Tuesday, February 7, 2017

DAYS #109: Brady and Liam's near-miss, is Billie busted? (07/17/14)

Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Brady, driving down Anita's country driveway, turns on the switch for her old SUV's high beams as he approaches the turnoff to the county road, not slowing down as he approaches the turn-off.

The SUV juts out into the intersection as Liam's car passes, causing Liam to swerve suddenly to avoid hitting Brady's car.


Jennifer, attempting to talk to Liam on the phone from her office at University Hospital, hears the commotion from the scene and is immediately frantic.

JENNIFER: (into phone) Liam?? Liam? Are you okay?


Liam swerves violently, stopping while barely avoiding being hit by Brady's large older SUV. Brady's headlights shine brightly into Liam's car, momentarily blinding Liam as he looks up at Brady's car.

Brady looks back, stunned by the near-miss accident, before Liam quickly puts his car back in gear and zooms off. Brady's left stunned in his truck a moment, before taking a deep breath and turning onto the same road in the opposite direction.


Jennifer's voice calls out frantically through Liam's car speakers. Liam catches his breath enough to respond now.

JENNIFER: (through speakers) LIAM???
LIAM: Jenn! I'm here! I'm fine, just....nearly got hit, some jackass came out of a driveway out of nowhere...I'm fine.
JENNIFER: (through speakers) Okay good...


Jennifer leans on her desk as she speaks to Liam, feeling somewhat relieved.

JENNIFER: (into phone) Oh Thank God. I'm just glad you're okay. So...you said about a half hour?


LIAM: Yeah, about that. I'll see you then, Jenn.


Jenn, now relaxed enough to smile a bit, sighs before she responds to Liam.

JENNIFER: (into phone) Will do. Love you.

As she hangs up, a familiar voice calls out from behind her.

ABBY: Well I hope you also have some time to give a bit of love to your daughter?

Jennifer smiles as she turns around, glowing as she turns, arms open wide to greet Abigail.

JENNIFER: Always, sweetheart. In fact, you're just what I needed right now.

The two embrace warmly, a smile on Jennifer's face, though a more troubled look on Abby's.

ABBY: Same here, Mom. Same here.


Jordan steps off the elevator at University Hospital, and walks over to the nurses' station. Maxine greets her with her usual enthusiasm.

MAXINE: Jordan, honey! You look fantastic. Is that some kinda glow I see in your eyes?

Jordan laughs at Maxine's observation. She smiles warmly as she responds to Maxine.

JORDAN: Ohhh, I'm pretty sure you're onto something there. I'm actually here to book a pregnancy test appointment.

Maxine's face lights up at this news, she leans in and speaks a bit softer, but with an excited tone.

MAXINE: You and that fine police officer are gonna have a baby?

Jordan tries in vain to contain her excitement, giggling as she replies to Maxine.

JORDAN: I did a home test this morning (giggles) It was positive so...just coming in to make sure, but...yeah. The signs are there.
MAXINE: Well, I'm just thrilled for you, honey. I'll get you in with Dr. Jonas immediately if I can...you got time? I can get you in before dinner time.
JORDAN: The sooner the better.

Maxine steps away to book the appointment, while Jordan beams, impatiently waiting for Maxine to make the arrangements.


Sami sits on Gabi's sofa at her apartment, while Kate sits on the easy chair at the other end of the coffee table from her. Gabi paces back and forth behind the sofa, as they try to formulate a plan to beat Nick at his own game.

SAMI: So Nick demanded we both offer Gabi a modelling contract, and made sure we didn't let her get away...so who should put in the winning bid?
GABI: Well, Nick works for Kate...so it's probably wise to make sure I sign with Sami, just so I can keep distance from him at work.
KATE: Probably for the best. The less potential for interaction he has for you, the better.
SAMI: Alright. I think we should offer Gabi a few counteroffers to throw him off the trail a bit, make it look more like we're really fighting over her.

Kate nods in agreement with Sami.

KATE: Absolutely. I can get that drawn up for you tomorrow, there's a lot going on tonight at the office.

Sami looks at Kate, intrigued.

