Monday, January 30, 2017

DAYS #108: Billie and Lucas trick Sheryl, Brady needs driving lessons (07/16/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Lucas walks over to his office desk at Titan and picks up the phone. A heavy look on his face, he frets about his sister's plan to plant a bug in Sheryl's office. He dials the extension to Sheryl's office.


Sheryl, in her own office, fixated on her computer, stops and picks up the ringing phone on her desk.

SHERYL: (into phone) Sheryl Conners.


Lucas answers sternly, trying (and failing) to feign enthusiasm.

LUCAS: (into phone) Sheryl! It's Lucas.


SHERYL: (into phone) Lucas! Hey, babes. How are you doing?


LUCAS:  (into phone) Fine. Look, I...uh, needed to see you when I had a chance, could you possibly meet me in my office a minute.


Sheryl raises an eyebrow at this, taking on an alluring tone on the phone with Lucas.

SHERYL: (into phone) Oh, I see. Well, it's a good thing too. You left something behind last night at my place.


Lucas cringes slightly at Sheryl's obvious attempts at seduction, replying in a cold, but polite manner.

LUCAS: (into phone) Oh, great. Can you be here in five and bring it with you?


Sheryl, put off by his aloof response, shifts in her seat, her face suddenly frowning in confusion.

SHERYL: (into phone) Sure. I'll be there.

Sheryl hangs up the phone, and, getting up from her seat, she takes her blue blazer off and rests it on the back of her office chair. She walks out of her office.


Lucas hangs up his office phone and sits down at the edge of his desk. He texts Billie immediately.

ready to go shes heading up now

Lucas looks up, a concerned look on his face.

LUCAS: (sigh) Oh Billie. This better work.


JordanRidgeway_zps956gtxca.png RafeHernandez_zpsjumsi5bu.png
Jordan stands outside Rafe's loft, having knocked on the door. A bright smile is on her face that she's trying to mask as the door opens. As the door opens, she turns quickly to face Rafe, and immediately leans in to kiss him. Rafe is pleasantly surprised by Jordan's arrival and wraps his arms around her as they kiss deeply in the doorway.

RAFE: This is a surprise.
JORDAN: (giggles) You have no idea.

Jordan lets go of Rafe and steps into his loft. Rafe, still smiling, closes the door and walks over toward a positively giddy Jordan, who plops her purse down on the sofa.

RAFE: So what's got you in such a good mood?

Jordan tries to calm herself down before giving Rafe her news, her hands shake in excitement.

JORDAN: I...I...ahah, oh my God, I have some news for you. And I're gonna be really excited.

Rafe looks at Jordan, unsure what to make of her demeanour.

RAFE: Heh...okay. Go ahead.

Jordan takes a moment before she speaks, trying to contain her excitement.

JORDAN: I did a test today....and....we're pregnant.

Rafe looks at Jordan, stunned by her news, Jordan studies Rafe's face to see whether he's excited or disappointed.


BradyBlack_zpsiwirr5fg.png AnitaHernandez_zps1xcybcbv.png
Brady sits on the sofa at Anita's cabin. He quietly reads a book  near the crackling fire as Anita walks in carrying a tray with hot chocolate on it.

Brady looks over and smiles at the elderly woman.

ANITA: I figured you could use something to keep you warm.

Anita sets the tray down on the old oak chest she uses as a living room table. Brady eagerly grabs the hot chocolate from the tray.

BRADY:  That sounds actually really good.

Anita sits down and looks at Brady, a motherly concern on her face.

ANITA: You know, Brady. You've healed up very well here...physically, I mean. And I'm really pleased to see your progress, and you've been a real help to me out here...
BRADY: Anita, it's no big deal. Trust me, you've helped me do a lot of healing.
ANITA: I'd like to keep doing that, Brady. You've been troubled since I found you. Now...I have no idea what happened to you before I found you washed up on the shore all those months ago...but I think you should try to talk about it with me. It might help you.

Brady looks away, frustrated by Anita's prying.


MarlenaEvans_zpse1672a6b.png ValerieGrant_zps9f113e79.png
Marlena sits across from Valerie at Valerie's desk at University Hospital. She's stunned by Valerie's news about Roman.

MARLENA: I'm sorry?
VALERIE: Roman Brady's hospital records prior to 1997 have completely vanished. I have absolutely no idea what's happened to them.

Marlena looks down, in disbelief at what she's hearing. Valerie looks at Marlena, a concerned curiosity on her face.

VALERIE: Marlena...did something happen to Roman that year that was at all...significant?

Marlena looks at Valerie, dead seriously. An intense look in her eyes as she responds.

ROMAN: Yes. We thought Roman was dead...Kristen DiMera brought him back the night John and I were going to be married.

Marlena flashes back to that day, his bandaged face.



Marlena breathes in deeply, realizing suddenly the possibility that something's been amiss all this time.

MARLENA: Oh...oh my Lord.

Valerie looks on, puzzled by Marlena's reaction.



Marlena paces Valerie's office as Valerie gets up from her seat, a deep concern on her face as she walks away from Valerie.

