go over the papers I gave you? What did you think?
GABI: Well...I don't know if you're trying to get us all thrown in jail, or if you're just trying to throw me under the bus, but it stops right now.

Sami looks on, aghast at Gabi's accusation.

Aiden Jennings sits at his desk, reviewing a case file when he gets buzzed by his secretary outside his office. He picks up his office phone.

AIDEN: (into phone) Yes?
SECRETARY: (on phone) A Nick Fallon to see you.
AIDEN: (into phone) Send him in.

Aiden gets up from his desk, as Nick steps into the room, a mischevious smile on his face. Nick approaches Aiden's desk, hand outstretched in preparation for a handshake.

NICK: Mr. Jennings.

The two men shake hands firmly as Aiden responds.

AIDEN: Mr. Fallon. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Nick sits casually down at Aiden's desk, the smug, satisfied smile quickly becoming his trademark on his face.

NICK: I think it's time we gave our dear friend Eric Brady a nice little wedding gift.

Aiden looks confused at Nick, who stares back, smiling evilly.



Sami looks on, confused by Gabi's accusation. She takes a second before repsonding to Gabi.

SAMI: Gabi, what are you talking about?
GABI: Oh come on, Sami. First Kate makes me an offer to model for MadWorld, and now you're offering me about 50% more to go to Countess W. This reeks of the exact same kind of crap Nick was doing behind my back the last time, remember? Except now, he's starting a bidding war between you and Kate.

Gabi gets up from her seat upon hearing the doorbell ring again. She walks over to the door as Sami looks over at her, stunned.

Gabi opens the door, Kate is there.

KATE: Gabi! I got here as soon as you called.
GABI: Great! Come in!

Sami looks on, still in shock at what's just been revealed to her.

SAMI: I'm sorry, what? Kate already made an offer to you for MadWorld.
GABI: Mmmhmm! So, would either of you like to explain to me then exactly what's going on, and how Nick ties into it, because I know for a FACT it's him who's behind it.

Kate and Sami look at each other, stunned.


Aiden looks confused at Nick, who sits opposite him at his office desk.

AIDEN: Somehow, Nick, I don't see a flash drive, a small leather box, and an envelope with a single sheet of paper inside as being a particularly grand gesture.

Nick chuckles before responding, he gets up from his seat and leans on Aiden's desk, his casualness confusing Aiden even further.

NICK: Ahhh Aiden, you have absolutely no idea how grand this gesture really is.

Nick turns back around and begins to pace Aiden's office, again to Aiden's chagrin.

NICK: See, that flash drive has all kinds of information, and really valuable stuff on it that I think will be so...

Nick is hit by another headache at this moment, but he tries to hold it in as he finishes his thought.

NICK: ...pertinent.

Nick spins around, masking his increasing pain as he walks back toward Aiden.

NICK: I don't think he'll be able to resist. And also, we're clear, we're only presenting the flash drive and the envelope. The flash contains just a tiny little....smidgeon of the info that's in that box, so...I'm going to be holding onto that box for myself, you see.

Aiden nods, increasingly curious as to what Nick is alluding to.

AIDEN: I see. So would you rather I send a messenger to deliver it to Mr. Brady or...
NICK: No, no. I want you to hand deliver it to him tomorrow evening. I am almost 100% certain he will be at Nicole Walker's residence for the evening, but if I find out differently, I'll be sure to let you know.

Aiden looks at Nick, more puzzled than ever.

AIDEN: This sounds like something that's time sensitive.
NICK: It is. I can't really say more than that.

Aiden nods in understanding, before continuing his thought.

AIDEN: No, that's fine. Without getting into details about it, then...should I contact Mr. Brady myself and try to arrange a meeting point?
NICK: Absolutely not. Leave all that to me. You just deliver the goods to Eric Brady when I give the go-ahead, and where.

Aiden nods silently, as Nick looks back at him, an almost crazed level of intensity in his eyes.


Abby stands in her office with her arms folded, looking irritated and uncomfortable around EJ.

ABBY: There's nothing to talk about, EJ.
EJ: Yes, there is still. We need to be absolutely clear on this: you cannot tell anybody about your baby.
ABBY: EJ, I wasn't planning on it. I'd rather forget that I even gave birth in the first place, let alone that I gave the baby up for adoption to a couple I never got to meet.

EJ looks down as he sits down in the chair in front of Abby's desk. He leans in and speaks gently to her.

EJ: I am sorry about that. I did think it was best though that we kept the arrangements of the adoption as impersonal as possible. I felt it would be less painful for you.

Abby cuts EJ off, an embittered tone in her voice.