SAMI: Really! How'd you manage to tear yourself away then?
KATE: I ALWAYS make time for family, Sami. You should know that.

Sami smiles, tilting her head to the side as she responds sardonically to Kate.

SAMI: Oh, do I ever.

Gabi plants her hands down firmly on the back of the sofa to get Sami and Kate's attention.

GABI: We're getting distracted. Now...what happens when I make the official announcement?

Kate looks up at Gabi, confident of her handle on the situation.

KATE: Simple. We stand back, and wait.

Gabi and Sami look back at Kate, a lot less confidently than she is.



Brady opens the door to Anita's cabin, a shopping bag in his hand. He pulls his jacket off, putting it back on the coat rack, while Anita sits on her easy chair by the fire, sipping another cup of hot chocolate.

ANITA: Brady! I was worried about you. I heard screeching tires at the end of the road, are you alright?
BRADY: Yeah! No just some...guy was driving down the road and I...I guess it's been awhile since I've been driving...didn't expect to see anyone out there. We didn't crash or anything, so...
ANITA: Well, that's good.

Anita puts down her cup and gets up, heading Brady's way. She takes her reading glasses off, letting them fall down around her neck as the neckstrap keeps them from falling to the ground. She folds her arms, uneasy about bringing up their previous topic. Brady, meanwhile, determined to avoid the subject, flashes a smile as he pulls the marshmallows out of the shopping bag.

BRADY: I got the marshmallows!

Anita is unmoved, and responds with a serious tone, which displeases Brady.

ANITA: Brady...we need to finish our conversation from earlier.
BRADY: (sigh) I'd rather not.
ANITA: Well, sooner or later, you're going to have to. Look, I know you don't want to right now, but if you ever want to go back to the life you had in Salem, and give your friends and family peace of mind? You're going to have to take that step and talk about what happened to you.

Brady looks down, knowing Anita's advice is sound, but not wanting to admit it. He looks at her, but can't keep eye contact, trying to hold himself together.

BRADY: I'm gonna make another pot of hot chocolate.

Anita stands back as Brady walks off toward the kitchen, saddened and frustrated by Brady's bullheadedness.


Abby sits in Jennifer's office with her mother, talking about her first day working for Nicole at WXIR.

JENNIFER: So do you think it all went well then?
ABBY: Yeah...honestly, I have no idea whether or not Nicole's gonna like my work or not, but...well...seems she and I are getting along okay.
JENNIFER: Yeah well, Nicole's still a viper if you get on her bad side. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Abby and Jenn share a laugh, as Abby nods.

ABBY: No, I know. So far, we have an understanding, but I'm definitely not gonna push my luck. This is too good an opportunity to follow in parents' footsteps.

Jennifer smiles, as she grabs Abby's hand in hers gently from across her desk.

JENNIFER: Your dad would be really proud of you, Abby. You have to know that.

Abby smiles warmly at her mom, as she squeezes her mom's hand.

ABBY: Thanks, Mom. It means a lot to be able to do it, even if I got flung into it by Sami.
JENNIFER: Well...Sami seems to know where your strengths lie, and I guess you proved yourself to her with whatever you did on your trip. I just wish you felt you could tell me you were going, I was worried.

Abby begins to feel uncomfortable with this line of questioning and pulls away from her mom, as she shifts in her seat. Getting up, she begins to walk away from her mom, holding herself uncomfortably.

ABBY: (sigh) Look, Mom...that was not up to me at all. I promise. It was all...confidential deals and...it was all last minute. I had absolutely no control over any of it. I'm sorry. I should've said something, but...it was...really stressful.

Jennifer gets up from her desk and walks over to her daughter. Holding her arms as she attempts to comfort Abby.

JENNIFER: It's okay, Abigail. It's just that...motherly concern...you'll know what I mean one day.

Abby looks up, trying desperately to hold her feelings in, and her secret.

After a moment, she turns around, faking a smile.

ABBY: Uh...hey...let's check on Aunt Maggie, shall we?
JENNIFER: Yeah! That's a great idea. Come on.


In the main hall of the hospital, Laura stands talking with Maggie, holding Maggie's hands in her own.