VALERIE: Marlena...what is it?

Marlena takes a moment and turns around to face Valerie. She stutters as she tries to repsond to Valerie, still stunned by all the new information coming her way.

MARLENA: Valerie...di...(sigh) say there was absolutely no record whatsoever for Roman Brady prior to 1997?
VALERIE: Well, no. I pulled up John Black's file and found some records in his folder also marked Roman Brady for the years 1985 through...
MARLENA: ...1991. We...initially thought John was Roman...Stefano...he led us to believe that Roman and John were the same person.

Valerie looks on, understanding the situation a bit more clearly.

VALERIE: Oh. I see.

Marlena steps back toward Valerie's desk, an intense look in her eyes as she looks down at the floor, weighing the situation.

MARLENA: And nothing from Roman's childhood?
VALERIE: No. That's what I found so odd. There isn't a single record anywhere in Roman's folder from before 1997, and nothing in the new database to suggest that Roman was even born at this hospital.

Valerie stops for a moment, as Marlena's face doesn't change, and she continues to look away. Valerie steps over to Marlena, putting a hand on her friend's shoulder.

VALERIE: Marlena...what happened when Roman came home in 1997? Is there some kind of connection between Kristen bringing him home and his records disappearing?
MARLENA: That's what I'm starting to think. When Roman came back, his face was...bandaged up. He didn't look like the man who left Salem a couple years before. I refused to believe that was him.
VALERIE: ...Marlena...are you starting to think that the man that's been living as Roman all these think that he may not be Roman Brady?

Marlena's focus suddenly crystallizes, she turns to look at her friend, a confused, and petrified look on her face.

MARLENA: I don't know...I don't know what to think.


Sheryl walks out of her office, heading for the elevators up to the executive floors at Titan.

After a moment's wait, the door for the elevator going up arrives and Sheryl steps on. The door closes behind her. As the door to her elevator shuts, the elevator heading down stops on the same floor and the door opens.

Billie steps off that elevator, purse in hand and looks around carefully. Observing she's alone, she takes her pumps off, and shoves them in her purse, trying to unzip, then zip the bag as quietly as possible.

Looking around cautiously as she steps around the corner toward Sheryl's office, she observes the coast is clear and approaches Sheryl's door. She steps up to the door, and, as slowly and gently as she can, Billie opens the door a crack, observing the lights are off, Billie opens the door and sneaks in, turning the light on as she shuts the door behind her.


GabiHernandez_zpsigybxlfp.png SamiBrady_zpsnmhy3uly.png KateRoberts_zpsac4681d4.png
Gabi stands, hands on her hips, looking annoyed at a shocked Sami and Kate, who sit around her coffee table in her apartment. Sami reaches down and looks at the contracts on the coffee table, both addressed to Gabi.

SAMI: mean we both were asked to offer Gabi a modelling contract?
KATE: Evidently. And he threatened to expose us if I didn't make sure you signed with us.
GABI: So, obviously, we know what's going on. Nick's trying to start a bidding war to pit the both of you against each other and potentially implicate both of you in trying to drown him.

Sami and Kate look at each other, stunned by how easily they were both duped.

SAMI: Alright, ladies. Now that we know what's going are we gonna get the jump on Nick Fallon?


Rafe stands in his living room, in disbelief after the news that Jordan's pregnancy test. He looks at Jordan and struggles to say anything to her for a moment.

RAFE: Jordan, this is...
JORDAN: It's fantastic news, isn't it?

Rafe looks at her, smiling for a moment before pulling her into an embrace. He looks deep in thought before having a moment of realization and pulling Jordan abruptly out of the embrace.

RAFE: My mom, she...ohhh she's gonna have something to say to me about this...

Rafe begins to pace the room, as Jordan looks at him, a bit concerned.

JORDAN: Well, Rafe, I mean...your mom will understand, I're a grown man.
RAFE: Yeaaah it's not that easy. She's ah....a bit of a traditionalist, and...

Jordan steps toward a pensive Rafe, putting a hand on his shoulder as he looks away from her.

JORDAN: ...And she won't be happy that you're having a baby with a woman you aren't married to. Am I getting warm?

Rafe takes a moment before a smile appears on his face. A moment later, he turns to Jordan, a certain excitement in his voice.

RAFE: ...I got it.
JORDAN: You got what?

Rafe leans in excitedly, pulling Jordan in close and gives her a quick kiss. And then another, and another.

RAFE: I got it, I got it, I got it!
JORDAN: WHAT?? What is it?? (laughs)

Rafe puts his jacket on, beaming as he answers Jordan.

RAFE: You'll see.
JORDAN: Well, wait, wait wait wait!
RAFE: What??

Jordan steps toward Rafe, and takes his hands in hers.

JORDAN: Look, I just...I want to be absolutely sure of this before we make any big moves so...I'm gonna pop into the hospital and make an appointment to get a proper pregnancy test, you know, just in case.
RAFE: Good idea. Look, how about I meet you at the hospital in about an hour and a half?
JORDAN: Alright.