ABBY: Don't you think you should've let ME decide that? It was my baby too, EJ. All I know is that an American couple with a good home in the country adopted my baby, I didn't get to speak with them, I didn't get to meet them, nothing.

EJ nods sheepishly.

EJ: You're right. But I couldn't let anything happen to jeopardize our plan. Too many people would get hurt if they knew about the baby.

Abby looks off, distantly, as though she's barely listening to EJ anymore.

ABBY: I know. I remind myself of that every day.
EJ: I know it mustn't be easy for you. Believe me, it's hard enough on me.

Abby nods, trying to find something to distract herself to mask her anger and upset.

ABBY: Yeah, have your other have Sami. And I....have work, so...if you don't mind.
EJ: Abigail.

Abby sits down at her desk, before looking up at EJ.

ABBY: Yes?
EJ: I'm sorry.

Abby nods, looking away from EJ to try to keep from crying. She barely chokes out a response.

ABBY: So am I.

EJ steps out, as Abby tries to hold in her tears. Once he's out, she sits in still silence, tears forming in her eyes.


At a cabin far outside Salem, a baby lays in his crib, gurgling. A woman we can't identify plays with him, as, in the background, Liam steps toward the door.

LIAM: If there's anything you need, just call.

Liam smiles as he steps out the door, before turning back.

LIAM: I'm glad you're home.

Closing the door behind him, Liam breathes in the crisp winter air, as he texts Jennifer.

ur place 4 dinner 2nite? txt me

He smiles to himself as he walks down the front steps of the cabin towards his car and gets in.


ValerieGrant_zps9f113e79.png MarlenaEvans_zpse1672a6b.png
Valerie sits in her office at University Hospital, as Marlena pokes her head in. Valerie looks up, and smiles.

VALERIE: Marlena! Hi, darling, come on in!

Marlena smiles half-heartedly as she steps into Valerie's office, Valerie gets up and hugs Marlena.

MARLENA: Ohhh thank you for seeing me.
VALERIE: Anytime for you. I'm actually glad you stopped by.

They separate from their hug and take seats on either side of Valerie's desk. Marlena looks on surprised.

MARLENA: Oh? Is it about Roman?
VALERIE: Yes. (sigh), I'm assuming that's what you wanted to talk to me about?

Marlena's face drops as she looks down, concern now plain on her face.

MARLENA: Yes...I uh...Roman was out all last night, he had a huge lapse in his memory and...he ended up spending the night in the park.

Valerie looks on, aghast at Marlena's news.

VALERIE: In this weather? Marlena, it's so cold out this time of year!
MARLENA: I know. Lucas Horton managed to find him and brought him to Club TBD to warm up, thankfully, but...Valerie, he's off again working the EnerNext protest as we speak. I'm...I'm worried he's in over his head, so I need to know if you found....anything in his medical history that would give some small clue as to what's going on.

Valerie draws herself up, visibly uncomfortable having to say what she has to say.

VALERIE: Well...I guess this leads into what I was going to tell you....I wish I could tell you anything about Roman's medical history, but I can't...because before doesn't exist.

Marlena looks at Valerie, stunned by the revelation.



  1. This episode connected well...Along with the action.

    GABI/SAMI/KATE: Meeting of the minds who let Nick drown in the river. Now he's trying to pit them all against each other. They're a force when they work together...And they figured out Nick is pulling the strings...Watch out Nick.

    NICK: oh so evil...And his little delivery that is about to be made to Eric...Oooh...Again u make him human with his headaches...Love what u are doing with this character..

    ABBY/EJ/LIAM/WOMAN WE CANT IDENTIFY YET: Loved the emotion and juxtaposition of these two scenes. EJ and Abby talking about their baby, then switching to the baby...Fills us right in on the story...Brilliant...To be continued

  2. And the cliffhanger...Valerie discovering Roman's medical record or lack thereof.. which thickens the plot...

    You are on fire

  3. A great episode. Very focused and the best part of this ep was Abby. I had totally forgot Abby went to Italy to give birth to Ejs baby and now its was given up for adoption and now some how Liam is involved with that and some woman is helping him. I was shocked by that.I feel bad for Abby. I don't know if EJ is really sincere in his apologies. I know in time this little baby secret will come out. Such a juicy story. A Horton and Dimero baby. All hell is going to break loose. Alice is rolling in her grave at the nasty shit Abby has done.

    I can't wait to see what Nick has in store for Brady. I bet it has something to do with Nicole. His headaches are getting worse. I bet that is going to climax soon. I love to hate Nick. Can't wait to see what he does next.

    There are no records for Roman prior to 1997. Now that is weird. THis is a new mystery I assume and can't wait to see where it leads. I know it should draw in marlena and Roman even closer. Speaking of those two where has john Black been?

    Great episode Alex