LAURA: Maggie, listen...Daniel is going to make sure Victor makes a full recovery. He'll wake up very soon. I know he will. And if you need anything at all, just let me know.

Maggie looks at Laura, teary-eyed. She squeezes Laura's hand as she responds.

MAGGIE: Thank you, Laura. Honestly, having the family around has been such a huge help.
LAURA: I'm sure it has.

As Maggie continues, Jennifer and Abby come out into the main hall, and Laura looks over to them to get their attention.

MAGGIE: I don't want to take anyone's time, but it's been a huge help having you here and...

Maggie's distracted by Laura looking over at Jenn and Abby, but just before Laura's able to catch their eyes, the elevator door opens, and Liam emerges. Both Maggie and Laura look over as Jenn runs over embrace her lover, and Abby follows her slowly over, a smile on her face.

Maggie looks back to Laura, who glares at Liam, a look of anger and fear on her face. Maggie is immediately worried for Laura.

MAGGIE: Laura...what's wrong?

Laura, in her rage, shakes, and doesn't answer Maggie, simply glaring at Liam, who is hugging Jennifer tightly, a big smile on his face.


Jordan sits on the exam table waiting for Daniel to return. She recalls all the warnings Sheryl gave her previously.



Jordan glares at Sheryl, folding her arms in discomfort.
JORDAN: Sheryl, you know how much I wanted another baby. I gave up my chance the last time, but I am NOT going to pass up the chance to be a mother this time. Not when I could be happy with a man I love. With a baby. A career where I can actually help people. You know that’s important to me.
Sheryl snaps back at Jordan, irritated by her sudden attack of domesticity.
SHERYL: And impossible! You are a wanted woman.
JORDAN: Kaylie Matthews is a wanted woman.
SHERYL: YOU are still Kaylie Matthews, and the ISA and the Salem PD are going to figure that out VERY shortly.

Jordan looks down, arms still folded in discomfort as she tries to hold herself back. She sighs heavily, as she wordlessly listens to Sheryl’s emphatic words.

SHERYL: We are THIS close to taking down the EnerNext oil sands, Jordan. We are SO DAMN close to saving this town from a lifetime of cancer, of disease, of pollution. You wanna help people? Help us bring Titan and EnerNext down. Because you aren’t going to be able to help them from a jail cell.
JORDAN: I’m not going to jai—
SHERYL: …Like hell you’re not!


Jordan snaps back to reality, as she hears Daniel enter the room. She looks up, a smile back on her face as she awaits the news.

JORDAN: So! Tell me it's good news. Am I pregnant?

Daniel looks on, managing his best poker face as he flips over to her test results to give her the news.


Lucas gets a call from his secretary. He walks over to the phone.

LUCAS: (into phone) Hello? ... Yeah, send her in.

Hanging up the phone, Sheryl steps into Lucas' office a moment later. Lucas feigns being happy to see her, as Sheryl looks at him with a sultry smile and greets him in a sing-song voice.

SHERYL: Hi.....

Closing the door behind her. She coyly presents Lucas with his tie he'd left at her place the night before.

Lucas smiles as he accepts it, but Sheryl won't let go, pulling herself into Lucas' arms.

SHERYL: You're not gonna get away from me that easily, Mr. Horton.

Lucas looks into hers, pretending to feel anything for her with every ounce of conviction in him.

LUCAS: Well you know I couldn't stay away from you for that long.
SHERYL: Mmm, and I hope you don't stay away too long for the rest of the night.
LUCAS: Well...that's....kinda what I needed to talk about.

Sheryl looks at Lucas, a bit disappointed, and backs away from her embrace of Lucas.

SHERYL: What? You're not cancelling tonight, are you?
LUCAS: No! No...just...I have to postpone our dinner plans, that's all. I...uh...I have to finish a proposal to give to mom tomorrow, we're trying to optimize our shelving space at Bartlett's, and...yeah.

Sheryl smiles, playfully rolling her eyes at the situation. She answers with mock-indignance.

SHERYL: Fiiiiine, I guess. Let's just do something casual tonight, okay? I'll meet you at the Brady Pub for 10?
LUCAS: Might be 10:30 , that alright?