Rafe and Jordan lean in to kiss each other, and then Rafe steps out of his apartment, followed by Jordan. After he locks up, he kisses her again.

RAFE: Congratulations, honey. You're gonna make a fantastic mother.
JORDAN: Thank you, Rafe. I love you.
RAFE: I love you, too. See you in a bit.

Rafe and Jordan kiss again as Rafe heads for the elevator. Jordan turns the other way from Rafe, smiling widely with excitement.


Brady sits, stonefaced on Anita's couch, staring ahead silently for a moment near the crackling fire, before Anita speaks up, breaking the tense silence.

ANITA: Brady...I think you need to talk about what happened the night of your might help you to--
BRADY: ...No, it won't! There's no point dredging up the past.

Brady cuts Anita off, quickly getting up from the sofa and walking toward the door. Anita looks on in shock.

ANITA: Brady! Where are you going?

Brady grabs his coat from the coat rack by the door of the cabin and starts to put it on as he answers Anita's question, a certain coldness in his voice.

BRADY: I'm going to take the truck out to the gas station. See if I can get some more marshmallows for that hot chocolate.

Anita starts to get up from the sofa, struggling a bit as Brady steps out the door, closing it behind him.

ANITA: Brady! Brady, wait!

As the door slams shut, Anita's left behind, worried about Brady's state of mind.


Liam drives towards Salem, down a gravel road. It's close to dusk, and the light outside is getting increasingly dim. He sets up his bluetooth to through the in-car stereo to call Jennifer at the hospital.

The phone rings through the car stereo.

JENNIFER: (over the stereo) Jennifer Horton.
LIAM: Jenn, it's Liam.


Jenn sits at her desk at University Hospital, all smiles as she speaks to her beau.

JENNIFER: (into phone) Liam! It's good to hear your voice. Is this about dinner tonight?


Liam shouts over the sound of the gravel under his tires.

LIAM: Yeah, babe. I'm ah...I'm just heading home now, I should be back in about half an hour. I'll pick you up from the hospital, that okay?


Brady drives down the gravel road on his way off of Anita's property. By now, the light of dusk has dimmed tremendously, and Brady struggles to see, even in the heightened view from his older SUV.

Still somewhat upset by the events of a moment ago, Brady is slightly distracted and nearly veers off the driveway, quickly correcting his path immediately thereafter.

BRADY: Woah! Brady! Focus...focus...

Brady approaches the end of the driveway, fumbling with the headlights on the older vehicle.


Jenn notices the background noise on Liam's phone call, and strains to hear him.

JENNIFER: (into phone) Yeah, Liam. The Hospital's fine...where ARE you?


Liam shouts over the sound of the gravel road beneath him so Jenn can hear him on the phone.

LIAM: Just had to make a detour at a gas station in the country, that's all.


Brady turns on the switch for the truck's high beams as he approaches the turnoff to the county road, not slowing down as he approaches the turn-off.

The SUV juts out into the intersection as Liam's car passes, causing Liam to swerve suddenly to avoid hitting Brady's car.


Jennifer hears the commotion from the scene and is immediately frantic.

JENNIFER: Liam?? Liam? Are you okay?


Liam swerves violently,as he's about to be hit by Brady's large older SUV. Brady's headlights shine brightly into Liam's car, momentarily blinding Liam as he looks up at Brady's car, shouting out in panic.



  1. What fukking straight man makes a special trip just for marshmallows LMAO. I found that to be so funny.

    A great episode and a very busy one as a lot is happening. Lets get started.

    I love this new twist with Roman Brady and the video link did it all for me. I remember that scene. This is such a great story or mystery and I really cant wait to see where it goes, coupled with Roman is losing his mind. Sheer Awesomeness.

    Back to Brady though, does he have amnesia and why is he so reluctant to remember the past.

    I can't imagine where this twist will go Liam and Brady colliding. We had a car crash here in Salem and Bay City. I must be missing something.

    Jordan's scene with Rafe was very nice. Im kinda rooting for them.

    A good episode as a lot was happening. I couldn't wait to get to the next scene. Good job AL!

  2. So this is the one I

    Things are picking up fiercely.

    MARLENA/VALERIE - They are starting to put two and two together. As I read this, the mystery deepens for me and I want to know more about it. What happened to Roman's records? Does Kristen have something to do with Roman's records disappearing? Keep this up. I'm excited to see where this one is going.

    RAFE/JORDAN - Although I know where this is going, I still enjoy the set up. These two are excited that they will be having a baby. I like to see how you are playing the happiness between them.

    BILLIE/SHERYL/LUCAS - A short but poignant and relevant scene as Billie heads to Sheryl's office. The action moved.

    ANITA/BRADY - My my Anita is awfully pushy about what happened to Brady the night of his accident. I wonder what her angle is. Why is she so intent on helping Brady?

    SAMI/KATE/GABI - The triad of Salem needs to pull all of their resources to neutralize Mr Clever himself Nick Fallon. Always loving the scenes between these three.

    JENNIFER/LIAM - Liam is in an accident (although I already know what happened after lol). Can't wait to see this play out also.

    GREAT EPISODE..Good read and great action..