Sheryl leans in and kisses Lucas on the lips. She turns toward the door, turning back at the door to smile at Lucas, who stares back as she's leaving.

SHERYL: I'll see you then. Love you.

Lucas hesitates a moment to respond to Sheryl, before smiling and nodding to Sheryl.

LUCAS: Me too.

As Sheryl shuts the door to Lucas' office, Lucas scrambles to check his phone, all the while wiping his mouth to get the taste of Sheryl out of his.

LUCAS: Blech. If I never have to taste that woman in my mouth again as long as I live...

Lucas grabs his phone, hoping to see a message from Billie. Not seeing any messages as of yet, he texts Billie to let her know Sheryl's on her way back, and looks up afterwards, anxious.

LUCAS: Dammit, Billie. Get out of there before it's too late.


Billie turns the lights on in Sheryl's office and immediately looks around cautiously.

BILLIE: Alright...where is the best place for this baby...

Billie pulls the bugging device out of her pocket as she walks over toward Sheryl's desk. She looks at her laptop and, thinking fast, places the bug right underneath the bottom lip of her computer.

BILLIE: Always with you, and you'll never notice.

All clear, Billie steps back toward the door, mission completed.


Outside the door of Sheryl's office, Justin walks down the hallway with Tyler, deep in a business discussion.

TYLER: But we need to get this land acquisition done as soon as we possibly can, and this delay because of the city server malfunction is going to require some kind of press release to assuage our shareholders.

Tyler stops just outside Sheryl's office, and Justin follows suit. Their intense conversation continues, as Billie quiets down, hoping the two men leave in time for her to sneak out.

JUSTIN: I agree, but I don't think we need to panic, honestly. The team is on it and we should have our case heard within the next week. Just have Will and Alex work on the news releases and the data sheets for the mailers and we should be fine.
TYLER: Alright, but I'm going to be letting that young Horton kid that the rough draft needs to be in my hands tonight.

Justin pulls his phone out to text Alex the instructions to pass on. He raises the phone to motion to Tyler, who walks away toward his own office.

JUSTIN: On it.

As both men step away from Sheryl's office door, Billie figures the coast is clear after a moment. Shutting off the lights and opening the door a crack, she sees Tyler gone and Justin walking away in the opposite direction while texting Alex and figures the coast is clear. As the door shuts, Justin turns around, changing his mind on where he's going and spots Billie. He calls out to her, causing Billie to jump.

JUSTIN: Billie?

Billie turns around, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, as Justin smiles, bemused by her reaction.



  1. Classic soap cliff hanger A slower episode yet still as effective.

    Anita said damn those marsh mellows Brady lol. SO now Im think Brady doesn't have amnesia but if he does't why does he not want to remember the past.

    I just loved how Laura was beaming at Liam. U got Laura down to a tee. Jamie's version has always been off a bit and you got that down very good.

    Maxine was another who stood out. SHe was a a bit funny and I wish we'd see more of her. Daniel walking in at the end was a good tag as well.

    My my Abby the secrets you hold.

  2. Denial and danger in this episode.

    Denial: I discovered that Brady and Abby are hiding things here. The people that care about them want them to open up and talk about what's eating at them, and they refuse to. I do wonder, however, what Anita's angle is. Why is she so concerned about Brady? I'm sure you will reveal that in time.

    Liam is danger, and Laura could not hold her reaction to him. I'm afraid it's going to tip him off and lead him to take steps to neutralize her, but it's in character for Laura (the way she reacted to Kate Roberts' picture in her catatonic state comes to mind). She can't hold water lol.

    Sami, Kate, and Gabi working together to outwit Nick. I get the feeling it may not work, but you get these characters well.

    Blech! Lucas's lines were funny after Sheryl kissed him.

    And even though Billie is caught, I don't seem to think she is in big trouble. A great way to introduce a possible new couple (wink wink).

    I wonder if Brady and my Gregory (ANOTHER WORLD) went to the same driving school. Neither one of them can be trusted behind the wheel of a car lol.

    And again I love your descriptiveness when telling the stories. You tell us what they are doing without giving away any of the story. I admire that greatly!!